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February 1, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Chinese navy a threat to America

More than 70 percent of Earth is covered by oceans and smaller seas. Doesn’t this fact give appropriate cause for the United States to have the strongest and most dominant navy?

The State Department is concerned that China is greatly improving its navy with state-of-the-art technology with a short-term goal of stopping, disrupting and/or delaying U. S. intervention in conflicts. This would be devastating to the United States. America’s allies and most important shipping lanes in the world would become at the mercy of the communist Central Chinese government.

The “super high tech” DDG-1000 stealth destroyers are currently in production. It is America’s answer to quell a rising China. However, Congress nearly scrapped the whole program and reduced the original order of 32 stealth destroyers to 24, then to seven ships. Now, just three are in the works. The United States made a huge mistake in cutting short Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative, and now, America is going to do it again. But this time, at sea.

This is just another step in the process of America becoming a Third World puppet under the authoritative umbrella of communist China. It is disgusting and hurtful to every true American.

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  1. I totally agree with this letter. Communist China is the number One long term threat to America. This nation of 1.3 billion people is now focusing its efforts on becoming the top military power on the globe. One of the key areas in which China plans to project its power is through Naval assets which challenge America at sea.In response to recent increases in China's productiuon and deployment of its aircraft carriers and support ships American defense plans are aimed at rebalancing its naval forces so that over 50% of them are assigned to the Asian waters, and away from the greater Middle East. Once China and the United States are in the midst of these increased production runs to bolster the might of its Naval force in the case of China and the rebalancing act by the United States, the odds of direct head on conflicts in Asian waters will increase. To ramp down now in the production of our defense capabilities would be a serious error in national defense strategic action. Military weakness becomes a source of bullying and a reduction in national strength, and increases the liklihood of war in which the odds of victory are reduced.

  2. Agree with Mr. Chapline. He's right on this one.


  3. I've said it many times, corporations and their CEO's are only concerned with the almighty dollar, they have zero allegiance to this country. Their banking tactics corrupted European banks and countries, and now we see the effects of "capitalists" investing in a communist country. Without American jobs being outsourced to China, they wouldn't have the resources to build a huge modern navy or under mine the American dollar on the international market.

  4. Enjoyed the letter. You have a point, but there is a lot of paranoia attached to it.

    The thing I see is you seem to portray the Chinese Navy as omnipotent and untouchable, holding sway over the high seas with superior equipment.

    They are not a "blue water" Navy. In that they power project away from their home waters. They don't do that.

    America does. We have the capability to power project. And have for years.

    The Chinese Navy just started operating an aircraft carrier. Because they want to do like America does. Power project in order to become a "blue water" Navy. But it's not perfected.

    I guarantee you right now there are Chinese Sailors dying right now on that aircraft carrier. Because it is in the fledgling state of their technology.

    America also faced many, many deaths of Sailors in perfecting the "ballet" of flight quarters and airplane recovery on pitching flight decks.

    Right now, the only concern America has with China and their Navy is when it deals with their relations with Taiwan. As well as their trying to take areas in the South China Sea where they are in dispute with the Philippines over oil.

    The new stealth destroyers are not being made to counter China. They fit in with the new role of the Navy in helping Marine Corps efforts of "quick in, quick out" engagements, assisting their amphibious operation efforts as well as fulfilling a regular Navy commitment envisioned in the future.

    I don't buy the premise that the Chinese Navy is the boogeyman and we need to fear them. Of course, they are a cause for concern, but they face far more problems in their society, government, economy and military than America is facing.

    In short, I see the same thing happening with China that happened with the USSR. If they continue on the path they are going where they place much more emphasis on military growth and not economic, they will spend themselves into inconsequence. China is actually on that path right now.

    So, points you raised are a cause for concern, but in the whole scheme of things, it's not that simple. You are overlooking the fact that China has problems too. Problems that are far more complex that America faces. And there are no indications show they are getting past them anytime soon.

  5. Ever notice how as one "war" is "won" the military "leaders" warn us and convince us of several other impending threats? I'm not suggesting we disarm but let's get realistic. Hundreds of thousands of American troops in Europe, Guam, Japan.... as we spend our way into bankruptcy, those countries spend on their own people. As we stimulate their economies, ours flounders. OK, we're not completely supporting their entire economies but where would they be without the billions we dump into them each year?

