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January 26, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

We don’t need a CEO in charge

Are we sure a president needs to have experience as a CEO of a Fortune 500 company? A president with CEO experience does not necessarily perform well with the country’s economy.

The only two presidents in the modern era with CEO experience were Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush, and they turned in the two worst economic performances in the modern era.

The best economic performances were under presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, who had no experience whatsoever in running a business.

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  1. Watch out, Mike, your local Democratic club is going to kick you out for saying Reagan did a good job with the economy.

    All joking aside, I'll agree that there appears to be little correlation between a President's economic performance and past experience in business. But one thing that can be said for both President Reagan and President Clinton is that they knew how to not only pick good advisers, but how to listen to them.

    With that being said, if one believes that the Bush administration is the cause for our current economic woes, then what does it say for President Obama to keep on or elevate some of the very same people from then in his own administration? What does it say when Obama relies upon the advice from a person who heads up a corporation that is the poster child for avoiding taxes and outsourcing jobs (GE) to help develop policies to bring jobs back?

    Say what you will about Romney while he was at Bain, but his handling of the Salt Lake City Olympics is worthy of consideration.

  2. Dennis,

    I did not say that. What I said was that I agree in principle with Mike with regard to Reagan and Clinton and further stated that both Clinton and Reagan enjoyed reasonable success because they surrounded themselves with good people and listened to them.

    On a side note, my take-home pay increased noticeably due to the Reagan tax policies. I was making about mid-five figures at the time. Not only that, but the company I worked for at the time (a company that supplied after-market products and test equipment for laser printers) saw a substantial increase in business.

  3. Dennis,

    I won't argue that having a President that was starting to suffer from Alzheimer's is scary. (IBM produced a "Presidential model" of its typewriter, it had no colon or memory.) My point was that Reagan, and Clinton, had the good sense to have good advisers and do what they suggested.

  4. Perhaps it's a lack of memory or simply "progressive" obfuscation on Kern's part but he neglected to mention the peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter, undoubtedly the worst president in my lifetime! Double digit inflation, unemployment and interest rates were his legacy to the American people when he was unceremoniously run out of Washinton D.C. on a rail. I know it's hard to believe, but those were not his low points. His mishandling of the Iranian hostage situation was a stain on the credibility and honor of the United States that lasts until today. Our present megalomanic neophyte in the White House fits that profile to a tee and has made America the "Paper Tiger" many foreign governments believed it to be. No one can trust the megalomanic neophyte when it comes to foreign affairs because he is weak and spineless! To save our children's and grandchildren's futures, we must rid ourselves of the megalomanic neophyte and his fellow travelers.

  5. "The only two presidents in the modern era with CEO experience were Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush..."

    Kerns -- Herbert Hoover was never a CEO, his pre-politics background was as a mining engineer and humanitarian. The U.S. economy tanked during his term largely because of the famed Wall Street Crash of 1929. Anyone can check that out @

    Otherwise I disagree with your premise -- it's career politicians and bureaucrats that got us into this mess and fight tooth and nail to preserve the status quo. For all practical purposes they're unaccountable. Try suing anyone in government to prove that.

    CEOs by the nature of their jobs tend to be the reverse -- turning a profit is a prime consideration, and they can be fired.

    Personally I'd like to see a small business person get the job. But they don't have the money to buy the office -- they're usually too busy just trying to survive the government parasites like the rest of us.

    "...Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people's money. It's quite a characteristic of them." -- Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in a TV interview for Thames TV "This Week" on Feb. 5, 1976

  6. Selling hamburgers and and Ipads doesn't mean you can run a country.
    Santorum thinks having sex outside of marriage and for non-procreative purposes is not appropriate in our society. But blowing up Iran is just fine. Just another kook wanting to live in the White House.

  7. Boftx

    You forgot to mention; look out for the local Republican club for mentioning Bill Clinton did a good job; otherwise thanks for the response. :)

  8. Saying pregnancy is not a "health issue" because it stemmed from a "choice" to have unprotected sex and risk getting pregnant is just as absurd as saying having lung cancer is not a "health issue" because it stemmed from a "choice" to smoke cigarettes and risk getting lung cancer. Pregnancy, just like lung cancer, is a "medical condition" and a "health issue" regardless of how the condition came to be. It's not a liberal issue.


    I don't want my President to behave like a CEO who is leading a business. My country is not a business; it is a country. My country should be run like a country, not like a business.

    I also don't want my President to make decisions as if he were the head of a family. My country is not a family, in this sense; it is a country. My country should be run like a country, not like a family.

    I want my President to be a President. Have a functional brain. Have a sense of fairness. Have a sense of toughness. Be grounded in reality. Know what you know, and just as importantly, know what you don't know. Believe to your core that the Constitution, and every word in it, is the only thing that must guide you in your actions as President. Leave your Bible in the hotel room drawer.


    Future, your post is full of blatant lies. For example, you said income tax rates increased under President Obama. No. They have not. Not one iota. To quote some irrelevant Republican congressman, "You lie!"


    Gogo - for someone who, despite your point of view, seems to be a proud American, you should be ashamed of yourself for referring to the President of the United States as a "mutt". If you don't see the blatant racism in such a slur, you really are hopeless.

  9. Regarding Rick Santorum's not-so-veiled accusations that Mitt Romney may have rigged yesterday's CPAC straw pool, Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul said, "Rick Santorum has a history of making statements that aren't grounded in the truth."

    I wasn't going to waste my time engaging gogowhitesox's "response" to my last post, but I really like that quote, so I'll use it. Gogowhitesox has a history of making statements that aren't grounded in the truth.

  10. Poll, not pool.

  11. Comment removed by moderator. - -

  12. I agree, both Clinton and Reagan were Governors, so both had experience, unlike our current president Kenyan Barack.

    Frank, you should read this about Navy Seals, they are not to impressed with your favorite person.

    You seem to be as much help to Obama as was his ex preacher, keep it up! I am sure the people of Mexican descent like you calling Mitt "Mexican Mitt". You do know Mitt and Barack have the same problem, both their fathers were not citizens of the USA, so calling one without calling the other is misleading. I am sure you do not want to mislead anyone or sound racist.

  13. Great research Mike. Hoover and Bush had two other similar characteristics:

    1. Both were very wealthy for their times.
    2. Both were very religious.
    3. Both believed that the victims of the recession were responsible for correcting the problems and bringing the country back to financial strength.

    Hoover did not believe the Government should help people because that was 'socialism'. Instead, he believed in 'self reliance' and waited for individuals, private organizations, charities and churches to help the population recover from the destruction of a reckless few. At the same time, fascism and communism in America began to pick up strength in membership.

    In Germany, the recession was particularly deep, and from 1929 to 1932, the Nazi party gained it's electoral strength.

    The reason that a responsible leader does not wait for an unorganized, penniless and uneducated public to correct the financial system is that Dictators often step in to do the correction. Hungry people don't wait for a specific method of recovery: a hot dog tastes the same no matter who offers it.

    Any large recession should be corrected as fast as possible and only an organized Government, working for the best interests of everyone can do that. FDR, not the Republicans, might have even saved Western Democracy, but that will always remain an argument.

  14. Three other similar characteristics....