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January 27, 2015

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Sheldon Adelson distancing himself from documentary attacking Mitt Romney


Wong Maye-E / AP

Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who donated $5 million to supporters of Newt Gingrich, is not necessarily endorsing the message in an anti-Mitt Romney video.

Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson’s $5-million donation to supporters of Newt Gingrich may have helped fund distribution of a brutal anti-Mitt Romney video, but he’s not necessarily endorsing its message.

The 28-minute video produced by a group supporting Gingrich portrays the former Massachusetts governor as a corporate marauder who destroyed small businesses and individuals' livelihoods in pursuit of profit as head of Bain Capital.

The video has been criticized by some in Republican circles as taking a page from Democrats' playbook of “attacking capitalism” and playing the rich off of the poor.

But Adelson, a self-made billionaire, hasn’t seen the video and has had no say in the group’s strategy for airing it, according to a source close to the Las Vegas Sands chairman.

“The key to remember here is that he gave a donation to support Newt,” the source said. “What happens from the time when that contribution lands with that PAC to now, he’s not involved with. He’s not been involved in the strategies and the tactics.”

The video is being distributed by Winning Our Future, a so-called super political action committee supporting Gingrich’s campaign. The super PAC is planning to purchase $3.4 million in television time in South Carolina and air portions of the documentary in the run-up to the Jan. 21 GOP primary there.

The source close to Adelson said the $5 million contribution was meant to help a friend who needed it. After poor showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, Gingrich has placed his hopes of extending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination on South Carolina.

“I don’t think anybody with an ounce of credibility would say Mr. Adelson is anti-capitalism or anti-business or even anti-Romney,” the source said. “Mr. Adelson is pro-Newt.”

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  1. The real discussion that needs to take place is that on the concept of "money is speech." There are strong points to be made on both sides of the issue and they need to be more fully examined before any meaningful campaign finance reform can be made.

  2. As smart a man as Mr. Adelson is, you would think that he would be smart enough to stay out of politics. By giving $5 million dollars to support Newton Gingrich could have an effect on peoples' desire to visit Adelson's Sands Casino or any other property he owns. I know where I am not going as I don't want my money to be given out to people like Gingrich. I will just go to other casinos for eating and gambling.

  3. Should I be in the position to donate 5M to a political hack, I would at least like to how the money would be used. Adelson knows exactly where and for what reason the money was donated. In any case, the money could have done some good things for this city. Instead, Adelson might as well have piled it up in front of one of his hotels and set it on fire.

  4. "As smart a man as Mr. Adelson is, you would think that he would be smart enough to stay out of politics." Unfortunately, that's what politics is about these days, thanks to the Supreme's Citizens United ruling a year ago. As to having an "effect on peoples' desire to visit the Sands Casino..." well, it's gone here and I doubt it'll have an impact on Macau. Nor do I think it'll have an impact on the Venetian. Jeez, Bouchon is there -- what a great restaurant. Oddly, I respect Adelson for a range of reasons, not the least of which is wanting the Monorail to run down the strip, and his business acumen, sharklike though it may be. But his politics are his politics and he can waste his dough anyway he long as Newt doesn't get elected.

  5. Shelly, you old coot...

    Thanks for the 5 mil towards the destruction of the likely 'R' nominee for Prez. Very generous, indeed.
    Enjoying the debate process! Watching those nuts fight it out 'like cats in a bag' is like SNL, only better...and the family & I watch each one religiously!
    I see Convention business is again booming at your Vegas properties; YOUR WELCOME.
    Rock on with your bad self!


    Barack Obama

    LOVE your work on those 'deposition' videos; CLASSIC!
    Hope you get an Oscar, or something.

  6. "willard romney ain't got a frickin chance!!!" A lot of folks said that about George Bush (Jr.). It's scary out there.

  7. Mr Addleson shows Old Age is settling In. Does he have a Public Relations Firm? I would suggest its a great place to start when we see Billionaires attacking Hundred Millionaires and speaking the truth about Vulture Capitalism. One thing you can say, even though Mr. Addleson wasted his money - He Builds Things, He's not a Vulture Capitalist.

  8. @Chazbean............Yes, you are referring to the Tawana Brawley fiasco. Since when did the Rev. Al get so much cred. What a scumbag!

  9. The fact that one man donated 5 million dollars legally to a political action committee is disturbing in itself.

  10. This is a rotten group of apples we have to chose from. Obama is a write off that has only weakened the country and has lost his shine. Romney is even worse, he would sell off all our jobs if he could make a buck doing it.
    Newt is an egomaniac filled with self importance, but despite all his faults. Would be better than the current clown in chief with queeny. Mitt "I like to fire people" Romney would be just another Bob Dole or Mccain in the general election.

  11. Sorry Sheldon, too late---you have tainted yourself with anti-capitalism Gingrich dirt.

    Amazing that a rich capitalist would try to destroy a successful businessman like Romney based on capitalism. Bizarrrrro land.

    The goal must be to remove the socialist job-killer in the White House. Sheldon, shame on you.