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January 25, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

It’s too late for Bush to change his legacy

In his Monday column, “George W. Bush’s legacy as a humanitarian,” Bob Ray Sanders completely disregards what Bush did and did not do. Let me count some of the ways:

1. Two unjust wars in which tens of thousands of young men and women were disabled and we, the taxpayers, will spend billions of dollars for their continued care. There are also the thousands of unnecessary deaths prosecuting the wars. Let us not forget that it was paid for with borrowed money.

2. The complete failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform with a Republican Congress.

3. The financial gift to the medical insurance industry in the “reform” of Medicare, which put my mother and tens of thousands of other seniors in the donut hole that cost each of them thousands of dollars in uncovered medical costs.

4. Reorganizing the government into a near police state where with a simple letter, investigative authorities acquire access to personal records, including library usage, cellphone use, etc. Part of the reorganization are the changes at the airports, which are a new way to irritate the traveling public.

5. Creating a climate of fear among the population that gives rise to many religious prejudices concerning our Muslim friends.

6. A massive federal intrusion into education, which has been a state issue since the founding of the country.

7. The inability to produce a balanced budget and peddling the same false economic ideas former President Ronald Reagan.

Sanders’ article is showing us Bush’s attempt to produce fire insurance.

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  1. The letter writer is a koolaid drinking Bush hater.

    After 9/11 the whole world changed. The war in Afghanistan is a just war that has been fought hard, under almost impossible conditions. Particularly with Pakistan's lack of cooperation. Iraq will always be unpopular with many who did not see Hussein as a threat in spite of both parties support for the invasion,Hussein's cruel invasion of Kuwait and endless UN sanctions against Hussein were the tipping point. Where are the UN supporters?!
    He brought us Medicare Part D drug coverage--Bush gets attacked because he did, and he'd be attacked if he had not. Regarding budget balancing, have we even seen a budget under the democratic Senate in the last three years--no.
    The intelligence apparatus had to be tightened up
    after the 9/11 fiasco. When was the last successful Islamic backed terrorist attack on America? Muslim friends?--give me a break. Out of this religion comes fanatic death peddlers who must be watched. 9/11 and countless years of terror have shown us that reality. Thankfully, Bush was not able to push amnesty for illegal immigrants into law. These law breakers should be deported or leave under threat of deportation. Compared to the Anointed One Obama, Bush was a breath of fresh air--the current President is on a rampage to destroy America. To turn it into a welfare dependent state and weaken it.

  2. American history has been much kinder or harsher on presidents based on their legacies. Look at the rankings and ratings of presidents years after their terms. So will history based on George W. Bush's legacy. He and his wife's efforts to battle aids for people in Africa during and after his presidency will define and determine both's legacy in the future.


  3. As a Canadian, I must agree with the letter writer that George W. Bush was a dreadful and weak President who managed to mishandle virtually everything he touched. Oddly enough, I was pleased when he squeaked out a victory over Al Gore, but now in retrospect, I believe that Mr. Bush single-handedly destroyed America's economy. Not only that, but he allowed the perception of the American government to be viewed as totally in bed with arms makers and the oil companies.
    Having stated my opinion on his negative legacy while in office, I do wish Mr. Bush well in doing good works in his post-presidential years. It's never too late to improve oneself. Look at Michael Vick and Tiger Woods, each trying, like Mr. Bush, to be better people after debilitating career setbacks.

  4. The legacy of the Bush the Lesser years can be summed up by his absence on the political trail to prove to be of any assistance to Romney. All indications show Romney DOES NOT want Bush around, and the candidate even takes steps to distance himself away from that pesky Cheney...who always seems to want to be in the spotlight.

    Do you endorse Romney? Bush the Lesser responds, yeah, I do, followed by the elevator doors closing. Real glaring and wholesome endorsement there....

    I hope people see that 17 out of 24 foreign policy advisors Romney employs are all Bush the Lesser people. These people are certified to be rabid right wingers that never saw a war they didn't like, wanting America's participation with wholeheartedly. These yahoos are basically rejects from Government right now. Because they were failures during the Bush years, and still are.

    THAT is the legacy of the Bush years. Nothing. Not a damn thing but pain, suffering, misery, death, economic disaster and corporate welfare.

