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February 1, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

CBS anchor lacks objective reporting

Not long ago, I felt that CBS had solid journalistic integrity, but not anymore.

With nightly news anchor Scott Pelley pounding the airways with, “It’s the worst economic recovery we’ve ever seen,” my belief in his objective reporting is over.

Clearly Pelley can’t believe that, can he? It’s my belief that CBS has capitulated to big political money.

The absurdity of this statement speaks for itself.

From now on, I’ll get my nightly news elsewhere. Simply take a look at other modern times, the Great Depression era and even the Carter/Reagan era.

There is a reason we call our economic condition The Great Recession, but the worst economic recovery ever, really? My parents, born in 1914 and 1916, would have found this statement laughable.

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  1. I am inclined to think that objective reporting of anything relating to a political topic is non-existent today. Even CNN seems to be adding "color" to many of its stories.

    If you think CBS is going downhill, how about MSNBC or FOX?

    The AP wire is about the only service left that even resembles a real news source anymore.

  2. @boftx...

    "The AP wire is about the only service left that even resembles a real news source anymore."

    Ain't that the truth.
    'Journalism' & 'ethics'...once bound by an honor code, have become mutually exclusive.

    'The News' now has to be taken with a 'grain of salt'.

  3. Letter writer should read the government's forecasts about the existing economic malaise. Starting with the Congressional Budget Office. The CBO is non-partisan. It's outlook for next year and the next 5 years, if we have more of the same Obamanomics, is dismal and dire. In fact as CBS's Scott Pelley says: The worse since the Great Depression. If the CBO economic predictions are not enough to convince Americans not to vote for Obama, then nothing is.


  4. To clarify the point, the Great Depression lasted more than a decade with unemployment lingering at or above 25% for a long time. Unemployment during Carter-Reagan recession peaked at 10.5%. during the Reagan years. It took 7.5 years for unemployment to return to normal, about 5%. This was immediately followed by a sharp rise in unemployment under Bush 41 to about 7% with unemployment again returning to normal during Clinton's first term. The Great Recession began in 2007 under Bush 43 and so far peaked above 10% early in the Obama presidency. Given this historical background, the complexity of this Great Recession and the rancor of Congress this looks to be another eight to ten year unemployment problem and at this point it may not matter who is president. However, it will matter when it comes to how we resolve other major issues like education, health care, deficit reduction and worldwide competitiveness.

  5. President Obama had 2 full years of democratic control in both Houses of Congress. He wasted his political capital for his first two years by blaming Bush2, then wasted the next 2 years by blaming the GOP. He can't blame his predecessor and the GOP for his failed 4 years of Obamanomics. He's to blame. He's a failure as a leader and a failure as a policy maker.


  6. Leaders lead. Losers blame.


  7. Nice propaganda, TeaNutz...

    It's been a long slog, cleaning up the disaster that nearly ruined the USA.

    Considering the components of this disaster were UNPRECEDENTED, it's difficult to compare it's recovery to any other particular recovery...

    Of course, the Neo-Nuts of the right try mightily to foist everything off on President Obama, like he's the Congress, Senate, Military & entire U.S. body politic rolled into one person, and has at his disposal both the means to destroy and bring back the economy with a magic wand, if only he knew how to wield the darn thing...

    Good luck with the GaffeMan in November!
    Mr. Mittens Howell-Romney loses a little more of his tenuous grip even within his own party with each passing day!

  8. Richard Rychtarik,

    Thank you for the letter and the post at 8:51am. I was sick and tired of hearing that broadcast, "It's the worst economic recovery we've ever seen." As you point out the Great Depression was far worst with 25% unemployment and most peoples savings blown away. The Great Depression startd in 1929 and some economists claim didn't end until the late forties early fifties.

    Those crying Obama hasn't ended our recession are clueless what needs to be done and how long and deep some recessions usually last.

    Many economists believe the decline of the middle class started when Reagan began the ball rolling causing the disparity that now exists between the classes. Clinton signing NAFTA and killing the Glass Steagall Act was the two final nails in the coffin of middle class equity and the end of the "American Dream." Debt was the way to pay for everything and using ones home as collateral was very common. BANG! Then the bottom fell out, surprise, surprise. Those culprits who started it all? They skated away with billions in their pockets are still in control of the banks, which are now bigger than ever. Some are rigging the game with LIBOR, some are laundering drug cartel money, some are illegally tossing veterans out on the street, and some are financing Iran.

    Who cares? Nothing will be done about any off it because we have a sector of the population that lives in GAGA Land ignoring the hottest month, of the hottest year, in the hottest ten years recorded on this planet. "It's a trick to spend government money!", is their attitude. They would rather witch hunt American citizens who have a different religion than theirs while temps rise even higher.

  9. Jeff,

    I agree that the only time you should hear "Fox" and "News" in the same sentence is at a comedy club, but MSNBC doesn't rate any better. Take a look at what Politifact says about the person you say has more credibility in an hour than Fox has all year:

    Not exactly what I would call outstanding.

  10. Who is the true journalist at Fox? Sheppard Smith; being that he is out spoken and doesn't follow the daily email agenda, I suspect he won't be at Fox much longer.

  11. Oh, just about all the others, starting with those three clowns sitting on the couch in the morning, base their arguments on opinions. And if caught in a lie, "I never said Tiller the Baby Killer" won't openly acknowledge their mistake, or apologize for a doctored video.

    At least three polls over the last few years have shown Fox viewers to be the least informed and most misinformed people when it comes to current news. Even worst than those who do not watch news on television at all.

  12. One person's subjective is another person's gospel.

  13. Heretic - "So when Harry uses the filibuster he is a hero but when anybody else does it they are considered obstructionists"

    Using the filibuster is an issue very different from abusing that power. Used 60 to 70 times in one Congressional session isn't quite the same as abusing it 139, 134 or 120 times to stop goverment from fucntioning. All in an effort to deny Obama a second term which goes right back to the day of his innauguration and "We want him to fail!" The GOP/Tea Party would rather damage the country and our economy than to allow Obama any form of success. That is a fact!

    What will you people do if Democrats act the same when it is their turn to be the minority party? When they undermine a Republican president and congress will you run around with your hair on fire as you've been doing for the last 4 years?

    I want to see Mitt Romney's birth certificate, I heard he's a Mexican national smuggled across the border, born into a polygamist non Christian family.

  14. This is a Depression, not a recession and it is worse than the last one..
    Think of the number (43 million? I read) on foodstamps and consider that Soup Lines
    Think of the "creative math" the government uses to measure things like inflation..and apply it to the "unemployment" figures. Most experts say the unemployment is above 15-20%.
    Homeless: 100 kicked out of camp in Oregon today..former workers..not drunks or druggies
    Foreclosures..and the list goes on and on
    Obama believed this was a "recession" and typically a "recession" lasts 18 months and self corrects so he attended to other things..and was poised to take the credit when the "natural, historical correction" took place..
    He wanted the glory..he should get the blame
    Obama connects with the "average" because he is "average."

  15. I feel that all of the politicians have lost sight of what is needed to improve our nation. Yes, I said our nation. We all live here and our citizens need to be represented by people who understand that we are are all equals. Some people are not "more equal" than the rest of the citizens. Corporations and businesses need to pay their fair share, too. The workplace adage of "TEAM" ** TOGETHER, EACH ACHIEVES MORE is fitting in today's society. If we spent half of the time and energy trying to improve the economy that is spent fighting about why the "other side" is wrong, imagine what could be done. The so called leaders in both political parties are acting like children on a playground: name calling, lying and not letting others play with their toys.