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January 28, 2015

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Stop the fear mongering

Do you still own your guns and Bibles? Did the government take your weapons to arm President Barack Obama’s secret military? Are communists in control of our government? Did Obama ban right-wing radio? Did Obama really cancel the National Day of Prayer? Is President Obama truly the Antichrist?

These are just a few of the scenarios presented by fear-mongering Republicans in 2008. Why do these blatantly false rumors continue to circulate? It’s very simple: The GOP can offer no policies other than to cut taxes, ban abortions, and strip the elderly and the poor of what little they have.

In November 2008, Susan Eisenhower wrote the following:

“People who share traditional Republican values have nothing to fear from Sen. Obama.

“We have had many chapters in American history when fear has gotten the better of us and ‘guilt by association’ or ‘guilt by race, ethnicity or gender’ has prevailed. But we must be better than that. In today’s fractured and challenging times, spreading false rumors is not only divisive, it is downright dangerous. We will only survive if we pull together and unite as a nation.”

The truth behind her commentary couldn’t be better stated.

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  1. More nonsense and erratic points of view.

  2. Maybe the bible carrying gun owners should put down the gun and read what's in the damn book once in a while.

  3. The title to Vernos letter should have been 'Stop the Fear Mongering on Both Sides' because each side does it, too many of us participate and it damages all of us.

    Many Americans intuitively know that we could solve our immigration issues, we could reign in our spending, we could re-write the income tax code to make it more fair and so everyone pays something and we could do all the other things we need to do. They also know it would be tough to do these things and we'd disagree on how to do them.

    My fear and that of a growing number of Americans I think, isn't a fear of President Obama or a President Romney. It is instead a gnawing fear that neither man will lead and take the big steps needed to right our economy and our nation.

    We have a President and a candidate that are doing what Vernos and others on both sides do; tell us that we are all doomed if 'fill in the blank' is elected President. NO! We are doomed no matter who is elected President if we give in to the fear mongering and allow Congress to remain an armed camp and not compromise.

    Another term of Obama will be a disaster if Congress remains deadlocked. A first term of Romney will be a disaster if Congress remains deadlocked. We've already had former President Bush be frustrated with Congress and therefore work to expand executive power and now we have Obama doing so. Romney will do it too if he becomes President and Congress remains deadlocked.

    I lean more right than left, especially economically so I favor Romney, but if he isn't going to 'lead' and to me that means 'compromise to get stuff done, I don't want him. You can argue all you want that Obama has compromised but sorry... neither side has compromised enough.

    We ... all of us need to stop fear mongering, show our frustration and anger at both sides for getting little of consequence done and we need to demand much better from our President and our Congress.

    If we don't, the fear mongerers will be partly correct, only the fall we take won't be because we selected A or B, it will be because we allowed both A and B to place themselves above what is best for the country and all of us.


  4. Vernos,

    More one-sided pablum from you. Honestly, you have not been truthful with us, and more importantly, you have not been truthful with yourself. My only hope for our society is that there are fewer of your ilk rather than more.


  5. Dennis,

    Good for you and yes I agree that more people should get involved. However, voting wisely and not via the fear mongering done by both sides is also important. As I've said in the past regarding Congress, vote R or D as you like, but when the incumbent comes up for re-election, ignore it when he or she says I could not get anything done due to the other side, and vote for someone else. The claim may be true but if we re-elect these people, we ensure we'll get the same excuse next time.


  6. So much of the media coverage is misguided and lacks priority. Like covering various Senators spouting about Secret Service problems. Give them a chance to deal with it internally before covering, over and over and over, the same noisy Senators outraged and demanding explanations. Ya think while you're talking to the Senators you could ask why they can't get around to DOING THEIR JOBS? Like ENDING deficit spending. Paying down the national debt. Securing our borders. Expelling illegals. Dealing with employers of 7 million illegals in non-agricultural jobs. That last one would SOLVE THE U.S. UNEMPLOYMENT ISSUE. And that would allow our economy to recover. Stop expecting us to forfeit our retirements, net worth, and futures for our children and grandchildren because you want to play big daddy to the "world."

