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February 1, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Politics is slowing the recovery

The Sun’s May 20 editorial, “Making Things Work,” reminds us that we have a House of Representatives that seems to have expressed an avowed duty to make sure that nothing works, at least, that nothing works until Barack Obama is defeated in November.

The economy plods along, despite the Republican-controlled House; it’s time for the country to pause and reflect on the story of America during the past three years. If the economy were a human being, in 2008 the economy was barely alive, sick with cancer, heart disease, diabetes and kidney failure. Nobody was buying while home equities disappeared overnight and home values continued to go down. Jobs were disappearing to the tune of nearly a million a month. Cars were practically being given away. Car dealerships were falling like flies. Commercial properties were being hollowed out.

It took a year for the Obama administration to succeed in halting the economy’s free fall. Now, in the 3 1/2 years since Obama became president, the economy is adding jobs and is on its way to a slow recovery, but the Republicans and the impatient American public are all screaming that the economy should be like LeBron James right now, running around and dunking the ball.

Reading between the lines, the editorial highlights the fact that the Republican-controlled House is working against the interests of the American people and it is doing this shamelessly for political reasons.

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  1. You don't even have to read between the lines to see the Republican-controlled House is not working in the interests of the American people. Just read the lines!

    The GOP has shamelessly proceeded with an agenda that makes a lot of noise to stake out ideological positions aimed a nothing other than the 2012 elections. If we fall for that, we'll get exactly what we deserve.

  2. This letter is political dung. The Obama administration has loaded this nation with unfathomable debt, a highly unpopular( soon hope to be abolished) Healthcare law and a class and racial divide that breaks all records. Burdensome regulations and an uncertain tax environment choke off recovery, investment and robust job creation. For two full years Obama held all the cards in Congress only to waste them on passing Obamacare and for the next two years held control of the Executive and the Senate and has fiddled away his opportunities to achieve a recovery by implementing failed policies, including a disaterous and failed "green energy" policy that will cost the taxpayers billions of dollars in wasted tax dollars. NO, Obama is a failure and the Leftist control of this nation must end. In state after state Reublican controlled statehouses are are a success( such as Indiana and Ohio), and the liberal states such as California are failing. There is no doubt that a return to total republican control and policies will succeed.

  3. Apparently, Lumba skipped school when he should have been in political science classes. Let me set you straight, Cesar: it is the function & the duty of the political party out-of-power to try and defeat the one in power. In other words, the Republicrats are doing just what the Founders wanted - trying to make a first-term prexy a 1- term prexy. Maybe you were asleep when George W. was in office, but that's exactly what the Dumbocrats were trying to do. Better yet, they tried to make hin a no-term prexy by playing games in FL. As for the morass in the pig-sty known as Washington, D.C., the Republicrats are in charge of just the House of Representatives; Dumbocrats control the Senate & the office of the prexy, so why are you letting them skate? They all share in the blame for the mess the USA is in financially and for the whopping debt they've saddled us, our children and their children with. Wake up and fight them all until they understand we are "mad as hell and won't put up with it anymore!"

  4. The D and R supporters that are 'sure' the reason we don't see any action on our most pressing problems is the 'House' or the 'Senate' respectively, should reach down and pull their heads out of their you know whats.

    The House, led by John Boehner and an R majority has produced many bills that are not even brought up in the Senate or are defeated with no compromise offered.

    The Harry Reid led Senate and the D majority have likewise drafted many bills that are routinely blocked in the House with no compromise offered.

    If both our chambers in the legislative branch refuse to bring up bills drafted in the other chamber, use filibusters and other legislative maneuvers to block action and refuse to compromise, what are we to expect other than no action on important issues of the day.

    Both Harry Reid and John Boehner should have a rating of negative 50 and so should the members of each chamber. It is beyond rediculous that given the number of unemployed, struggling Americans in this crappy economy, our two chambers in the legislative branch have choosen to 'play chicken' rather than do the peoples business.


  5. There will be a recovery in spite of the gridlock in Congress and the failed Obama policies. The current issue of the Economist has some eye opening stories about successes in Republican controlled states where things are getting done, and points to the recovery that is underway --even in the real estate markets of Fla and AZ, and of the impending recovery in the Las Vegas RE marke where inventory is sagging and multiple bids are being made on used homes, and new home sales are doing very well.

  6. Standard Democratic delusional tripe.

  7. Is the glass 1/2 empty of 1/2 full? Maybe it is the Democrats and Obama who are impeeding the recovery by stalling and rejecting and not compromising with the House.

