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January 26, 2015

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Obama to visit Boulder City on swing touting energy policy

President Barack Obama will be in Nevada on Wednesday, visiting a solar installation near Boulder City as part of a four-state swing touting his "all of the above" energy policy, according to a White House source.

Obama will visit the Copper Mountain Solar One facility on Wednesday morning before visiting Carlsbad, NM, and Oklahoma City.

He will then head to Ohio.

During his swing, Obama will emphasize not only renewable energy, but his approach to expanding domestic oil production and increasing fuel efficiency measures.

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  1. How big exactly will his carbon footprint be for just that one day alone?

    I think we should call him Sasquatch.

  2. to bad people can't afford the $4 a gallon gas to go see him speak about how much money he is not saving them. If Obama was a business man, and we know he is not, he would have handled this differently. The solution to sooth over people and crush gas prices at least temp is so simple a monkey could do it. But I watch and pay extra for gas for him to loose. The solution many ask? Get the heavy crude from the mid west to the refineries in the south! If I was Obama I would have caravans of trucks hauling cheap gas and heavy crude from the north Midwest to the eastern, southern states to increase supply which would lower the price. Instead he burns about the same amount of fuel on a whirlwind tour to tout himself as an energy guru! The thought of the XL pipeline would lower gas about 20 cents the day it was announced! What a joke to have such an inexperienced person in charge of our country.

  3. Comment removed by moderator. Name Calling

  4. Xkeeper says: "Cars don't run on solar, but some cars run on electricity, that is provided by solar."

    Well, nowadays, anything is possible.

    Romney has proved his car will run with a dog tied to the roof of it.

    The simple fact of the matter is that the Tea/Republican Party is basically married to Big Oil interests. And they don't want a divorce.

    Unfortunately, the Democrats have been forced into a shotgun marriage with Big Oil also. President Obama is coming to Nevada to help divorce all of us from Big Oil and encourage the solar power industry.

    Ain't nothing wrong with that. I'm glad to see this President is trying to get people encouraged and out there to do research for other energy sources. This country became great due to innovative technology. I say let's keep it going. Can't hurt the country. In the long run, it can only benefit all of us.

  5. Dennis we already pay for it with our fleet and air operating costs alone. Everyone benefits from our doctrine of Freedom of the Seas.

    Britain and France put their nose in the air and ask us why we can't afford gold plated services like they have. That we need to sacrifice like they do. They cut their carrier air forces and fleet support units while the burden continues unabated. Britain and France can't afford a welfare state and an effective carrier fleet so we do it for them.

    WE PAY for the cost of the armed security of much of the oil and gas sea transport for all of Asia from Saudi and other places.

    How much do you think it costs to keep our Fleet Carriers rotating on and off station and constantly at sea in the Far East, the Arabian Gulf and off the coasts of Africa? How much does it cost to keep American F-15s and AWACs in the air constantly over the gulf from Saudi? How about the cost to field our Marine float task forces?

    It is about time that much of Europe and Asia and the ANZACs start to own up to our massive costs to keep a CONSTANT military presence in place that keeps their oil and other goods flowing almost free of interference.

    Who do you think paid for the F-16s, bombs, and fuel that Denmark used to hit the Libyan govt to protect European oil flow from Africa? (And don't think Libya was about much else) We paid for the bombs and fuel out of our stocks. We aided Denmark financially with a grant when they bought those F-16s. They have some pretty good pilots BUT they honed their skills here at Nellis.

    It is time for our citizens to understand that freedom of the air and sea is not just going to happen. It is an EXPENSIVE and bloody and constant undertaking that the US shoulders almost alone while their "allies" and others travel and ship freely but criticize the USA for it's presence.

    I don't mind paying for expensive gas because even at $4 it is relatively cheap. Just figure out how I don't have to also pay massive taxes to keep others oil and goods flowing at the same time.

  6. wow --- who let all the RJ "readers" in?

    but I did enjoy the comment from the person who wants to park the fleet of presidential jets Ronald Reagan bought. nice touch.

  7. Your welcome, acejoker.

    I typed my comment ONLY for you.