  6. The quiet threat from China is very real. As we the U.S. have been stuck in stupid wars like Vietnam,Iraq, and Afghanastan. Which was the only justified war we should have undertaken and finished years ago after being attacked from their.China has one aircraft carrier and is building more.Along with building it's naval fleet it also has built 3,000 miles of underground tunnels. In these tunnels it is estimated that China has stored as many as 3,000 nuclear war heads capable of reaching our soil. Also with food rations to last over three years.We should cut our time in Afghanastan by a few months and with the savings of 6.7 billion each month that we spend their. We could triple our production from three DDG-1000 naval stealth destroyers to Ten at a cost of three billion each.Time for The wake up to the real threat,China the quiet enemy.

  7. As I read this letter and the posts attached to it, I'm dumbfounded at how differently Americans view military spending compared to Canadians. The USA can easily reduce its military budget by 50 per cent and still have state of the art domestic protection. Will you never come to understand the folly of your foreign wars? The last pair, Iraq and Afghanistan, have almost succeeded in destroying America. Foolish wars are the true "stealth destroyers".

  8. "More than 70 percent of Earth is covered by oceans and smaller seas. Doesn't this fact give appropriate cause for the United States to have the strongest and most dominant navy? . . . . . This is just another step in the process of America becoming a Third World puppet under the authoritative umbrella of communist China."

    BCHap -- the biggest flaw in your reasoning is exactly the reverse, that our nation currently has the biggest and baddest military machine, and it's roaming the globe looking for missions. China's military build-up would be a natural reaction to that fact. As for your last bit, this country is already subservient to China on debt and trade imbalance. That alone makes us a "Third World puppet under the authoritative umbrella of communist China."

    "...and now we see the effects of "capitalists" investing in a communist country."

    "Enjoyed the letter. You have a point, but there is a lot of paranoia attached to it."

    "Ever notice how as one "war" is "won" the military "leaders" warn us and convince us of several other impending threats? I'm not suggesting we disarm but let's get realistic."

    VernosB, Colin, Roslenda -- you all hit those nails right on the head

    "I am for a government rigorously frugal & simple, applying all the possible savings of the public revenue to the discharge of the national debt; and not for a multiplication of officers & salaries merely to make partisans, & for increasing, by every device, the public debt, on the principle of it's being a public blessing. I am for relying, for internal defence, on our militia solely, till actual invasion, and for such a naval force only as may protect our coasts and harbors from such depredations as we have experienced; and not for a standing army in time of peace, which may overawe the public sentiment; nor for a navy, which, by it's own expenses and the eternal wars in which it will implicate us, grind us with public burthens, & sink us under them." -- from Thomas Jefferson's letter to Elbridge Gerry, Jan 26, 1799

  9. Crazy- the elites in the United States would probably defect to China.

  10. The new world order- it's the corporation that matters, not the nation state.

  11. Willie Tanner,China is not ready to do any attacking right now,but is slowly building up it's military hardware for such a day.China gets more bang for the dollar than we do.So they can produce more weapons cheaper.It's not about dollars but more about quantity

  12. booooooooo! It's the Republcans; Are we idiots or what to listen to them ?

  13. "Their banking tactics corrupted European banks and countries, and now we see the effects of capitalists investing in a communist country. Without American jobs being outsourced to China, they wouldn't have the resources to build a huge modern navy or under mine the American dollar on the international market."

    First of all, V.B. Jobs cannot be outsourced. Only labor and capital can. It seems Vernos would prefer to see those billions of chinese still scratching in the dirt and near starvation under the yoke of communist oppression.

    Seriously though, the whole "corporate greed", "evil capitalist" schtick you continually regurgitate is getting tiresome. Not to mention, it's intellectually derelict.

    The "banking tactics" you refer to is, in reality, America's monetary policy of the last century under central banking. Each successive administration has had their own foreign policy that they've used to benefit various countries and regimes with boat-loads of fiat dollars. All while at the expense of the American people, our economy, and the growth in anti-American sentiment by those countries that didn't benefit or were adversely affected whether economically or militarily. Also, most of the rest of the world also uses central banking; their problems are mostly self-inflicted.

    That's the problem, and that's why maintaining America's military power--post cold war--is imperative. Unfortunately.

  14. The "corporate schtick" may be "intellectually derelict" at the same time it's intellectually honest.

  15. Whats the difference between a terrorist network and a multinational corporation ?

  16. I think the author fails to hear the sucking sound of defense contractors squeezing more and more dollars out of the U.S. government. Defense contractors are all about money -- perceived threats or not -- it makes no difference. Let the sleeping Chinese dog lie -- he would much rather peacefully evolve towards rich capitalism. That's where its real power will lie.

