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February 1, 2015

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School Board OKs budget with at least 1,834 layoffs

Schools budget

KSNV coverage of Clark County School Board approval of budget including more than 1,800 layoffs, May 18, 2011.

The Clark County School District Board unanimously approved its fiscal 2012 budget on Wednesday, bridging a $407.4 million shortfall by laying off 1,834 school district employees.

The approved budget is based on updated tax revenue projections from Nevada’s Economic Forum expected to bring in $69.1 million more than originally estimated. If that money does not comes through, an additional 1,000 positions might have to be cut.

The School District also is seeking $166.5 million in concessions from its four unions — those representing teachers, support staff, administration and police. If concessions cannot be reached, another 2,477 positions would need to be eliminated.

Concessions include passing along half the cost of pension fund increases to employees, freezing step-wage increases, increasing employee health insurance payments by 20 percent and requiring workers to take nine unpaid furlough days.

As part of next year’s budget, the board is cutting 20 percent from the administrative department budgets and 50 percent from the school textbook and supply budgets. It would also increase class sizes by three students in elementary schools and two students in high schools.

The Clark County School District is the fifth largest in the country, employing 37,341 full-time, part-time, substitute and temporary employees.

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  1. Is this what you meant Sandoval by bringing jobs to Nevada? How can Republicans honestly believe that we can diversify our economy while at the same time gutting our educational system? My fellow parents of this state make me sick as they refuse to stand up for the future our kids. Taxes are bad but these cuts are much worse.

  2. Now we can see the direct impact of Sandoval's religious (and ridiculous) adherence to the "no tax" ideology. Sandoval's actions here have led to the elimination of 1,834 jobs. His promises to create jobs in Nevada are nothing more than pure, unadulterated lies.

    How many people will lose their homes because of this, further compounding the foreclosure crisis here?

    How many of these people will simply pick up and leave this state? When they do, who will pay the taxes that these teachers paid? Again, further compounding an already massive budget crisis.

    But Wal Mart, the Home Depot, and of course the Gamers and Miners will get to protect their profits.

    All the while, classrooms will swell with student to teacher ratios not seen anywhere else in the country, the remaining teachers here will face further pay reductions that are in reality a de facto tax on their jobs.

    And all the while corporations will be smiling all the way to the bank.

  3. Why not just give the parents Vouchers and shut down the School System? Privatize All City services
    and get rig of those pesky expensive employees. Then Republicans should be able to elininate Taxes for All and not just the wealthy and provide us all with incredible service.

  4. An extremely sad moment in Clark County history, stepping backwards into the future.

    The Nevada State Legislature failed to bring long needed TAX STRUCTURE REFORM and instead played a game of political chicken with the Governor, AND simply warred back and forth: Republicans versus Democrats. NOTHING but CUTS have been done.

    The good people of Nevada trusted their elected officials to serve their interests and welfare, and that trust has been violated.

    This is an example when government does not work. One can only imagine what the future will hold.

  5. In order to have the same size government Nevada had in 1978, 44,000 + people would need to be hired.Start an investigation immediately-we are being robbed. I suggest IT firms are gaining entry thru backdoors-possibly the Sarbanes-Oxley software mandated by the Bush Admin. after the Enron scandal.Check it out!

  6. So much for "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND"!!! I posted a couple of weeks ago about this EXACT consequence if the Governor had HIS way!
    I urge all Teacher's to get out now, while the getting is good. It will NEVER BE THIS GOOD AGAIN, EVER!!!
    We might live in a Desert, But this State is DROWNING in BS!!!
    The Review Journal reported YESTERDAY, that the State is Laying off Policemen, Firemen, and Ambulance workers. No Education, Police Force, Fire Fighters, or Medical Assistance Workers equal: Riots, Murders, Rapes, and all around Mayhem. Thanks Sandavol, and all the GREAT people of this State who truly believe these are over payed positions, that we really don't need!

  7. No Child Left Behind is failed Republican policy that needs to be ditched. If you are in favor of vouchers, why don't you really get serious and simply rewrite the child labor laws?

    We can end free public education at the 8th grade and streamline the movement of children into the labor market. We CAN be competitive in the world child labor manufacturing market; bring those third world sweatshops HOME!

  8. Unemploy thousands and Nevada families so that the Governor can continue to give foreign mining corporations tax breaks.

    There are hundreds of million of dollars in taxes not being collected because the Governor and the Republicans in the legislature spend the tae tax money contributed by Nevada's working families on foreign mining corporations. THATS why we have to unemploy thousands of Nevadans.

    Call your legislator at 1-800-978-2878 and DEMAND that the governor's budget, which preserves ALL of these tax breaks for Canadian and European mining corporations, paid for by Nevada's working families, be DUMPED!

  9. The down sizing has to be done,if anyone that is obviously overpaid by the government wants to contribute a part of their salary to help do so now or forever keep their opinion to themselves.

