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January 31, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Put a stop to racist remarks

I was somewhat amused by seeing on the news that Newt Gingrich told an audience that President Barack Obama was the president with the highest number of people on welfare. Some stood and applauded.

It was no surprise that he, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney are going negative in a Southern state. They are playing to those who like saying negative things toward other races. Such things have been done for decades to try to win white votes.

I want them to be mindful of the blood lost in all American battles here and overseas by black Americans and other races for this country to keep the freedoms we do have. Winning at all cost by putting down a race doesn’t last forever and will be remembered. People of all races are on welfare, not just blacks. And it’s the wealthy politicians who have put the helpless on food stamps by sending jobs overseas. They should stop the racist remarks.

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  1. When my dad died a few years ago, what I felt were some 'racist' views he held died with him. I was sad to lose him but not his racist views.

    I hope that someday we also lose the views of people who take many remarks and place the 'racist' label on them.

    Manufacturing jobs were outsourced by companies, not to damage minorities in any 'racist' plot but to try to better compete and yes, to raise profits. Was it 'craven'? Possibly. Was it 'racist'? No. Many of the jobs lost here went to people who would be minorities in this country! Racist? I don't think so.

    Are there alot of people on welfare? Yes. Is it under President Obama? Yes. People on welfare are white and minorities, not just minorities. Pointing out high welfare rolls seems to be fair game in politics while pinning it all on Obama is unfair, but is it racist? Hmmm...

    There are now many wealthy minority office office holders today. Are they racists too?

    As so often in the country today, demonization, generalizations, loaded language and hyperbole seem to rule the day on all sides.


  2. I may be mistaken, but the author of this letter appears to be exhibiting exactly the same racism that he is complaining about.

  3. Racism is in the hearts of men. Its manifestations are somewhat tempered by the brain due to federal laws. We nourish it in our hearts so it will never die because we won't let it.

  4. Brad,

    I don't doubt your story from the 70s in the least. I grew up in Southeast L.A. and the Watts riots.

    Today, my daughters often have friends from school come over for parties and such. We always invite the parents to spend some time and enjoy some BBQ with us.

    Though we are of different races, and carry prejudices from our childhoods with us, we always agree in our hope that our children will have less of a burden to carry than we do when they are grown.

    I agree with you that Newt leaves much to be desired in this area. But I disagree with the underlying tone of the letter writer that anyone who disagrees with President Obama does so from racist motives.

  5. So, according to wacked out leftists, one cannot criticize Osama Obama without being a "racist." BS! I do not cede my Constitutional right to protest peacefully to the likes of Michael Parker or Bradley Chapline who, by the way has no clue as what a Nazi really is. You don't like Gingrich's policies or agenda, fine, but labeling him a Nazi just proves how ignorant of history you really are, Chapline. I don't like Osama Obama's policies or agenda and I will say so loudly & often and I don't give a rats-ass what how you feel about it!

  6. Re Jerry Fink. So let me get this straight. It is insensitive to label Mr. Gingrich a Nazi, but perfectly OK (in your mind) to denigrate our President by labeling him "Osama" Obama. You seem a bit conflicted when it comes to insults, which is also part of free speech.

  7. Brad,

    As former members of the military, both you and I know that we can respect the office without having respect for the person who holds it.

    I left the Navy in 1973, and I gather you were just beginning your stint as one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children at that time. Nixon would be a good example of the principle I am referring to.

  8. Brad,

    I thought you would pick up on the standard hazing between the Navy and Corp with that reference to what USMC might stand for. We in the Navy usually referred to members of the Corp as "Uncle Sam's Mental Cases", I was trying to be polite by using the phrase that members of the Corp used. :)

    I know from first hand experience what you speak of in those times. I served aboard the USS Ranger and we had more than our share of "incidents" arising from our commanders trying to foster cultural understanding on the mess deck.

  9. Brad,

    Apology accepted. And the fact that it got by you reinforces my thought (and the Navy's in general) that USMC stands for Uncle Sam's Mental Cases. :)

    All joking aside, this letter is a good example of the polarization that has corrupted politics in our country at every level.

  10. I agree with the need to put a stop to the racist remarks.

    But, unfortunately, that can't happen. Especially in South Carolina. The majority of Republican Party voters there is estimated to be Caucasian at a rate of about 73 percent or so. And only about five percent of the Republican Party voters are African Americans. These percentages have been verified to be true. I mean, c'mon, after all, this is South Carolina....DEEP SOUTH. They still fly the Confederate Flag there, for Christ's sake.

    THAT is the environment they are immersed in. And they play to that electorate for their votes. If they have to slap repeatedly another entire race of people to get the vote, they will do that.

    The Republican Party has not only made this a tradition, but it's a required mission they pursue all the time.

    This is exactly the reason why this abomination called the Tea/Republican Party is going to get crushed in the November 2012 elections.

    We need to grab Tea/Republicans by the scruff of the neck and drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

    President Obama for another four years. And a Democratic Party majority in both the Senate and the House.

    We ain't got time for these stupid racist KKK bubba bastard games. It never has gotten us anywhere. And it certainly don't get us nowhere but down a road to ruin. We got a country to run and an economy to fix. Going backwards in thought processes like this only reduce us to a third world country.

    You put Tea/Republicans who think warped inappropriate and antiquated pre-Civil War prejudicial and stereotypical beliefs like that in power at any political level, it's just counter-productive. Most of America don't think dumb stuff like that.

