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February 26, 2015

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Occupy Las Vegas movement finds spot to set up camp


Steve Marcus

Protesters hold signs during an Occupy Las Vegas protest on the Las Vegas Strip on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011. The protest was held in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York and in other parts of the United States.

Updated Friday, Oct. 21, 2011 | 3:11 p.m.

Occupy Las Vegas demonstrators

A woman who identified herself as Janelle K. holds up a sign during an Occupy Las Vegas protest on the Las Vegas Strip Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011. The protest was held in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York and in other parts of the U.S. Launch slideshow »

Occupation site

After negotiations with the county, the Occupy Las Vegas movement has found a fixed home and plans to start camping out today on a lot at the northwest corner of Tropicana Avenue and Paradise Road.

The group signed papers Friday morning to formalize the agreement with the county and started moving onto the site at 2 p.m., said organizer Gina Sully, who made the announcement.

“This is (our) first occupation parallel to Occupy Wall Street,” Sully said this morning.

The group has held marches in Las Vegas — including on the Strip and downtown — to protest corporate greed and the influence of money in politics.

"This space is what Zuccotti Park is to the original protesters in New York," Johnathan Abbinett, one the members who helped secure the location, said in a news release. "We require very little to get our voices heard, but a secure place to practice our first amendment rights is crucial. I hope this location will allow more citizens to participate in our movement. People are already calling it Occupy Park."

The lot where the group will set up is six to eight acres with space for protesters to sleep. The group had been fighting restrictions on sleeping in public places.

Sully said the group has more than 2,000 members. “We’ve had well over 1,000 people at each of the last three marches,” she said.

Sully said she can’t put a number on how many occupiers might be camped out Friday night because most will be coming and going.

The agreement allows the group to occupy the location for up to 30 days, around the clock. Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin said there also is a list of conditions that must be met.

“They have to have Porta Potties and trash cans and Dumpsters,” Kulin said. “(They can’t start) fires and cannot build any building structures.”

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  1. The Occupy protesters are the problem. I wonder how many of them are drawing unemployment, how many are not employable and how many lack the skill, training and experience. When times are good everyone is fine, but when the economy takes a dump, by circumstance caused by all, its time to protest. Protest is not the solution, solution are don't at the polls. I you survey these protesters, many would vote for Obama. I still say the Occupy protest is funded by the democratic party. It to distract America from the real issues, unemployment, foreclosures, and a extreme weak economy. Obama America Jobs Act is not different from the jobs bills of the past, it just cost more.

  2. Express445, I am one of those protesters you stereotyped. I am a parent with a small child who is gainfully employed, I didn't vote for Obama, and I don't work for a union. Occupy LV is a very diverse group and I would encourage you to come down and walk among us and see for yourself vs. relying on the media to influence how you perceive us.

    Heretic, that intersection is highly visible, and how it's maintained will go just as far at improving people's perception of us as anything we say or put on a protest sign. OccupyLV has tried to work with everyone from the county commissioners to Metro PD and it's an approach that has worked well. Now I'm not speaking on behalf the group, just myself here, but I know many of us want to leave a good impression.

    And RefNV, when you have a group covering 99% of the population you will get all types. Just because she believes that way doesn't mean the rest of us do, but we respect her right to think the way that she does.

  3. Maybe these folks should consider the following:

    Wall street didn't pass any of the legislation that bailed out the banks, the car companies or the unions and which subsequently hurt their retirement accounts.

    Wall street didn't pass any of the legislation which lowered Social Security reimbursements to doctors and hospitals which makes their health care more expensive and harder to find.

    Wall street didn't take any money from lobbyists, special interests and unions to buy your votes.

    Wall street didn't sanction Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Reserve or have any say in their operation.

    Wall street didn't pass Obama Care which has resulted in more expensive and less health care, more regulation and fewer choices.

    Wall street didn't increase the cost of medicine by preventing the fifty states from shopping for prescription medicines across state lines or across borders into Canada, etc.

    Wall street didn't pass TARP I or II, stimulus I, II or now III spending more money than all previous congresses or administrations combined.

