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January 28, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

President deserves a little credit

When gas prices were so high not that long ago, President Barack Obama got a lot of flak. It was all his fault and he was blamed.

Well, now that gasoline prices have fallen nearly 40 cents in the past few weeks, shouldn’t he get the credit and the glory? It doesn’t work that way.

Being president has to be the worst job in the country; no one is ever satisfied.

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  1. The Propoganda Machine has moved on to another subject.

  2. Partisans don't work that way.

    Besides, I believe some commenting here are campaign operatives whose job it is to spin on behalf of their candidate and against the opponent.

  3. You can tell from the incomplete information that is given, that it isn't reliable.

    Nothing like getting the facts for oneself and remembering them. Then you can tell who is trying to manipulate in comments for partisan gain.

  4. No President should get alot of blame or credit for gas prices because there is really very little a President can do to affect them.

    What Presidents and Congress should take blame for is not crafting and implememting a coherent energy policy for America.


  5. In part the reason the prices of gas went down is because President Obama signed an Executive Order to increase the margin percentage on oil trades to 50 percent from zero. It wasn't his ingenuity. Sarah Palin, as well as other conservative policial commenters, told him to do it months before he did. Even getting together on national TV and telling him to do it several days before he did. The president listened and took their advice. To his credit.


  6. The President of the United States has nothing to do with gasoline pricing.

  7. Freakin' hysterical comments from the haters as usual. Six months ago the price of gas was skyrocketing and they were blaming President Obama's "economy-ruining policies". Now they price of gas is coming down significantly and they blame President Obama's "economy-ruining policies". Which means either they are all named Mitt Romney, since they have a unique talent of changing their position on an issue mid-sentence, or they have no earthly clue of what they are talking about. My money's on the latter.

  8. The right will never give President Obama credit for anything. They will make comments such as "When George W. Bush was president we never had a terrorist attack", or the credit for killing Bin Laden should go to Bush. I've heard people lay TARP on President Obama in negative comments not knowing it was initiated by Bush. This last example can be defined by the Darrell Issa witch hunt because Fast and Furious was started under Bush as was Solyndra and other right wing talking points. The Heritage Foundation wrote the health care law for Massachusetts but when it was implemented under President Obama they freaked. I've even heard gays defend GOP policies not understanding the GOP would burn them at the stake if they could. The beating John Roberts is taking from the right shows just how hypocritical these people are, they are for the United States Constitution as long as interpretations agree with their ideology.

    As individuals Americans can be brilliant, collectively they can be dolts and idiots because they are easily swayed by propaganda.

  9. Obama had little to do with the European Crises, a falling Euro dollar and reports of a slower Chinese economy which were the main factor of the recent fall in oil. Today gas is up over 10 cents a gallon in the futures market because of concern over Iran nuclear, a freight dispute with China and higher factory orders in the USA, again, nothing to do with Obama really, though his energy and dollar polices will effect the markets long term.

  10. "Would you enlighten us with some links that would verify your post at 5:17 am"

    If I'm wrong about Obama and the Reps handing him a solution months and days before he signed the EO, do your own research and prove me wrong.


  11. "How do you know that the President didn't already have this idea and the right found out about it and went public first to take credit?

    Can you prove it?

    Goes both ways!!!"

    "No one can prove a negative."

    I have the proof and don't have to provide it unless I want to. I don't want/need to. If you two, and others who think like you, did your research and knew current events, facts, and circumstances, instead of believing everything silly thing you read in the liberal media, you'd have it too.


  12. TEA - "Obama is aiding in that endeavor with his idiotic policies."

    Exactly what would those policies be? I'd like to understand what is it you see that the rest of us don't.

  13. There is a new Obama ad stating Obama is an "insourcer" of jobs..Obama claims to be "insourcer in chief."
    Did anyone see the movie "Swing Vote" where "insource" is defined?
    I give Obama credit for the most unintentionally funny campaign ad I have ever seen..