  8. As a life long Republican myself,I am truly disappointed with what my party has left behind for President Obama to clean up.And if Sen. John McCain would have been elected President,we would still be facing the same problems. Anyone who thinks former President George W. Bush did not leave behind a mess, is not thinking clearly.

  9. RefNv, Be more than glad to.Let's start with 2 wars unfinished after declaring the Iraq war mission accomplished, a 10 trillion dollar dificit from a surplus,(from Clinton)a free falling economy,and the start of the stimulus program to bail out banks. and lastly the loss of millions of jobs.

  10. How can any presidential candidate suggest that further cutting taxes for the wealthiest will improve the economy? Doing so failed when Reagan was in office, and he was forced to raise taxes. Bush the Elder ran on "no new taxes" and that failed as well. When Bush the Lesser took the position of creating jobs with his tax cuts that failed as well. Clinton raised taxes and we had one of the best modern era economies. Now with the lowest taxes in fifty years, the economy is very slow in growing.

    I agree with Mr. Lumba, I believe there are politicians who are intentionally stalling the economy hoping Republicans will regain Congress and the White House. This goes beyond ideology concerning the American people who are held hostage or placed on the back burner.

    "The Congressional Budget Office said in a new report that if tax cuts enacted under George W. Bush are allowed to expire as scheduled on Dec. 31, along with some other tax and spending policies, U.S. public debt would shrink significantly, falling to 53 percent of gross docmestic product by 2037 from 73 percent this year."

  11. Vernos,

    I hope that you and many other Americans come to realize two things: One is that cutting taxes on the wealthy and business alone will not bring the economy back. I know you know this because you say it often. But the 2nd thing I don't see you say is that raising taxes on the wealthy and business alone, will also not bring the economy back.

    It is going to take a re-written income tax code, a raising of taxes on everyone with an, poor, business, everybody and a large reduction in the amount of money the Federal government spends.

    The balony and half a loaf that both the R's and the D's push is nonesense and it will not work.


  12. RefNV,You are entitled to your own opinion.

  13. I seriously am concerned about the immediate financial future of our global economy.

    Young people in Spain are upset because there seems to be money to bail out Bankia and no money for them. There is concern over civil unrest based on what happens in the near future.

    George Soros stated in Italy the other day that the EU has 3 months to install some sort of plan to rescue the Eurozone or it will be to late.

    Germany's economy is beginning to shrink according to an article in Der Spiegel today. The DAX, Germany's blue-chip stock index, has fallen 16% in the last 10 days. May's economic data has shown that domestic production has dropped 17% from this time last year and exports are down 13%. Although Jan thru May 2011 was a record year so perhaps some shrinkage is understandable. What, of coarse, is causing worry is Greece and what the elections on June 17th will bring.

    France right now is a big unknown. What Hollande proposes in the next few months will be very influential.

    If anyone does not think that these potential problems will not spill over onto us in badly mistaken.

    Now that said, Soros also predicts a prolonged depression in southern Europe, but northern Europe will continue to do well economically. What he does not touch on is the potential civil unrest as a result of that prolonged depression.

  14. Willie Tanner: I know that CEO of Intel said that for them to build a chip processing facility in the US would cost an additional $1 Billion.

  15. The liberal polices is screwing America and Americans. When Obama and clan are booted and we remove the liberal regulations and stop their sick agenda, we'll see a recovery start. For anyone to think or say differently, you have no clue about business or what it takes to run a business for profit.

  16. Is neither the libs or the career politicians that are screwing this country up, giving everything to PACs and lobbysits in a hope to get reelected to the gravy train.....there is only one way to straighten this country out...TERM LIMITS for ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS.......

  17. "Honesty apparently isn't a strong point, huh? No one believes for a second there is any doubt where your vote will fall." Cognastics

    For me or President Obama?

    Perhaps you would like to answer my questions instead of Jim Weber? Or you lacking the honesty you accuse others of.

    Carmine A. DiFazio

  18. Walker survived his recall challenge by a good margin. That should say something about how people feel.

  19. "I repeat what I said earlier...."
    El Lobo

    And I'll repeat what boftx posted and what I said here for 5 months. Walker defeats recall. Americans are fed up with greedy unions. Obama was too chicken to stop by in his criss crossing Wisconsin to stand in solidarity with his progressive union dems. Wisconsin will go GOP in Nov 2012, as will Nevada and NC and other swing states. And Obama will be one of his own unemployed statistics come Jan 2013.

    Carmine A. DiFazio

  20. "God please open this mans eyes." Jeffery

    Woe to those with eyes but do not see and ears but do not hear.

    Like you.

    I have one thing to say to you: Wisconsin recall. GOP budget policies worked for the last 1 1/2 years [aka GOV'T AUSTERITY] and Dems there who didn't vote for Gov. Walker the first time around did the second. Just like I said they would.