  7. Enjoyed the letter, Vernos. You nailed it.

    But Tea/Republicans all throughout this great nation only have that to work with. They love to fearmonger. And if they can't fearmonger, then they will just buy the elections to put their knuckleheads in power.

    But there is one thing they don't have.

    They don't have the message.

    They clearly don't stand up for the average everyday working people.

    THIS is what will lead to the Republican Party coming back down to the earth and practicing the conservatism they are known for.

    THIS will help them to remove this stupid Tea Party infection with the impossible-to-attain Ayn Rand ideals and their idiocy of taking their country back....taking it back to somewhere around 1809.

    The Tea/Republican message is foul smelling. It offers me nothing. It offers no one I know of anything that's worth something of any value at all. It only focuses on the rich, the filthy rich and the wannabe rich. NOBODY ELSE.

    Get ready for a spanking on November 6, 2012. All indications show this current formation of the Tea/Republican Party is going to go the way of the Edsel.

    Everything they have recently done is boot people away from them.

    First, it's Latinos. They expend more effort on painting them all, even the American citizens, as illegal immigrants. To fit their dumb message to scare white people.

    And women? Oh my God! For a woman to vote for a Tea/Republican is the same thing as a deer asking for an extension to hunting season. Not gonna happen.

    And just yesterday, it's students. Tea/Republicans want them to pay more and more and more and more for college so that they can languish and languish and languish in splendor more and more and more and most and most. This stance shows they don't want education. They want for America to fail, all in order so they can make money, and screw everybody else.

    Tea/Republicans only care about themselves. Nobody else.

  8. Fellow Commenters,

    As I have stated previously, my only hope for our society is that there are fewer of your (Vernos) ilk rather than more.

    Jeff and Colin and their total lack of logic, reason, and understanding coupled with extreme vitriol cause me to lose hope.


  9. bchap, Your post response pertaining to the letter writers comments. Shows your independence as a person who votes for the person and not necessarily the party.Independent thinking and voting is a clear way as to not have to respond to name calling and placing one's full support for a particular party. After all, what we all want is for a prosperous and healthy America for all it's people. Choice is a great thing to have.

  10. Lmao, your article should be directed at the liberals. Liberals seek nothing more than to further their sick agenda along with feeding their mindless trolls rhetoric dung with fear mongering.

  11. Here we have the "kettle calling the pot black." What have the Dumbocrats to offer the American public besides fear? Osama Obama cannot run on his record and win so we see little discussion on that score from him and his fellow travelers. It's all about nonsense. Mitt was correct when he called it, "distraction, deflection and distortion." Keep up the good work in Crook County, IL., dipstick. We all know how well politics works there. The dead vote early & often in Crook County. Corruption and greed wins the day in Crook County. We certainly have enough of that in our politics, we don't need to import more from Crook County, IL.

  12. CarmineD - "Romney will win. House will remain GOP. Senate will pick up 10 more GOP seats from the Dems giving GOP the Senate too. History making legislation will pass in the first two years with bi-partisan support reforming tax system and entitlements. Gas prices will go down."

    If you actually believe that, you are setting yourself up for a HUGE disappoinment. With complete control and the war mongering attitude by right wingers, I can guarantee we will be involved in another war and our foreign relationships will regress to the Bush days. Oil prices will rise if we attack Iran or Yemen. If anything close to the Ryan budget is passed there will be civil unrest, you can bank on it.

    Wheh you people begin to realize our economy shifted from manufacturing to banking, then, and only then can it be fixed. What happened in Europe can be attributed to American banks dumping toxic asstes in those banks.

    With the help of SCOTUS by passing Citizens United, we are losing our democracy to plutocracy.

    1. the rule or power of wealth or of the wealthy.
    2. a government or state in which the wealthy class rules.
    3. a class or group ruling, or exercising power or influence, by virtue of its wealth.

  13. Vernos, the letter writer states "With the help of SCOTUS by passing Citizens United, we are losing our democracy to plutocracy.
    1. the rule or power of wealth or of the wealthy.
    2. a government or state in which the wealthy class rules.
    3. a class or group ruling, or exercising power or influence, by virtue of its wealth."

    The title of Vernos' letter is 'Stop the Fear Mongering' yet he practices it himself. Double-standard Vernos?

