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March 2, 2015

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Sandoval calls on Congress to reform health care law to ease burden on states

Brian Sandoval

Brian Sandoval

The fight against the national health care law will now shift to the political arena, Nevada’s lead attorney on the issue said today in an interview on a conservative talk radio program.

Gov. Brian Sandoval, meanwhile, called on Congress to reform the law and “ease the serious burdens it places on the states and the nation’s businesses.”

Attorney Mark Hutchison, who took on the case for free, said on Alan Stock’s radio program this morning, “This allows for a political uprising in the next election. If the American people think they’ve been taxed too much, then they need to change.”

Stock, of Las Vegas radio station KDWN, called the decision a “bullet to the brain.”

Hutchison, who had not read the decision as of 7:50 a.m., expressed surprise that the Supreme Court upheld the mandate for insurance as a tax. Nevada joined 26 other states in opposing the law, but the state’s argument focused on whether Congress has the power to mandate health insurance under the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Sandoval said Congress “should act to reform this law and ease the serious burdens it places on the states and the nation’s businesses.”

He said Nevada “will prepare to meet the serious financial implication of this decision.

An analysis by the state in 2010 found that the law would cost the state $574 million between 2014 and 2019, mostly through increased Medicaid costs.

“The implications for Medicaid costs are still unclear, but Nevada will prepare to meet the serious financial implications of this decision,” Sandoval said.

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  1. However, the ruling found that states can opt out of the Medicaid provision with no penalty. So at least in terms of what the law mandates the state to do, there is no increased burden.

  2. Here's the relevant passage of the opinion (thanks to Professor Torvino of Boyd School of Law for the reference): "As a practical matter, that means States may now choose to reject the expansion; that is the whole point.... Some States may indeed decline to participate, either because they are unsure they will be able to afford their share of the new funding obligations, or because they are unwilling to commit the administrative resources necessary to support the expansion. Other States, however, may voluntarily sign up, finding the idea of expanding Medicaid coverage attractive, particularly given the level of federal funding the Act offers at the outset."

  3. I'm glad to see after this ruling has been handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court, our Governor is starting to work to make sure it's implemented properly....

    What? Oh. I misspoke.

    Our Governor has decided to go nutball far right ultra-neo-way-the-heck-out-there conservative and is STILL fighting it.

    C'mon, Governor Sandoval. We're approaching last in education in the nation, now you want to complete the coup de grace by not implementing the Affordable Care Act. STILL fighting to reform it.

    I am simply amazed at the rhetoric that is still going on now.

    I guess the only thing I have left to do is spike the ball. Not in victory. Spike it on top of Governor Sandoval's bulbous meaty head. Repeatedly. Maybe it'll knock some sense into him to start taking care of the people of Nevada, rather than play stupid party politics at each and every turn. He's simply expending more energy fighting something that is now the law of the land, rather than set up health care exchanges, and enacting parts of the Affordable Care Act that should already be up and functioning. Does your stupid political party push you so far over the edge that now it's perfectly acceptable to be un-American? WAKE UP, GOVERNOR SANDOVAL.

    I am more than decided on my votes on November 6, 2012. I am going to the voting booths ANGRY. I'm tired of the ultra-conservative hell world people want me immersed in all the time. Obama/Biden 2012 AND a Democratic Party majority in both the House and the Senate. Straight Democrat ticket. I want to DESTROY the Tea/Republican Party. They don't grasp reality, but continue to live in some kind of far right fantasyland.

  4. By the way, I want to add one more thing...

    For all my progressive/liberal friends that comment...

    Did y'all notice that the normal gaggle is not posting right now? Future and all them?

    Not a peep. Not even a syllable.

    I have a strong feeling they have all either experienced heart attacks and/or busted blood vessels. And they are in hospitals seeking treatment.

    After all these months of listening to their far right crap about "Obamacare," it is HEAVEN now with their absence from the message boards here on the LV Sun.

    At least for a little while. While they regroup and try to gin up some new propaganda.

    BOO YAH! I guess truth, justice and the American way hurts sometimes.....

  5. "An analysis by the state in 2010 found that the law would cost the state $574 million between 2014 and 2019, mostly through increased Medicaid costs."

    Clark County spent 68.4 million last year supporting UMC, mainly due to uninsured medical costs. Much of those costs will be saved when most everyone has insurance.

    Also, the ACA pays the first 5 years of the increased cost to states for expanding Medicaid.

    Other savings like preventative care...catching illnesses early when they are much cheaper to treat...cannot be forecasted, but will occur.

    So when Sandavol claims the ACA will cost the state 574 million over 5 years is simply not true.

  6. Control COSTS by consumer-driven health care, NOT by paying insurance premiums. Consumers must decide what care they need and can afford--higher co-pays for elective MD visits / treatments. And that means copays for MEDICAID--so that EVERYONE must make sound economic decisions. As Welfare agencies know, those on assistance usually have to be forced into "life skills" classes to learn even the basics--like showing up on time for a job, paying rent to prevent eviction, basic let's teach them how to make good decisions regarding health care.

  7. Obamacare of K-12? We can't afford both.

  8. With all due respect, when Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval opposes implementing ACA to Medicare, with his statement of, "An analysis by the state in 2010 found that the law would cost the state $574 million between 2014 and 2019, mostly through increased Medicaid costs," it would serve readers to have a LINK to this state analysis. Just because the Governor says something, doesn't make it so in a non-biased way. We all can deal with facts.

    Until the government can get a handle on ILlegal immigration and their impact on our economy, it just might serve us to have the ACA involved with the Nevada healthcare system, which ain't the best presently.

    Blessings and Peace,

  9. Hey, B.S....

    How about getting yourself to work on the business of 'the people'?
    You are SO BUSY working for Jones, Vargas and 'Big Business' and giving away the ranch; what's GOOD for the people of Nevada, Brian? Not your CORPORATE BUDDIES, Sandman... THE PEEPS?!?!

  10. The thing that gets me is that our Governor, who I already think is a bum and should be voted out of office as soon as possible because of running interference for Jones Vargas on mining interests, coupled with hanging out with that birther Trump, has now seemed to gone over to the dark side of ultra-right wing politics. Especially in light of recent events...

    Now, he comes out with his opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Supposedly he speaks for all of Nevada regarding this. He doesn't.

    Governor Sandoval, right now, is speaking like a Tea/Republican/Evangelical politician from the Deep South. And Nevada is not in that category.

    The Affordable Care Act is now the law of the land, affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court. But our Governor says he's not going to take steps to implement it. He wants to fight it. He doesn't seem to understand that millions and millions of dollars spent to fight the Affordable Care Act and saturate the airwaves with propaganda...failed. All that money wasted. Now he wants to waste more money? This is fiscal conservatism?

    Let's look at this more close. By saying that, he is telling the Federal Government that he is not going to set up health care exchanges to get ready for a lot of the parts that kick in 2014. Very disingenuous. What he is really saying is that he is useless, as the duly elected Governor, he can't take care of his own State, and he is letting the Federal Government set up the health care exchanges for him. Our Governor, as he has signaled by total inaction, has let the Federal Government take over the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Nevada.

    Are you crazy, Governor Sandoval? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. Start taking care of the people in this State and quit acting like a criminal in fighting the law of the land.

    It is for THIS and THIS alone that Governor Sandoval is going to get crushed in the next election. Especially when he keeps playing Tea Party crap. He prides himself on being moderate, but he sure don't act it.

    Nevada deserves better than this bum. I'm voting him out.