  17. Vegas_Pat - "It seems Vernos would prefer to see those billions of chinese still scratching in the dirt and near starvation under the yoke of communist oppression."

    Not really, but I would prefer others scratching in the dirt than Americans, which will happen if the disparity in this country isn't reversed. The lessons and experiences of the Great Depression is lost on later generations due to attrition and lack of historical knowledge.

    Yes I continue to knock corporate greed. It is a fact. Even Alan Greenspan (the man behind Bush tax cuts) was surprised when he acknowledged the market didn't self correct. Every recession or depression we experienced wasn't because of the working class, it was due to those at the top minipulating economies and events to their advantage.

    You may find my "evil capitalist" schtick tiresome, so be it. I will not change my attitude as long as I see the middle class being depleted of it's purchasing power and headed into near fatal debt.

  18. KillerB: Is it you or me that's TJ reincarnated? Or maybe just a close friend or relative?

  19. What do we need a defense department for? After a little plastic surgery, the Chinese could send their special forces in via our southern border. A little tough to launch our drones and special forces internally when the enemy is invisible.

  20. China was one of our partners in the 'War on Terror'. China bought over $1 trillion in US Savings Bonds during the Iraq war so that the American wealthy could afford a tax reduction during times of war.

    As a result, we pay China around $50 billion/year for interest on US Bonds plus interest. Thanks to George Bush, China now has billions of easy money coming in to build their military.

    As fear from Islamic terrorists is winding down, a New Satan is needed to continue the paranoia: China. America is helping to pay their military expenses and I'm expected to worry about that?

    Is it just the Chinese Navy that is the problem or is their Government an accomplice? Is it just the Navy or does their Air Force and Army deserve a little paranoia as well?

    What exactly is the Chinese Navy going to do? Send missiles into California and destroy the asparagus crop? The Chinese Navy won't touch the ports or airports because that will ruin their trade and they make a lot of money selling to the US. If the Navy ruined trade there would be a lot of Naval officers being converted into bok choy.

    Let Australia, India, Russia, Japan and the Philippines worry about the Chinese Navy. They occupy that part of the world. If they want defense, let Australia PAY US to build defense systems. We don't have the cash to provide free military services.

  21. We are a Pacific power, the only superpower in existence. Our interests and dealings in the Western Pacific are extensive and substantial, been that way for a long time. I don't think we are cowards and will surrender our position to a expanding China. I doubt the 1.1 million US citizens living in the Philippines, for example, would be left to defend themselves from a power bent on taking resources from a free peaceful democratic republic.

    If your near Nellis AFB you may find the noise very irritating at times. I do not. The sight of several B1B's and B2's and all the rest taking off is impressive! I ponder the issues brought up by Mr. Chapline and know in my heart that if peaceful diplomacy fails, our potential adversaries do fear us as they should. Not that it's an excuse to stupidly overspend. The price of the engine for the new F35, the vertical take off version, $110,000,000 EACH, for example.

    I think the real question we need to think about is how do nations who our friends, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and others, continue to pay for the development of their lands and their peoples needs and not become bankrupted by a new arms race? If you've been following the situation in the West Philippine / South China Sea the idea of the Philippines to buy used US Coast Guard cutters would appear to be a good one. It enhances their Coast Guard capability in a way they can afford. They can't afford to develop and produce a modern surface warfare fleet, much less the needed air power. Maybe we all would be better off helping a bit by supplying a better long range radar system (AN/TPY-2?) and 18 to 24 new F16's in addition to all the stuff they need to buy from us.

    I think the key here is for all the free democratic lands of the Pacific to work together on this, not for us to run and hide.

  22. I worked air operations / command post with jet fighters on nuclear alert (and so good at it that the aircrews said "yes Maam" when I told them to do something--we don't need to keep spending our last dollars keeping generals and admirals with troops to deploy on endless training missions. We have technology, and can continue with some new technology, but we do not need hundreds of thousands of troops on the ground ANYWHERE other than perhaps our southern border. Stop the nonsense. The war's been over for more than 60 years but we're still worried the Nazis will start up again? Why are we paying for Europe....??? I do favor continued funding for a reasonable level of special forces, drones, homeland security, BORDER DEFENSE. If we're so worried that returning soldiers will face unemployment and such, let's get em a gig helping secure our borders. The MPs'ed be great at finding the illegals and escorting them out.