  14. "This is my last election ... After my election I have more flexibility," - President Obama

    That all by itself is more than enough cause for fear. I am starting to wonder if Presidents should be limited to only a single term in order to stop this. Allow them to serve twice, but not consecutive terms.

  15. There have been 47 recessions. One great recession. The current one. We have a mature economy with an aging population. The 3% to 4% GDP growth that Mr. Freeman wants will be hard to come by. Construction needs to pick up dramatically for that to happen. In addition we have an entitlement explosion due to retiring baby boomers and millions lining up for Medicaid because they cant afford our ludicrous medical prices.
    Pisces41...your 0409 post is one of the best I have seen. Over a million gun deaths in the last 40 years and god knows how much in wasted medical dollars on those killed and injured.
    Violence is a partial cause of our reduced life expectancy and the average gunshot wound cost 17K with 40% of victims uninsured. Gun owners SHOULD read the bible and take a break from shooting each other.

  16. Anyone who thinks a president can change the economic variables that I have noted above is dreaming. Every developed country is suffering from entitlement issues and slower than trend growth.
    If Mccain and Palin were in the big house the numbers would be roughly the same. If Romney gets in the trends will continue. This is a 40-50 year problem and will end when the baby boomers croak and medical cost containment is reached.

  17. zippert1,

    If I am not mistaken, heart disease is the number one killer in our country. Based on my own experience I would guess the average cost for a blocked artery to be between $100k and $200k. It may sound cynical, but $17k is a bargain in some respects.

  18. CarmineD - "The Dems will suffer their worst defeat in the history of their political party in Nov 2012."

    You missed my point, maybe I didn't express it well enough. It wasn't about winning the White House and Congress, my point was about the after effects if that occured.

    Republicans haven't changed their agenda in forty years. Why would anyone believe they wouldn't do exactly what they've done before? They didn't learn from the 1929 Great Depression and this great recession is almost parallel to what Wall St. did in 1929.

    The right isn't conservative. Conservatism by definition would be preserving or maintaining what is, status quo. A better word would be regressive, attempting to return to those days prior to 1930.

  19. If you equate illness due to the aging process with youngsters blowing each other to pieces than I agree with you. Hospitals have to deal with so many gunshot wounds they have gotten good at it and do it at a reasonable cost. Do we really want to deal with and pay for tens of thousands of gunshot wounds a year. Some say yes. I say waste of money.
    There have only been a couple million jobs outsourced in the last 15 years. Not a huge issue.
    A bigger issue. America is a VERY expensive place to live. Our economy is over 70% consumption and it drives the economic engine. People need good $$$$ to be able to afford $2500.00 Apple Powerbooks and $70K Cadillac's. My first car was a 73 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ 455. Cost About 6K. My wife's BMW more than a house.
    Serious wealth creation doesn't even begin until families make over $250K. This according to the medical industry which sues millions of folks. If companies want our consumers to buy the crap they make they better start coughing up the big $$$$$$$$$$.
    You save in labor outsourcing to China but high unemployment and stagnant wage growth reduces aggregate consumption. Walmart came out with 4 buck generic drugs years ago because people were leaving the store after getting prescriptions filled.They are a victim of medical cost inflation. Not good for business. They have thousands of items to move.

  20. The only goods that many (most?) people can afford anymore are the ones on Walmart shelves imported from China. Until something is done to increase the demand for American labor in manufacturing we are true and welly screwed.

    I have seen nothing from Obama that addresses this. The trade agreements he has put through benefit our "partners" immediately but provisions that may help us won't kick in for five years.

    One of the reasons I liked Huntsman was he has extensive knowledge of our relations with China. I'd really like to see Romney pick him for VP, it might get my vote if he did.

  21. When I was studying Econ at UCLA in the late 70s when we were just starting to lose the garment and steel businesses primarily on the east coast. The prevailing wisdom was that those losing jobs would go back to school, learn modern skills and re enter the labor force at high wage rates.
    Never really happened. These regions are still suffering 35 years later. Crime, poverty and welfare have taken the place of these industries. The fact that low paying service jobs have became the nations largest explains the welfare explosion. Welfare is income based.
    With the average Walmart worker making 11 bucks an hour its no wonder they have 300,000 getting welfare assistance. Welfare has closed the wage and benefit gap that the private sector used to handle.