    And thereby somehow it resulted in causing you to type the President's name twice, both times adding emphasis to his middle name. I guess by typing it that way it's supposed to insinuate he is not one of us, never will be one of us and a loud dog whistle sounded to others of your ilk that haunt the LV Sun comment sections who shout from the rooftops he is a Muslim, and he is not, should not be, and never will be President of the United States of America.

    Even when there is the simple fact that he was elected into office in 2008 by an overwhelming majority; a sheer landslide to be the President of the United States of America.

    I am considering going out to see the President Wednesday morning in Boulder City at that solar panel facility. If I do get the chance, I'll tell him hello from you. I'm pretty sure he'd be happy to hear from his constituents. Even if they can't affirm nor believe he is the duly and popularly elected President of the United States of America.

  8. "He won by a lanslide because fools believed some nonsense about "change"."

    no, he won because the R aide of the isle put up an unacceptable ticket. FACT.

    But the R's are getting well practiced at it. Take Sharon Angle -- another loser. And of the three remaining '12 R candidates you've got a weather vane, a guy who tells incredibly homophobic stories and a guy who got bounced from congress. Do you really think one of those dopes will win? HA!

    Y'all spout off on personal responsibility --- why not take some and admit you guys are fielding ever increasing idiotic candidates. if you do that you _might_ get taken a touch more seriously. probably not --- but it _might_ help.

  9. To acejoker:

    In your last post, you apologized to me, then called me a terrorist. All in one paragraph.

    I'm having a hard time following it all.

    You're all over the map going from Solyndra to Fast And Furious to...whoever knows what else that has only festered for God knows how long in a right wing parallel universe only known by you.

    Anyways, good luck to you too over there.

    In San Diego.

    Not Las Vegas.

    San Diego.

    Perhaps the President will come to San Diego for you to see in person.

  10. Note to LV Sun:

    Go head and remove my posts above or whatever you want to do.

    I'm done with acejoker. Because no matter what I type, it would be just the same as talking to my living room wall.

    But the more important thing is that people will end up getting disgusted with the comments.

    I'm not here to play word games. Nor disgust people.

    From now on, I'm just sticking to the original article and make my comments.

    Which is probably what you guys want in the first place.

    I apologize in any efforts contrary to that.

  11. Today's primitive generation of hybrids and coal powered electrics are environmental and cost disasters.

    Yep, pay 25-30K+ on a hybrid to save pennies each week in gas over the life of a car. Recoup your savings only by keeping the car for many times the average owners sale cycle. Then realize that the relatively primitive hybrid batteries of today do not last as long as previously thought at inception of design. Factor in the larger than projected environmental and cost impacts to replace the batteries earlier than designed.

    Then realize the hybrids massive negative impact on the environment due to the need to mine, and process and transport rare metals was wildly understated. The usual costs and environmental impact due to production of the car can then be factored in.

    Be responsible, buy a gas only compact and save money and use only a bit more gasoline than the current hybrids. At the same time use much less rare earth in your car and hurt the environment less.

    I often detect a bit of deluded smug coming from hybrid's tailpipes.

    And of course:

    Coal powered pure electric cars create huge amounts of smog at the source of the generation of their coal power in addition to the usual huge impact due to the rare earths in the batteries and their earlier than projected replacement.

    Oh and a warning, don't let your expensive coal powered car run all the way down. Once they run down all the way, certain high end coal powered cars can become a "brick" which means the car will not move and the battery will not function until it is 100% replaced at the factory.

    Then remember there is the usual smug that results from the owners attempting to ignore and justify the huge cost to the environment of their feeling good about themselves. But then that is the most important part of the whole thing anyway, eh? Narcissism is a lovely thing to the narcissist.

  12. Malous, if you are going to talk about "smug" and hybrids you should at least link to the classic South Park episode:

  13. Obama is doing 10X better than GW Bush.

  14. Dennis dipstick, The pipeline is for domestic. We are getting it from Canada not the middle east. And your complaint about our gas guzzlers, how many years do you think it will take to change our spoiled habits? Way to many to wait for solar or windpower to become useful. That's why we should have been using our own plentiful oil reserves the last 30 years untill we have the technology in place to go on.