    We ain't going back to those years. Because Romney is basically Bush on steroids. Romney's ideas are even more radical and extreme, he prefers everyone develop "Romnesia" and forget the past.

    I don't want that guy even LOOKING at a picture of the White House, let alone sitting in it.

    Obama/Biden 2012!

  5. Really,after reading these posts thus far, it does not appear that any president

    gets a passing mark. Maybe JFK. After all he did stand up to Russia in the Cuban crisis.

    But because of his untimely death there was little time to assimilate judgement about hid efforts. Americans are hard on their presidents almost always half the people are unhappy with all of them. Because they are human and besieged by external events which arre frequently beyond their personal control, they are often judged harshly and unfairly,and as though they are somehow in complete control of the nations plight.
    For example, how could George W have completely on his own unhinged the American economy.? He never could do that,even though a misguided thought looking for an easy or simple solution might be excused for such a conclusion..
    One observation that appears honest enough is that in modern times, the brightest people who ar3 best equipped to be leaders do not end up in top political leadership positions in any country. But yet how much blame do we the citizens deserve for the outcomes we get?

  6. Hey, Gonzalez, what has Osama Obama done differently? He's accelerated spending by an out-of-control bureaucracy in Washington expotentionally and has us headed off the proverbial financial "cliff." Neither he, Nancy "Face-lift" Pelosi nor Harry "The Red" Reid did anything about immigration "reform" in the two years they held sizeable majorities in the House and Senate. My God, the Dumbocrats haven't even passed a budget in more than 3 years! As for the Muslims, they created the bed they now lie in and, while for some, that's too bad, they have to take a firmer and more public stance against their fanatical bretheren to regain any credibilty among us who trust them about as far as we can throw city hall. Take off your ideological eye-glasses, Gonzalez, and maybe you'll see things as they are; not as you fabricate them!

  7. Pres. George W.Bush has done some good things for our country.The single worst thing he has done is getting us involved with a war in Iraq.He did not listen to his Generals. Gen. Eric Shinseki who addressed congress and said it would take 300,000 troops to stablize Iraq.But worse than that he had no clear idea of how to get us out once he got us in.This may be a reason for him being sidelined from the Republican National convention. His legacy may be tarnished for a long time to come.

  8. To start, I don't hate Bush, but I know Bush the Leser will go down in history as one of our worst modern day presidents.

    lvfacts101 - "what has Osama Obama done differently? He's accelerated spending by an out-of-control bureaucracy in Washington expotentionally and has us headed off the proverbial financial "cliff."

    "Amidst all the cries of Barack Obama being the most prolific big government spender the nation has ever suffered, Marketwatch is reporting that our president has actually been tighter with a buck than any United States president since Dwight D. Eisenhower."

  9. Mr. Branco:

    Sorry to shoot wholes in your dreams but if you would just read the CBO study on which the author based his findings you'll see who the real worst president in reent times will be. Here's the CBO excerpt.

    "The Economic Outlook

    In part because of the dampening effect of the higher tax rates and curbs on spending scheduled to occur this year and next, CBO expects that the economy will continue to recover slowly, with real GDP growing by 2.0 percent this year and 1.1 percent next year (as measured by the change from the fourth quarter of the previous calendar year). CBO expects economic activity to quicken after 2013 but to remain below the economy's potential until 2018.

    In CBO's forecast, the unemployment rate remains above 8 percent both this year and next, a consequence of continued weakness in demand for goods and services. As economic growth picks up after 2013, the unemployment rate will gradually decline to around 7 percent by the end of 2015, before dropping to near 512 percent by the end of 2017."

    Needless to say, the CBO forecasts, as bad as they are, are optimistic by most. Economists are predicting GDP for next year and after will be flat. Zero. Notta. With accompanying inflation for food and housing. The phenomena is called stagflation.


  10. BTW, read CBO term: "curbs on spending" as another way of saying "automatic sequestrations" that go into effect on Jan 2, 2013. Thank you Mr. President and Democratic Senate.


  11. CarmineD,

    You are comparing apples and oranges. Yes we are having a hard time with the slow growth this economy is experiencing. That doesn't account for the fact that the right is screaming about Obama's spending spree when in reality he is spending less than they portray.