    Many companies are already starting to talk about coming back. Statistics like the one above scare the hell out of big business. Expensive items need the American consumer. Without us the are KAPUT.

  23. Name one business leader that supports Romney that has said he would hire a SINGLE worker if Romney gets in.
    Demand is lax. People don't have money. No need to hire millions of workers.

  24. Jeff,

    Weak, very weak. The opposite of your and your ilk is not a right wing nut. Sorry, we libertarian/conservative types don't all lead with Planned Parenthood, The Bible, guns, and the like. Weak.


    p.s. As I have asked Vernos multiple times - the main event that has depressed wages in the US was millions of unskilled women entering the labor force. Regardless of societal benefit, what do we do about that? There Jeff, et al., since Vernos has ignored me, take a shot.

  25. You are correct but we should make SOMETHING. I had a SRT Charger and got rid of it when I found out the engine was made in Mexico and Body in Canada. We can't even make our own muscle cars anymore.
    At least my wife's X5M is put together in Spartenburg SC.
    You have to buy German to get something made here. Something perverse about that.
    A great day to all!!!!

  26. I'm not sure where Jeff sees a "false equivalency" in my statement.

    I have for years, decades even, called for a new tariff structure. Unfortunately, we (and now China) are part of the WTO and our hands are tied.

    My position is this: no amount of service sector jobs can make up for the loss of manufacturing jobs. I'm not opposed to infrastructure jobs, but it must be realized that construction jobs by definition are temporary. (And please, it is simple to check how much of the stimulus was spent on infrastructure, not nearly enough!)

    One of my major complaints about Obama is that about one month after he was sworn in he said not only are manufacturing jobs not going to come back, but that we did not need or want them to come back. Not only was that a terrible thing to say at the time, but it shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the root causes of the Great Recession.

  27. Such a short letter to the editor, with only 197 words, has generated more than 8100 words of fuss-bucket-n-ruckus-comments? I'd post something myself, but I can't see the point in doing so.

  28. I ca save those on the left and those on the right a lot time. Take your five best arguments for or against the current administration and paste them in a word document. Then just wait for the Las Vegas Sun to post a one sided opinion and BOOM! Cut and paste and you're done for the day. The same people make the same argument ad nauseam.

    If you read the name of the person writing the comment, you don't need to waste time reading it. There is little new information and everyone has usually already heard/read it through various news sources. Party politics is works like religion and there is little chance of converting anyone no matter how ridiculous you think their ideas are. If you can't convince a human that a snake and a donkey didn't talk, what on earth makes you think you can change their political views?

  29. @dukeofdeath - what snake and donkey was that?

  30. I want to augment my point about Obama's open-mic gaffe.

    When he was a candidate in 2008 he said that he was against NAFTA to an extent. At the same time his aide was in Canada telling that government that what Obama said was not his true position. (You can Google this to verify it. It was widely reported.)

    Also, again as a candidate, he said he would vote against the Patriot Act. In reality, he voted for it when it came before the Senate again.

    Since becoming President he has signed bills that greatly increase the power of the office of the President. Notably, the recent defense spending bill with its provisions.

    In short, in many respects Obama has been Bush Lite. This leaves a taste in one's mouth that is not much different than Busch Light and very disappointing coming from one who campaigned on "Hope and Change."

    If Obama is like this in his first term, what will he be like if he gets a second and has "more flexibility" as he put it? If not fear, this is certainly cause for concern.

  31. You know, everyone has an opinion about the way things are done and have been done by both sides of the political line. But, our opinions have been about the SMOKE SCREENS both sides have used to cover up the ROOT CAUSE of our country's current woes and the woes of the world:


    After researching, reading, and looking at the facts related to the decisions that have been made "for the people," - it's all based on preserving the PETRODOLLAR.

    Everything that has happened since 1973, can be traced back to the creation of the Petrodollar.

    Read about it. Open your minds to the fact that we have all been duped. A huge wave of change is coming, and the US will either find a way to preserve its status, (which is usually by war) or we are in for a HUGE tsunami shift in our way of life.

  32. @dukeofdeath - oh, you mean Genesis 3 and Numbers 22, now I get it... took me a moment to rack my brain.