  23. Bradley,
    Before blithely accepting SDI (or NMD, etc.) see this:

    And this:


    The operative word is "built." Past tense. It's true but no longer the case. Unionized employees went too far. They believe they had a "legal" right to bargain. They don't. It's a legal privilege.

    Now..unionized workers have better wages, benefits and retirements than all other American workers. And these bennies over the years have bankrupt local and state governments. Americans no longer support unions. They got too greedy. Look no further than North Las Vegas.

    Unions killed the golden goose that laid the golden egg.


  25. PS: I'm a past Chief Steward for AFSCME.


  26. Thanks, El_lobo, for the link to the SHI LANG. Enjoyed it.

    I just wanted to point out that article about the Chinese aircraft carrier confirmed something I heard about before (but didn't want to comment on til I knew).

    This paranoia about China becoming a military force on the high seas is simply not true. They are not a "blue water" Navy and able to power project. There simply is too much paranoia out there where people are creating a boogeyman when there clearly isn't one.

    In that article El_lobo provided, I want to correct something with the readers out there.

    China did not build that aircraft carrier from the keel up from scratch.

    They BOUGHT it from the Ukraine. I guess it was a carrier they were building in Russia. Before the Cold War blew up in their face. It was the VARYAG before. Now, bought by China, and renamed the SHI LANG.

    It's a training carrier. In other words, this is baby steps on the Chinese Navy's exploration into launching aircraft from a ship. This means they have not perfected it yet.

    Also, I can tell from the configuration of the VARYAG/SHI LANG that this technology is not based on American aircraft carrier design. Not at all. It's more based on the French and British aircraft carrier design. Note that the deck is tilted. This tells me the planes would not be launched via a steam catapult with a monkey fist attached to the aircraft to fling it out, it's more based on just barrel down the deck, tilted upwards, in hopes that air rushing across the deck (heading into the wind) combined with flaps down on the jet cause immediate airlift to help the aircraft go straight up away from the carrier. The key is there is no steam catapult.

    I stand by my statement before. This don't happen overnight. The Chinese will experience many, many deaths in perfecting this. Just like our American Navy did in the fledgling era of aircraft carriers.

    Another thing that needs to be pointed out, and this is dangerous from a technological viewpoint, is that China will do the same thing north Korea has done (and still does) regarding military equipment. They will take the SHI LANG and "reverse engineer" it. To build another aircraft carrier. This is dangerous because, you may see the separate parts and re-create them, but not knowing the overall concept and how to get there, just slapping it together will create faulty equipment. So, I feel sorry for the Chinese Sailors on the next one (if they build it).

    In other words, too much emphasis is placed on perceptions. Just because they have an aircraft carrier, don't mean they can power project.

    They have a long, long way to go.

  27. Just wanted to add something else....

    The SHI LANG is a little over 900 feet long. This is just a little longer than our Navy's LHA/LHD class amphibious assault vessels. On the LHA/LHD, the only jets the U.S. Marine Corps pilots maintain on them is the vertical take off and landing AV-8B Harrier jump jets. They are NOT launched using a steam catapult.

    What I'm trying to say is that this Chinese aircraft carrier is restricted on the types of flight operations it can do. And what types of jet aircraft can be launched.

    On top of that, they will take land based jet aircraft and try to modify them to Navy use. This is easier said than done. I definitely would not want to be a Chinese jet pilot who has to test this out.

    Another thing is that a little over 900 foot of space to work with is very, very dangerous for flight deck handling crew people to work with. It is a known fact that American aircraft carriers, when new ones come out, they are built bigger and wider than the last one was.

    Why? Because the more flight deck room you make, it's a known fact the safer it is for flight deck handlers to work on. You give more room, the less chance they are sucked into a jet air intake, or blown overboard by the jet exhaust.

    So, there are many, many reasons why there are no concerns about China and their aircraft carriers. They have a long, long way to go. And, like I say, unfortunately, many, many deaths of Chinese Sailors before flight deck operations is perfected.

    As a final note, I'm a retired U.S. Navy Veteran. And pretty much all of my sea duty was spent on "big deck" ships (i.e., aircraft carriers, subtenders, landing helicopter assault amphibious assault...those are all large ships). If you don't know what you are doing launching/recovering aircraft, you are not going to last long. Believe me.

    Safety is paramount and it's not that stupid Tom Cruise into the "Danger Zone" idiotic movie. Only thing real in that movie was flight deck operations.