    Carmine A. DiFazio

  21. When you Krugman keynesians get fed up of reading bogus dinosaur economics try reading:

    "Austrian economists Ludwig von Mises (1881-1972) and Friedrich Hayek (1899-1992) eloquently advocated free markets devoid of state intervention."

    Granted they are not as easy to understand as Krugman, but then the truth never is.

    Carmine A. DiFazio

  22. "WE'RE NOT STUPID!!!" - teamster

    You're right, Wisconsin voted to keep Gov. Walker in office. That would seem to indicate that overall the people there are fed up with public employee unions dictating how tax money is spent.

  23. "Carmine.....

    POLL TODAY......

    Wisconsin voters back President Obama with a
    HUGE 11 points over Willard Romney." Teamster

    It was an exit poll. More Dem voters stayed to complete than Rep voters. In fact the initial results were 17 percent ahead. It went down. And will continue as Nov approaches.

    Carmine A. DiFazio

  24. "And Nevada will also stay BLUE." Teamster

    BUT, will vote for Romney in Nov 2012. Mormons and Catholics, two of the largest voting blocks in Nevada, will vote for Romney.

    Starting a war with Catholics in an election year is stupid. Catholics make up 27 percent of the electorate. The half that go to Church will get angry. And the other half that doesn't will too.

    Go see a good movie. Forever Glory. Don't mess with Catholics. They do two things well. Vote and fight for religious freedom. Viva Christo Rey.


  25. "That's why we consistently see dumb stuff coming from Carmine's keyboard...." El Lobo

    Only when I cut and paste your and Jeffery's commentary to respond to.


  26. Jeffery;

    Let me remind you that the two religions that bonded in solidarity against Prop 8 in Califiornia were Catholics and Mormons.

    Let me also remind you that Mormons dovetail on the network of Catholic Charities to assist those in need in the US and globally both for financial and humanitarian needs.

    Let me also remind you that the most recent Conference for the Common Good in Las Vegas had religious leaders from both the Mormon and Catholic communities and Churches prominently standing shoulder to shoulder.

    Your mindset when it comes to Mormons and Catholics and their social and religious justice alliances are as antiquated as your economic views. In short, you are way behind the current religious events curve.

    Finally, let me remind you that Mormons and Catholics may not share the same pews on Sundays but they do share the same political views the rest of days.


  27. Jeffery:

    You're zero for zero. Nothing risked nothing gained. All you can do is impugn others from the grandstands. You're afraid to get into the fray because you are gravely lacking.


  28. Jeffery, you should be criticizing your hero President Obama for failing to campaign for the losing Dem Barrett and his big union interests. Like you, scared. Took the easy political pose: Do nothing. Now, Obama is supposed to go to Wisconsin and ask the Dems to give him their support in Nov 2012? Talk about stupid. If they do, support Obama, after he left them in the cold yesterday, their not only stupid but ignorant.


  29. Even Bill Clinton is expressing differing opinions than Obama on politics. Having worked for Clinton, I guarantee you he would have been side by side by Barrett, win lose or draw. He had poltical guts. Obama's a political wimp.


  30. Hey guys,Didn't any of your mother's caution you to never argue about another person's religion,leave it alone.

  31. Former President Clinton and President Obama are at odds on extension of the Bush2 tax cuts. Clinton is saying they should be extended in Jan 2013, and suggests doing so soon. President Obama says the tax cuts should not be extended. Who's right?

    Dem Party leaders can't decide?

    June is turning out to be a really bad month for Obama. What's next?


  32. Teamster:

    I don't doubt that Wisconsins, the badgers, love Obama. They voted for him in 2008.

    At issue is why Obama didn't stop and campaign for Tom Barrett, when he criss crossed the State several times. I know why and said it here. Obama and the O team knew that Walker would defeat the recall and prevail. So Obama distanced himself from a political loss. Clinton would never have done that. Take the safe way out.

    The issue is NOW, how does Obama come back and ask Wisconsins to vote for him in 2012. And if he has the chutzpah to do it, whether they will.


  33. "You are really infantile in many of your declarations, and mean spirited in many others. I have really tried to find a way to get through to your inner happiness, and all I find, every time, is a jackass." Jeffery

    You know the saying: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You are an excellent example.


  34. "Henny Penny The Sky Is Falling" 20 times a day?"


    Exactly. Obama stayed away from Wisconsin Dems and unions when they needed him the most to boast their recall efforts. Why? Because he was chicken little.


  35. Jeffery:

    June is turning out to be a really bad month politically for Obama and his team. What's the next shoe to fall? And is it only one? Or more?