    But then maybe that's what Tea/Republicans mean when they say they are taking the country back.

    Back to pre-Civil War era stupidity.

  11. Colin, you should read some more history. It was the Democrats who supported slavery and helped prompt the breakup of the Whigs in the 1800s which led to the formation of the Republican Party in the North to stand against slavery.

  12. Newt is Nuts...
    He suffers from Grandiose Delusions, among other things.

    Does ANYONE think as highly of themselves as Newton?
    I mean, this man's arrogance and self-aggrandizement is astonishing...

    Is he a 'racist'?

    He DID offer to go into the 'ghetto' to school the non-honky's on what work is all about...AND to go speak to NAACP chapters on how to get 'their people' to get with 'the program'...and, he DID have that big idear to put the 'poor kids' to work cleaning toilets and such at their run-down 'indoctrinate them' to a 'work ethic' heretofore 'unavailable to them'...

    Heck, do a simple web search on the issue; there is no shortage of opinions on the subject.

    Newt is a Dinosaur. A Relic. His 'time' has come and gone, and America would be gravely mistaken to elect him President, or even to have him as part of the discussion on how to 'move forward' in this country.

  13. It is the same old story.....a liberal can you use the most vile disgusting imagery to belittle a conservative and it is is free speech.

    However, a conservative is racist if he simply has opposing views.

    God forbid you do not agree with President dirty racists!!!

  14. And here I was thinking that the Human Genome Project had conclusively proved that there is only one race---Human.

  15. "Many conservatives, particularly those who are clearly authoritarians, are not aware of their illogical, contradictory, and hypocritical thinking. If made cognizant of it, they either rationalize it away, neglect to care, or attack those who reveal their human weaknesses." John Dean - Conservatives Without Conscience (White House Council to Richard Nixon)

  16. Unfortunately Bchaps 3:59 am comment was not an isolated event in the south during the seventies as this pattern of behavior had been institutionalized for a long time. It seems no matter who you had to interact with a high school football coach or your local store owner if you did not conform or answer there questions in a manner that fit there ideology, you would not be a starting linebacker on the football team and you would not receive service in the local store. This behavior is quite evident in the tea party if you dare to disagree or not conform to there ideology you will quickly have the word out on you and be immediately classified as enemy status. So yes there is a similar pattern of behavior of the old racist southern Democrats and the modern day tea party.

  17. Discussions on racism rarely accomplish anything.

    People are considered by some as absolutely 'racist' if they make comments critical of President Obama or another African American. This is clearly unfair and wrong.

    On the other side, when people make what are clearly insensitive comments toward minorities, people wish to ignore and minimize those comments. This also is unfair and wrong.

    I feel sorry for people that do either because as we have grown as a nation over time, these people have not.


  18. Mr casler

    Discussions on racism rarely accomplish anything.

    I will respectfully dispute that characterization. The conversation on racism in the sixties were productive in righting Jim crow laws and otherwise inhumane treatment of our fellow African-American citizens. And any attempts to return to the era of Jim crow makes it quite necessary to nip it off at the bud. The sacrifices made in the sixties including the loss of life by violent means justifys it.

  19. CarmineD - "BUT... and its a big BUT his nose is so far up Obama's derriere that he can't see and think straight. Williams demonstrated "reverse discrimination" by lobbing a racist-filled question to Gingrich knowing full well that Gingrich would take the bait and give him a straightforward truthful answer."

    If you heard Juan Williams he was doing what a moderator does, asking questions that were sent to his laptop. You are trying to spin another scenario. I might add for some idiot to bolster Gingrich by saying he "put Juan Williams in his place", exactly what place should that be? Along side black kids doing janitorial work? Maybe the back of the bus.

    It's 2012 and one would think idiots would be over this racist BS, but I hear Obama jokes all the time, indicating to me people still have a problem with other peoples skin color and/or religion.

  20. Mike_Kerns,

    I should have inserted 'recently'. I didn't intend to include conversations in the 60's. Those were obviously productive.

    Of course there is still racism in America and I suspect always will be. There is now victimhood and reverse discrimination, which is ashame.


  21. Bradley,

    What happened to you was wrong and sad. Gingrich's remarks were ones that could and would be characterized as racist and he should have known better. Only Gingrich knows 'if' he is a 'racist'. There are people that have a stake in portraying him as a 'racist' and others with a stake in not portraying him that way. That's just life these days in America. If you are in the public eye you have to be very careful about what you say and how you say it.


  22. chuck333 - "As a youth I grew up a hop and a skip from the ghetto. My friends included many races being white,black or latino. We stuck together. We were disliked by many. Our city was made up of neighborhoods that basically were white, black, irish, italian etc. No one liked us but that made our friendships stronger."

    Only a person growing up in a large city can see that sort of diversity. My time spent in the military was pretty much the same, a very diverse group of us hanging together. My nerves stiffen when I hear Sarah Palin chat about the "real" Americans who grew up in little towns where most dress the same, go to the same church, or work in the same factories.

  23. Mr casler

    That was a respectable response thank you for that. To me newt made his own bed with the comments he made. Apparently the newt is pulling out all the stops in trying to topple Romney. And as for Romney I am giving him serious consideration for my own vote and likewise I think the Republican party will be more respected by nominating him and rejecting newt.

  24. Mr. Chapline:

    I was quiet awake when I wrote my comments. In case you don't know, in writing, you always use the male gender when making a general statement, to wit:

    "All men are created equal" does not mean women are not.