    There is a hand signal they use frequently in flight ops (because it's too loud to yell and be's all hand signals). The flight deck chief will wave and jump up and down to get someone's attention. Once he gets noticed, he'll hold up one hand flat, fingers/thumb together, palm downwards. The other hand formed into a fist with knuckles pushed up into the palm underneath. Vigorously move the fist back up and down, pressed against the palm.

    That means...PAY ATTENTION DAMNIT! LOOK AROUND! There's something happening around you that means your life is in danger, or may cause harm. This hand signal is called, "Take your head and remove it out of your (unmentionable)."

    Upon seeing this, the person it's directed at immediately looks around, and is aware of what's going on, and gets out of the way.

    Sounds stupid, but I guarantee if the Chinese Sailors don't figure this stuff out, there's gonna be some deaths.

  28. China is the home of Foxconn, Apple Inc.'s manufacturing center and Walmart's largest supplier of consumer goods. Maybe you should ask Apple and Walmart what they can do to protect us against the Chinese Navy? (or is that the Chinese Government?). Maybe a new missile system in India?

  29. El Lobo:

    Truth be told unions have faded from view in the last 50-60 years. Thanks in large part to Big Labor's greed.

    Yes, correct not claim, Chief Steward for AFSCME. I won every grievance I filed at the first level or second level after appeal. Proud of the record and service. Also proud of the rapport I had with the rank and file and management.

    Served 6 presidents of both parties not just in DC but all over the country as the job demanded. I kept my bags packed all the time. No regrets. Left midway through Bush2, 2006. Talk about the right time to leave. Perfect timing.

    And a volunteer teacher, past, present and hopefully future.

    Thank you for taking note.


  30. "I got your back in these discussion rooms Carmine. And you certainly have my undivided respect. Great posts Mr. DiFazio!!!"

    Semper Fi do or die.


  31. El Lobo, Teamster:

    "As economist Herb Stein once put it: Something that can't go on, won't. These public-sector unions, acting as FDR had feared, with an inherent conflict of interest regarding their own duties, were devouring the institution they were supposed to serve, rendering state government as economically unsustainable as the collapsing entitlement states of southern Europe."

    "It couldn't go on. Now it won't. All that was missing was a political leader willing to risk his career to make it stop [Gov. Scott Walker]. Because time being infinite, even the inevitable doesn't happen on its own."

    Excerpted from Charles Krauthammer, June 10, 2012.


  32. Teamster:

    You are right. You call us right-wingers, as in what we say and believe is right and true.


  33. I can't believe this comment:

    "The United States made a huge mistake in cutting Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" Strategic Defense Initiative, and now, America is going to do it again. But this time, at sea."

    This opinion is made without the slightest technical knowledge about the Star wars program.

    It began as chemical lasers orbiting the earth and ended as the "Brilliant Pebbles" orbiting collider system: 4000 satellites placed in a low earth orbit (~400 miles) and programmed to collide with incoming ballistic missiles.

    #1 The only chemical that every worked had to be flown in a 747. Chemical lasers are too big and require too much power to put in a satellite. The optical imaging reflector for pointing and tracking alone is about ~5ft in diameter, a mini-Hubble.

    Look up 'Brilliant Pebbles' and get a better technical insight before defending it.

    #2 I worked on Brilliant Pebbles modeling at the 'National Test Bed', Schriever AFB outside of Colorado Springs in 1991. They had two Cray computers that ran 24 hours for one simulation of the 4000 element collider system.

    The biggest laser tracking system modeled was collecting only 1 signal photo-electron per returned pulse at the longer ranges but the scientists at Nichols Research claimed adequate signal to noise ratio.

    To track 1 photo-electron in a black background, they had to ignore the optical emission background of the earth and stars. Real tracking systems don't work this way but the money coming in was fat and green and they lived a good life.

    After telling them they didn't have a feasible system, it only took another 3 weeks to keep me from going through the gates.

    Many of these highly political Government 'Research Programs' are run like religions - what makes them work is Faith. Just keep working, ignore reality and in the end it will all work. In the mean time, cash the check stupid and shut up.

    Star Wars was continued because Ronald Reagan had faith and was willing to continue funding it. No one would tell Reagan the truth and risk running out of a paycheck. Too many of these 'Defense Projects' are hopeless but continue because of delusions of grandeur which fail to understand reality. Yucca Mountain is another such bogus project.

    The United States should have cut off Star Wars after the fourth year. They were wrong to continue it so long. This 'Destroyer' sounds like another Queen Boon Doggle of $100 billion dollar proportions.