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March 4, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Help the economy; buy American

Not to worry America, there is a solution to our economic woes; it’s called “full employment.”

We are at a crossroads. However, one road leads to economic “redistribution of wealth” and prosperity and the other to economic ruin and poverty. The choice is up to those who drive the economic engine.

The fuel that propels the U.S. economic engine is full employment. Ronald Reagan believed the fuel would come from trickle-down economics, but trickle down has proven to be a big pyramid scheme where only those at the top get paid off. What we need in the economy is a ripple effect, where the wealth expands among the contributors.

Trickle-down entrepreneurs no longer appear to be interested in paying the cost of doing business here. They are opting out. You can not remove the means of producing goods and expect the service industry to sustain the economy. With their departure, America will soon become a Third World country.

One can only hope that American industry and Americans do the right thing: Buy America!

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  1. Future:

    1. Recession is defined as 2 consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. There was not such an event during the Clinton Administration.

    2. You are using budget numbers to determine Surplus or Deficit. Budgets often did not include significant actual expenditures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    3. The R Administration created a structural deficit, then went out and made that structural deficit worse by waging an unnecessary war in Iraq (which is still undermining American security and running up huge health and support expenditures). The D Administration had a real recession to contend with and tried some stimulus that, for various reasons, was not sufficient to restore full employment. (Look here in Las Vegas: We are nearing our all-time highs in visitors, but serving them with far fewer people. Comparable efficiencies can be seen all across America.)

    4. The jobs from before are not coming back. There are and will be lots of new jobs, for folks who have the education and training required. But we've "economized" by cutting back or eliminating funding for that "non-essential" stuff.

    5. To pay down debt we need to be running real budget surpluses. Revenues have to be higher than expenditures. But there is another lesson from history here: If you run too big a surplus or run surpluses for too long you get big Depressions that are both deep and long. So the best way out of our current predicament is to grow our economy. And to do that right is going to take some Planning with some centralized Guidance. This medicine does not come with a spoonful of sugar to help it go down. Each of us needs to ask what is most important. We can choose to fritter around with meaningless numbers pointing fingers of blame or we can agree on a course of action and stick to it until we have achieved our objective.

  2. Apaprently dipstick never comparison shops. That's his right but it shows his lack of understanding of finances. As for buying American, I try, but it's not easy with so many products made in foreign lands, and why? Partially because unions have made it darn near impossible for American companies to compete, price-wise, in a global economy. The dipstick's, Goodman's and Simmon's of this country are provincial, parochial and blinded with envy of others success. They have no understanding of economic reality and, while thumb-sucking their little blankies, daydream their way into poverty. Who needs financial illiterates such as they giving us advice? Not me!

  3. Something that has stuck in my mind for decades, that I learned when first attending college was that: owning the means of production is the key to wealth and power.

    Decades later, we witness the shuttering of factories and industries here in the United States of America and other countries now doing the manufacturing and production of goods from the raw materials also sent to them.

    The SECURITY of the United States of America is in jeopardy and in crisis. We MUST return to using our resources and manufacturing goods on our own soil in order to RECOVER from this age of decline of power and wealth! Nothing less.

    With current technology, we possess the means to manufacture with less a carbon footprint. We have the needed raw materials to produce goods. Our crashed economy will "reset" and IF the idiot, moronic LAWMAKERS can serve the People by reconstructing policies and laws to support such a recovery, by reasonable & FAIR steps, the People are willing to take the needed sacrifices to REBUILD our nation, strengthen what remains, cause it to flourish once again, and provide a solid foundation for future generations.

    Presently, we do not have ANY leadership that has such a focus, nor the courage and ethics to travel such a path. The People have very little recourse, but to VOTE on lesser evils or flip a coin or vote for none of the above or NOT vote at all! This MUST change in order for us as a nation to set sail on a course towards economic prosperity and recovery.

    Blessings and Peace,

  4. Republicans should publish a list of products made in America so we can purchase them. Good sentiment, Frank, but I'm afraid the list would be awfully short. The textile industry in this country (clothing, shoes, etc.) is pretty much non existent. The electronics industry here was undermined by foreign government subsidies to their corporations. This made American made electronics non competitive. Try buying a TV made in America. Ain't gonna happen. Even automobiles and trucks are not 100% American made. The percentages are posted on the sticker when you buy a vehicle. My truck had parts manufactured in Canada and Mexico, although it is a Ford. Getting the economy rolling again should be a priority, of course. However, there is a new paradigm working here. Many, if not most, jobs that have disappeared are not coming back. This leaves a whole bunch of unemployed folks holding the bag. Most will have to retrain into jobs that they have no experience doing. I haven't heard a single GOP candidate address the subject in any depth, nor lay out a viable plan to get the average worker in his/her 40's, 50's and beyond back to work. Many have given up, and left the work force, never to return.

  5. Future: Who was President of the United States when the Recession occurred from March through November 2001? So why do you call it the Clinton Recession?