  14. In January, 2011, GM invested $541 million to build a manufacturing plant in Mexico.

  15. InSourcing:
    In October, 2011..after years of objection by Teamstser Union and the express wishes of Congress, Obama unilaterally allowed Mexican trucks access to American roads ..under NAFTA

  16. Teamster
    NAFTA was Clinton. Obama opened the border. The Teamsters may have obtained an injunction for a no-go but I can't document that.
    Nothing happened under Bush.."or under the Bushes"

  17. Teamster:
    The Stock Market closed on another high because the "Rich Guys" who have control of your union pension fund are gambling your pension funds in the world's largest casino...the NY Stock Exchange..
    Not to worry..If they lose, Obama will bail them out..

  18. Teamster:
    Romney does not have policies. As Chief Executive, I believe, he will carry out policies enacted by Congress as representatives of the American people.
    Obama has held (1) cabinet meeting in six months. Obama meets with his campaign staff every two (2) weeks.
    Romney Care in Massachussetts is Ted Kennedy Care. Romney is an Executive..He executed that plan for Kennedy.
    Romney, as President, will execute the office of President in accordance with the Constitution and the wishes of Congress.
    Obama is ruler, implementing his agenda. Obama has a unilateral vision ..lots of policies. Romney is not a bully pulpit jackboot.
    Frankly, I am heartily sick of bully pulpit presidents pushing their agendas..("agenda's" is code for "pandering to win votes")

  19. Teamster:
    Arguing whether Romney used the word "kill" or merely meant "kill" in fact having an inane discussion about the rhetorical use of the word "kill" And believing or disbelieving an unverified and unverifiable story concerning the actions of teenagers 50 years the same as arguing that Obama was born in Kenya and/or is a Muslim..
    Believe what you want but don't expect me to accept inane and pointless points or give credence to "Big Bad Bush."

  20. Teamster
    You said the same thing before the 2010 election.."The democrats will retain control of Congress."
    As for the "enquiring minds" fascination with Romneys would much more entertaining if the Press would pursue Reid and Pelosi's financial dealings as zealously..That would make an interestng read..Or Kerry's..or a few other Senators who have never had a private sector job but seem to have amassed great wealth..
    BTW..Romney having wealth does not make having wealth illegal..and unless AP can prove is none of their business..

  21. Mark:
    Is that what Teamster obamabot? I know he isn't a Teamster.

  22. Happy 4th of July!
    finally I agree with Teamster about an event, issue or policy

  23. "Carmine and Sarah Palin make a good pair."


    That's the first thing you said in a long time that is right.


  24. TEA:

    Thanks for the presidents' ratings and rankings. I always find it interesting to see how history and time affect a president's legacy. And how the ranks change with time. Two of note: Eisenhower and Reagan. Both were not appreciated after their terms. Over time, they've moved up. Others who were adored, came down.

    Truman decided not to run for a second term reading the tea leaves correctly. And left DC with a 22 percent approval rating. One of the worse. Yet has moved up since.

    Harding is another. Exceedingly popular. Governed during mostly good times and healthy economic conditions. Yet always rated low.


  25. A second term, good or bad, would enhance Obama's legacy. It will be a hardsell to pull it off. People like him but don't believe him. Especially American voters. If Obamacare's leagcy does anything it will prove Obama straddled the fence between Commerce Clause and Tax Authority to argue its constitutionality, never really making a cogent case for either. And he's a supposed Constitutional expert and professor.


  26. JefffromVegas:
    "OutSourcer" Versus Insourcer, It Matters (Obama campaign ad)

    "Where's the hell is Dewey?" "He got laid off" "BS, he got Insourced." (Swing Vote, Movie by Kevn Kostner)

  27. @ BeSafer, 7/3/12 @ 5:02 p.m.
    "I think you DemoLibs are missing the point. I don't watch Fox News unless Obama makes a blunder. Since I don't watch reality shows, Fox does a good job making light of the subject. Actually I listen to NPR"

    And in other comments, BeSafer posts links to YouTube and The Daily Beast.

  28. @ TEA 7/4/12 @ 9:47 a.m. "How many Dems are skipping the Dem convention now? Must be creeping up on 20."

    DINOs and Blue Dogs are worried they will lose in their primaries, and they should be worried.

  29. "And Carmine, ....will still
    be crying like little babies."

    You have me confused with an Obama supporter. Wrong.

    Your guy is going down for the dirt count in Nov. He's a one term president.