  15. "Why are we subsidizing oil companies?"

    that sort of welfare is just fine. as is creating a war out of thin air to help out pals in the industrialized military complex --- to the tune of > $2T.

    remember: It's only government waste when you don't like the recipients.

    but it is good to see that those who sat back from 2000 to 2008 and watched the financial crisis develop now blame the wrong guy.

    as they say, priceless.

  16. Jim, what I said was true and was not refuted by you. Obama may not be perfect but he has better ideas than the republicans.

    Jerry, the USA doesn't have any major oil reserves available to break our dependence on imported crude. The oil from any foreign source is the same in determining the wordlwide price of crude.

    The bottom line is that Obama has done a reasonable good job in addressing the the terrible economic situation that he inherited when he took Office. I doubt that McCain could have done as well.

  17. Saltydawg, We have more oil below ANWR than we will ever need and also the technology to get it as safely as possible to last us for many decades. You are mistaken if you think different. This could have given us the time and also great prices until the technology exists to take us forward, which will happen. Obama is in campaign mode and could care less about making good decisions for us. He had absolutly no, zip and nada leadership experience when you elected him to be the leader of the greatest free country in the world and it shows in a sad way.

  18. Jerry, doesn't sound like you have heard about global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuels. We need to get away from oil and move on to the next generation of cars.

    Once again, for all his faults and lack of prior leadership experience, Obama is doing 10x better as POTUS than GW Bush.

    bin Laden is DEAD and GM Motors is ALIVE, ALIVE!!!!

  19. If you believe that global warming is caused by fossil fuels then it is coming no matter what. You need to talk to the rest of the world as we are but a tiny part of the problem. You and most liberals always sidestep the important questions just as Obama does. I know we will get away from fossil fuel, but it will take decades to come up with the technology. We need to be using our own oil until then. If you don't believe that you are in the clouds. Obamas saturday speach was another joke. He whined about GOP'ers making election promises they can't keep. Wow talk about the pot calling the kettle black,lol

  20. Some one missed the memo and talking points the new phrase is global climate change (say it twice to be sure):

    Global warming huh? New NASA data shows that global warming has not occurred and it's anticipated effects cant be proven. INSTEAD. because of the actual results of NASA studies they are now dithering about global cooling. All of these are temporary surges caused by the summary effect from too many individual global, atmospheric and space based vectors to list here.

    In each instance below, the radical left called for massive fascist like programs to save the children from the latest overblown silliness.

    1970s: global cooling is killing us
    1990s: Global warming is killing us
    2011: Global cooling is killing us
    2012: Global climate change is killing us

    The 70s blather was contradicted by scientists since it mostly came from radical poly sci and social science majors with no valid scientific data.

    The difference in the 90s ongoing is that many of those former 1970s social scientist extremist elements now control government grants.

    So instead of being laughed off the pages of news papers as it was in the 70s the extremist bleats resulted in lots of cash to continue to shade/fake studies, statistics and results and prove the un-provable. We got poor science and studies that did not advance our understanding of global climate change a whit.

    A hint, there is such a thing as global climate change. It has been happening long before man started his feeble contribution to the carbon cycle of the planet.

    Constant vulcanism and massive ocean flora are the big dogs on the carbon cycle but they had to be ignored by the "scientists" who depend on warming and cooling grants to survive. They overwhelm the feeble carbon output of humans.

    Finally, Global warming and cooling are hypothesis that have never been proven nor settled despite the blathering of the zealots of Pontiff ALGOREs church of perpetual carbon indulgence.

  21. Jeff I understand and as a former Scout leader I agree that the long suffering environment needs protection.

    But, in my opinion:

    Having heard Mr. Gore's rhetoric and then seen his homes and multiple large vehicles and private aircraft; I find "environmentalist" to be a much abused word.

    The palatial mansion of a sierra club president who preached a minimalist lifestyle.

    I have seen Federal environmental law bent, in Nevada, with turtle protection being used to secure access to land for new power plants and development here in Nevada.

    Unrelated to that, turtle crews of scientists find and red tag projects that lack "turtle expert" participation. Once they find such a project they attach themselves by contract to give the project the official green light to continue. I have heard it is very lucrative to satisfy that environmental need.

    Redford's NIMBY protectionist attitude AFTER he created HIS own mountain mega resort.

    It seems protection is a variable word....