  33. No problems, Jeff. I had something else in the back of my mind when I wrote that opening sentence. My mistake for that, it seems.

  34. Vernos,

    You are so sure about what the 'right wing' will do if R's gain control again. What about the fact that neither the right or the left have any detailed and concrete plan to deal with a 15.5 trillion dollar debt and spending that continually outpaces tax revenues by over 1 trillion dollars every year? Doesn't that worry you? It worries me!


  35. You can see just how silly the fear-mongering is from *all* sources by looking at how the President and the Republican candidates compare at Political Compass (you might be surprised!):

    I bring this up because there is little basis (if the test is reasonable) for drawing major distinctions between Obama and others. If anything, the chart underscores why a vote of "None of the above" is a reasonable choice if one wishes to express their opinion of where we are at today.

    I also suggest that you take the test for yourself:

    Here is where I scored (which I'm sure will surprise some of you.):

  36. Being a politician shouldn't be a career. They should make everyone take apptitude tests and serve one year terms in these positions depending upon their scores. Mandatory like Jury Duty. All these comments are crap. Get lives people.

  37. Jeff,

    Thanks for posting your results. If you are not that much different from many on the left, it is no wonder that many Democrats are unhappy with Obama.

    The only real surprise is why the Democrats haven't told Obama to stand down and let Hillary take it this year. Imagine how they would react if someone started a serious campaign based on Obama being almost politically indistinguishable from Romney? Now *that* would be fear-mongering with some truth in it.

  38. Jeff,

    I would never even think to imply that you would vote for Romney! Hell, I have no intention of voting for him as it stands (but if he picked Huntsman for VP the though would cross my mind.)

    I was only saying that I think most Democrats who think like you would like to see someone other than Obama carrying the Democrat flag this November. I know that I would vote for Hillary in a heartbeat unless Teddy Roosevelt or Ike were running against her.

    As it stands now, I am firmly in the "None of the above" camp. (Though I might have voted for Obama if Santorum was the Republican choice. He is truly scary.)

  39. "PRESIDENT OBAMA is easily the best president in
    our lifetime." - teamster

    Only if you were born after Clinton left office. Personally, it is a toss-up between Ike and Clinton for my lifetime. (JFK and Reagan get honorable mentions for second place.)

  40. "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." - Sinclair Lewis, 1935.

    Guns and Bibles go together seamlessly. The Nazi Government was a Church & State affair, where religious ceremonies, like praying before battles, were part of the Government philosophy.

    Quote after quote from Hitler's speeches made him sound quite like an Evangelical, as they supported family values, hard work and religion. Those were the Fascist standards in Europe, along with building up the military. Germany was 40% Catholic and 55% Protestant in 1939, but Peace was to come after victory, not Sunday school.

    Romney said last year, "God wants America to lead, not follow". They he said he would build up the military. He tells us what god wants and is ready to obey god using the US Military (like Bush).

    It's not fear mongering to say that social services like the Dept of Education, Dept of Housing and Urban Development, Medicare and Social Security will be scavenged or terminated to pay for a military build up, because Romney is working for god. Romney's god needs guns, bombs and lots of troops.

    A person who believes god has sent them to save America is someone to be feared because the god they pray to has no more power in this Universe than a fast fart in a high wind.

  41. I love Houston Jack's post. Typical GOP argument, cherry-picking the facts that suit him. Attention guy: people are on to you.

    I'll start with the way you ignore the argument at hand (did Obama do all the evil things we were warned about?) and launch into a list of his "failures". Except your list is bogus.

    Camapaigning for re-election two years into his term? The campaign to unseat him started two years before that.

    Recession? Do you happen to recall when the recession started? Bush let the financial industry go wild for 8 years and destroy the economy, and you call Obama to task for not fixing it in 3?

    Business investment not back up to 2007? Are we skipping over 2008?

    Class warfare? Taxing billionaires at the same rate as their secretaries is not class warfare.

    I could go on, but there's no point. You're in love with your own dogma. Not even the impending Obama landslide (and trust me, Romneydroid hasn't the credibility to be elected dogcatcher at this point) will shake your faith in his "failure". Me, I have to go and sign up for insurance, something I can only do because of one of Obama's "failures".