  6. I echo the post by J Schillmoeller, FOS why would the republicans have to make a list? Why not your chief Obama? Why not you to show your true colors? Why not look at your email and find it has already be done?

    To be sure there are companies that say made in America but really do not, after all it is a global economy, but Frank, on behalf of the Republican party I present to you this list of made in America. Enjoy! And please report back to us your purchases and support you have given the USA!

  7. RE J. Schillmoeller, 0923 post. If gov. employees make such a considerable amount of money more than similar employees in the private sector, what does that say about "private sector" employers? Here's what; private sector employers will pay AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE to their employees, regardless of skills and/or knowledge. "If you don't like it, there's the door" is and has been their mentality, especially here in Las Vegas. An unskilled workforce in menial job descriptions has always been the bread and butter of private sector employers here. Deal cards? So what, there's plenty more where you came from. Park cars? So what, same scenario. Clean guest rooms? Likewise. The list goes on and on. If you're a viable, employable individual with REAL JOB SKILLS, go out and apply for a government job. Blogging from, or being from Chicago spells it all out for me; you're probably retired from some fat cat government job in Illinois, and just love to shoot off your mouth. If Chicago is so awesome, GO BACK.

  8. RE J. Schillmoeller post at 1652. I am aware that dealers, valet parkers, etc. make a good living. That does not change my premise that these folks make minimum wage, and their gross income is almost entirely related to tips. Most dealers, valet parkers are, at most, high school grads, and in some cases, dropouts who know they can make a living far beyond their abilities based on TOKES ALONE. YOUR OWN STATEMENT PROVES MY CASE: "If you don't go to school,drop out and have no marketable skills beyond manual labor then you are subject to being at the bottom of the pecking order". EXACTLY MY POINT! Only in sh*t pits like Vegas can these otherwise unemployable drones realize the "AMERICAN DREAM". They could not even gain entry level in most government jobs, that you are so vehemently against. Yes Joseph, private sector jobs are based on ability, and in most cases, there is no "ability" required. For every private sector job, there are currently hundreds of "qualified" applicants. Are they TRULY QUALIFIED?

  9. RE J. Schillmoeller post 1740. You neglected to post my entire premise, which was, are they TRULY QUALIFIED. No, Joseph, most people DON'T TAKE EDUCATION SERIOUSLY. Until recently, the semi educated COULD make a better than average income. The new paradigm is, most definitely, education, but in the end, the MOST QUALIFIED, or juiced, do get the job. I do believe that education in this backwater, third world toilet state is of the utmost importance. Too bad that our "No new taxes" Norquist clone governor, and our "how do I get out of here" legislature put his/their own political viability above educating the current and succeeding generation(s). I totally advocate increased spending for education here and everywhere. If we want to reach the next level in our economy, education is the key. Meanwhile, the "big, bad business people" WILL do what they want here, which is to continue to hire semi illiterate folks to deal cards and park cars. That's the way it is, and that's the way it will continue to be.

  10. Comment removed by moderator. Off Topic

  11. RE J. Schillmoeller comment at 1854. Your comment stating that 90% of the jobs in America are "service" jobs and diminishing amounts of manufacturing jobs. That means education is a must...". The comment is correct but an oxymoron! There is no "educational requirement" to deal cards or park cars. I have to envision a society where no one deals card or parks cars to see any future for Nevada, and on a much larger scale, the United States. "Norquist represents the federal taxation of Americans"??? Please elaborate. He represents everything that is anti tax and anti government in the US today. If that is what you meant, OK. The local funding of education in Nevada is abysmal, and you are right, it begins at the local level. You nor I control property taxes, but you must admit, this governor and the previous one have done nothing to enhance education funding levels. We have one of the worst per capita spending levels per pupil in the US.

  12. RE J. Schillmoeller. Once again you pick and choose portions of a post I make to twist it to your own ends. Quote: ..."the fact that everyone who served in our military is sucking at the teats of government". First of all, everyone who has served in the military does not automatically get continuing benefits or pay simply for having served. Not true, nor is that what I stated. West is a disgrace to the uniform he wore, and if he wasn't an officer, his misconduct in Iraq would have resulted in courts martial and discharge from the Army. Since he was an officer, he was allowed to "retire", just as I posted. This makes him a teat sucking parasite, IN MY OPINION. I served HONORABLY for 20 years, and I am proud of my service and the retirement pay I EARNED HONORABLY. Only a few who ever enlist in the military actually serve to retirement eligibility. There was no intended disparagement of anybody's service to our country, whether they serve one hitch or make it a career. Maybe now Joseph you are, in fact, "educated" on what I really said in my previous post.

  13. If you want a vacuum that wont clog up quit cleaning and blow dirt all over your home buy a Rainbow vacuum made in America since 1932 ...

  14. Apple is an American company, but none of the iPhones and iPads and Macs are made in America.

    Toyota is not an American company, but virtually every Toyota on America's roads were made in America.

    I'm so confused as to what to buy.