    "curbs on spending" as another way of saying "automatic sequestrations" that go into effect on Jan 2, 2013. Thank you Mr. President and Democratic Senate."

    A typically hypocritical comment, did you forget Republicans were involved in those negotiations? Now they renege and start screaming like little girls trying to blame Dems for a policy they set into motion.

  12. Carmine,"He and his wife's efforts to battle aids for people of Africa during his presidency will define and determine both's legacy in the future"

    I believe what former Pres.G.W.Bush and his gracious wife Laura are doing for the people of Africa in fighting aids is fantastic,and will be remembered in history.I also believe that this is not the single most thing that will make people forget the mishaps of the invasion of Iraq,which will remain high in history,overshadowing the good that he has done.

  13. Mr. Branco:

    Fruit is fruit and when its rotten you don't have to eat it to know. It looks and smells bad.

    Your favorite president's legacy will be this: Presided over the longest economic downturn and slowest recovery in American history since the Great Depression. And that's from reading in bewteen the lines of the CBO report quoted in the article you cited from Forbes.


  14. 'W' is truly the 'D' student of all presidents. He destroyed every company he worked for, and that was just the beginning. That is the fodder of many of our incumbents; too dumb to flip burgers, but, arrogant enough to run a country and recklessly spend OUR tax dollars for an ILLEGAL usurpation of foreign sovereignties, FREE Viagra for Middle Eastern warlords, and 'secret' projects that we, as American tax payers should be privy to. After all, it is OUR money they are wasting.

    Read the Declaration of Independence guys. The accusations levied at King George III by our founding fathers? Our modern day government is committing those very same crimes HE was accused of nearly three hundred years ago!

    Sick of all these entitlement freakos who have absolutely ZERO regard for the working class.

  15. WRT to sequestration, it was called the GOP compromising with the President and Democratic Senate Leader Reid to get a budget passed so the country wouldn't go over the fiscal cliff. If the GOP didn't, people who think like you would be outraged and call the GOP obstructionist. GOP can't do anything good from your way of thinking. They are impugned by you and those like you whatever they do.


  16. "mishaps of the invasion of Iraq,which will remain high in history,overshadowing the good that he has done."

    The evil that men do lives after them, the good is often interred with their bones. Shakespeare.

    Time will tell Mr. Pizzo. And sadly probably not in your and my time.


  17. I opine the mayor of Salt Lake City Utah got the last word on the US-UK Olympics' exchange. He offered to send PM Cameron a map of Salt Lake so he could find his way around in the middle of no where. Mormons 1, Brits 0.


  18. Most economists, not just the CBO, claim the USA is sliding into another recession. Just look at the numbers on every front: sales, housing, unemployment and on and on. And without even a blip up of a recovery. And Obama deserves 4 more years. He failed. He thinks BIG GOV'T is the answer to all our needs. It's not. It's the private sector. If he had an ounce of brains and know how he would courting and praising big business to get the US back on economic recovery. No just the opposite. This president demeans business and blames them for the mess. He's a loser. He and Biden don't get it and after 4 years never will.


  19. Belleville speaks as a true "socialist" and as one who knows little about our history. It wasn't George W. who instituted the onerous rules & regulations that blackmailed financial institutions into making spurious loans to those unqualified to receive them which led to the housing market collapse. It was Chris Dodd & Barney Frank, both of whom are now living large on the back of the American taxpayers who suffered the consequences of their truly horrendous actions. As for Belleville, please worry about what goes on in your side of the border and keep your nose out of our business. We don't need left-leaning foreigners to tell us what to do. We have enough home grown ones as it is!

  20. 3 MILLION American businesses shuddered during the Great Recession and 200,000 are small businesses. What a legacy Mr. President.

    And you think you deserve a second term? Lot of luck with that.


  21. No Teamster it's just beginning.

    Romney told the truth in England. A welcome change. With hundreds of America's finest and fittest athletes, and as a man who knows the Olympics, he said what everyone knew and was afraid to say. The Brits didn't have their act together. They never do. Remember WW2. Churchill said the best thing he did as PM was to get America on his side.