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February 1, 2015

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j. patrick coolican:

Six questions I’d like to ask Mitt Romney

J. Patrick Coolican

J. Patrick Coolican

I can’t make it to this morning’s Mitt Romney event in North Las Vegas, but here are some questions I’m hoping the assembled media will ask him:

1. Your economic plan includes a 20 percent across-the-board cut in marginal tax rates. You’ve promised to increase defense spending and not cut entitlement programs for the elderly. As you know, roughly 60 percent of the federal budget is defense, Social Security, Medicare and interest on the debt. You’ve declined to specify which programs you would cut or which tax deductions and loopholes you would eliminate.

How is it possible that your economic program won’t increase the deficit, as you’ve promised?

2. During the eight years of the presidency of George W. Bush, American incomes declined, poverty increased, the number of Americans without health insurance soared, the federal budget deficit and debt grew, and when he left office, the economy was losing 700,000 jobs per month. Bush’s economic policy was to cut taxes, as he did in 2001 and 2003, and limit new regulations on energy and financial services and other sectors.

Let’s be fair and say Bush can’t be blamed entirely for the financial crisis and that there’s more to the economy than a set of government policies. Still, it seems reasonable to ask: Where did Bush’s policies go wrong? And how are your policies substantially different than his?

3. The Tax Policy Center, which your campaign noted for its “objective, third-party analysis” during the Republican primary campaign, recently released a paper saying your tax plan — cutting marginal income tax rates and paying for it by eliminating deductions and loopholes — would require tax increases on the middle class. The analysis goes like this: Eliminating tax loopholes and deductions and so forth doesn’t produce enough money to pay for the large cost of tax cuts, especially on upper incomes. Your campaign has attacked the analysis for failing to incorporate your own more optimistic economic growth assumptions that you say will come from cutting corporate tax rates, also paid for by reducing loopholes and deductions.

Will you release a more detailed analysis disproving the Tax Policy Center’s conclusion?

4. What would be the consequences, both good and bad, of an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities? Please include economic, geo-political and humanitarian consequences.

5. Has the “War on Drugs” been successful? If so, what’s to explain the steady and even increasing use among teenagers of marijuana and prescription drugs for recreational purposes despite hundreds of billions of dollars spent during the past several decades? If it hasn’t been successful, why not and what would you do about it?

6. What has been your effective federal tax rate for each of the past 10 years? You paid an effective rate of 13.9 percent on your 2010 income; if your tax rate was similar in prior years, do you think it’s just and fair that your tax rate has been lower than many middle-class Americans?

P.S. Yes, I’ll have questions for the other guy the next time he’s in town.

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  1. Very good questions that every voter should be asking as well.

    It is our responsibility to be informed voters, and that means asking questions and expecting answers from the candidates for elective office in both parties.

  2. Well said, Peacelily...

    I would PAY to see Coolican sit down with Thurston Howell-Rmoney and ask him these very questions!

  3. "I'll answer those questions when I'm the President!"

    I'm sure you could ASK those questions, Mr. Coolican, but it just reminds me of one of Nevada's worst general election candidates in history, Sharron "I'll answer those questions when I'm the Senator!" Angle.

    This is a page directly out of her playbook, after all.

  4. I would defer those questions to Nancy Pelosi. Same Answer

  5. @Mfish, Nancy is not running for the Presidency!!!

  6. Good questions but even if they are asked of Mr. Romney, he'll beat around the bush with a bunch of words and in the end, not answer any of them.

    @Emma Betscher: Nancy Pelosi is not the one to ask these questions!! Last I heard, she was not the one running for President! Romney is!!

  7. TeaBAGS so full of hot air. YAWN.

  8. Good luck getting any straight or detailed answers. I'd ask him the following question.

    What caused the Great Recession and what role did Capitalist Greed and lax Government Regulation play?

  9. You know my friend: President Obama has almost taken up residence here. Why not ask him his list during any of his last 3 visits. All your questions can be answered easily: "history", look, Bush was faced with 9-11, Katrina, the floods in the mid west, Haiti, and he was faced with a dem congress from 2006 forward. Every bill that came forward for any of these events had pork attached. (He needed a "line item veto" to stop it.) Did you read the quarterly reports for the company that owns 10 major casinos in this valley? Losses of 145 million dollars. I hope you ask where the shovels are. I was proud the night this president was elected..but seeing him in action, if he hung with my crowd, he'd be known as a hustler. He has taken his job as words, not deeds. On top of the real estate in this valley, a new sales tax in the "affordable care act" depreciates the property even more, the death tax decreases the family inheritance by 50+%. I have to love the ALL GOVERNMENT student loans, now making those interest rates a vote in our Congress every year, already one vote has happened. (Think about a 5% loan being adjusted to 10% for a student with a hundred thousand dollar loan.) With you and your pencil, we don't need MSNBC, or do we? You are a mouth piece. Ask: What regulations do we need to get rid of. Ask how long should a law go out so a company can plan ahead and know what is for certain. Get his opinion on Japan and their economy over the last 10 years. Bain Capitol is publicly traded. You can find a lot in their filings if you want to know from beginning of Mitts start, but what if Mitt spent a few million covering up his life. What if his statement was.."I just had my "tax records" sealed".

  10. Hey J. Patrick- Why don't you ask the same questions to Obama when he is here next week- along with Why is unemployment even higher than when he took office, Why is the deficit quadrupled, and Why are you so secretive about your past history that you have your college legal records sealed from the public's eyes? Stop being a patsy hypocrite for the liberals and do some actual unbiased reporting, Cooligan.