    Wall street hasn't raised our national debt to levels that can never be paid back. Wall street didn't write the tax code that you find so objectionable and wall street didn't' send any US forces to foreign lands, give any funds to foreign governments, borrow your future and that of generations to come from China, India, Japan and other countries.

    Wall street didn't establish, fund, regulate or control the EPA which stymies energy development & production or commercial growth; wall street didn't establish, fund, regulate or control the Dept. of Education which spends enough to send every child to Harvard with the poorest results or the dozens of other ineffective and even destructive agencies and departments that waste money, make life difficult and restrict freedom.

    Wall street aren't the ones telling you want you want to hear and changing their message for each constituent group.

    In lieu of listing the hundreds of other items that are pertinent I'll just get to the point.... WHO DID?

    The elected representatives of the US House of Representatives which by Constitutional law are the only body tasked and permitted to spend taxpayers funds, the US Senate which by Constitutional law is the only body tasked and permitted to offer consent and advice to the House of Representatives and the Executive Branch or the Executive Branch which is the only one of the three branches of government tasked with and permitted to sign into law or veto legislation.

    While both political parties share the responsibility for their actions: What party has been in power for over 80% of the time since all this legislation was passed and these departments and agencies were created?

    The Democrat Party.

    And who elected these politicians in both parties? YOU DID!

    It seems to me voting is more productive than demonstrating.

  4. Brass, we will be briefly "occupying" voting booths as well as we are encouraging voter registration.

  5. I'm curious: where do I go to sign up to camp for free on County-owned land? If a homeless guy tries to sleep/camp on county lands, he'd get tossed off. But we're going to allow these malcontents to live there for free?

  6. Is there any chance of posting a copy of the agreement with the story? Who is paying for the services that will need to be provided for?

    I can see one immediate problem: every homeless person in the area is going to flock there since they will have a place to camp for 30 days and can't be rousted. Granted, every homeless person probably fully supports the movement anyway.

  7. The stereotyping tells me that people don't read. Many of the OccupyLV people are gainfuly employed, are not with or funded by a union, and all they want is to change the direction America is going.

    Yes, it really is that simple.

  8. <<Yes, the 99 weeks of unemployment checks you received>>

    That is NOT what the "99" stands for.

  9. I'm sure all the negative and nasty comments from the majority of posters here about this group and why they are protesting was the same sentiment coming from King George and Parliament about the "rebels in the colonies" back in the day (albeit different phrasing but nastiness all the same. And maybe arrogance mixed in with a little naivete thinking the colonists are nobodies and what are they going to accomplish.)

    It all had to start somewhere, didn't it? And we all know what happened.

  10. I love it --- a few folks out in a lot and folks are threatened by them. spectacular. why you worried, fellas? if it's no big deal just ignore them. Oh yeah --- someone put you in charge of judgment. Sorry. I forgot.

    A proud 99er

  11. As I've said elsewhere, to attack the people making a claim rather than attacking the factual content of the claim is what logicians call the ad hominem fallacy, and it's just plain old bad reasoning.

    Here are some facts: The Occupy Las Vegas movement pays its own way; although we accept donations from members and sympathetic community members, we aren't taking any tax money or anything from anyone who doesn't offer it to us. Many of us are spending our own hard-earned money to ensure that we all have what we need to get through the occupation.

    Many of us are gainfully employed, although others have lost jobs and businesses during the downturn in the economy. Finding a job isn't as simple as some people like to make it seem. Remember, this is an economic climate in which businesses are refusing to hire those who do not currently have a job. See this article from Time magazine--hardly a hotbed of left-wing propaganda, by the way. (

    OLV has a mission statement. In that document, the group outlines what it is agitating for. It's available here: Click on the button in the upper right corner. In a large group that draws from all positions in the political spectrum, unanimity of purpose is rare. Yet we have managed to get unanimous agreement for this document.

    If you'd like to see what we're doing and how we operate, please join us at our pot luck dinner and General Assembly meeting on Thursday evening. Details will be posted on the website. I hope to see you there.