  10. Let's see, 1834 layoffs, with another possible 2477, could bring the total to 4311 layoffs!

    That should ripple thru the local economy nicely, with more foreclosures, less local spending, meaning the stores restaurants those workers used to visit will feel the effects, so they might layoff some of their employees, so figure 4311 CCSD employees and 50 peripheral jobs lost due to breaking economic chain......brings the total to around 5000 jobs lost.

    So Gov Sandoval really has an economic plan for Nevada: it's let mining rape the state and the rest can scrounge for crumbs.

    And look at all the high tech & manufacturing companies that are racing to put down roots in Nevada due to our low tax rate?!?!?

  11. The state department of taxation admited in testimony before the legislature that they had not audited the mining industry tax returns for over two years because the department didn't have any auditior qualified to do the audit. Here is a link to the story as it appeared in the Sun this year.

    On April 12, 2010, the president of the Nevada Mining Association acknowledged in a letter that the industry may have been taking deductions not allowed by state law. That story also appeared in the Sun.

    In 2010, the gaming industry paid 416 MILLION in taxes on 5.8 BILLION in gross gaming revenue. In 2009, the mining industry reported 5.8 BILLION in gross revenue. After taking the deductions, the net income was 1.6 BILLION, with 48.6 MILLION paid in taxes.

    In the 2010, Barrick Mining reported record profits and return on investment. In 2010, the Cortez Hill mine, located in Nevada, produced 1.14 MILLION ounces (35.625 TONS) of gold, at a cost of $312 per ounce. During the first quarter of 2011, the same mine produced 366000 ounces (11.4 TONS) of gold at a cost of $220 per ounce. Nevada is the 2nd largest producer of gold in the world. Assuming a price of $1442 per ounce, Barrick Mining had a profit of over 439 MILLION for the FIRST Quarter of 2010 from the Cortez Hill Mine alone. This is a link to the Barrick annual report. You may want to take a look at pages 3, 4, and 5.

  12. Its very sad, but I am finally convinced that this is not a state to live in if you have children and value education. I love Nevada and had never dreamed of leaving. However, its become a parental responsibility to start looking for jobs in other states.

  13. LVLawDawggie...

    "Leaving Las Vegas"...
    Should be the new catch phrase for all parents, educators, businesses, and those who just plain despise stupidity & ignorance.
    I guess the Powers That Be have a vested interest in stupidity & ignorance; why else would you support it when you have the power to change it?

    Talk about abject ignorance; the following statement crystallizes the thought process of your average Nevadan, re; Educating it's populace:

    "The gravy train had to end eventually."
    by noindex.

    It just doesn't get any more ignorant than that.

    Nevada simply will not have a proper discussion on funding for Education.
    A million more posts from P.R.G. won't convince me that if you are at or near the bottom of both funding & outcomes, that there isn't a correlation. It DEFIES ALL LOGIC.

    How much is enough?
    Well, I don't think that, unless you are involved in the process, you are qualified to "guess" at it; we pay people who we trust (supposedly) to set standards and ensure the resources are available to meet those standards.
    And that job is just not getting done.

    When you're wallowing around on the bottom year after year, and you lack the appropriate resources year after year, it doesn't take a Think Tank full of hot air to tell you what will occur this year & next year.
    Most assuredly, it will not improve the odds if you SUBTRACT from your bottom-feeding funding foolishness.
    "Hey! Let's cut another chunk outta this ailing beast; that'll improve it's disposition!"
    Do you really buy your own B.S., Nevada?

  14. "Many school systems across the country have been cutting education and have been laying off workers.
    Just Google..."School layoffs""

    Yeah, Sgt Rock, and??????????
    Did you read the one where it says that the Troll mayor Bloomberg has a 3 BILLION dollar surplus but wants to save it for next year and lay off 4,000 teachers???? Even the Governor told him "It's raining NOW, use your rainy day funds". Did it mention that he wants to stop the tax on his millionaire and billionaire buddies? Did it mention he is an idiot?
    This whole Right WIng B.S. campaign against schools and teachers is just about privatizing schools and nothing else. They couldn't care less what poor and middle class students do or don't do in schools.
    The useless tests they tout for "accountability" are a joke.
    This is all about MONEY. MOre money in the pockets of the rich.
    Does anyone really believe the Koch Brothers give a damn about education???

  15. I wish the teachers well. My company dropped headcount by 25% from 2008-2011 while your initial 2011 cuts are only 5%. Reality is that job cuts happened in most all job sectors in this recession. The CCSD unanimously approved these cuts so there has to be some reasonable justification for the cuts. I personally don't believe the gloom & doom projections within this comment section simply because its not logical considering its only a 5% reduction in headcount. Again, I wish the teachers well.

  16. Here is Sandoville's plan:

    1. Insist that the educational system is a failure.
    2. To solve the perceived problem, layoff instructors to create classroom sizes greater the 40 students/class.
    3. At G.T. 40 students/class, effective instruction fails and a babysitting environment is created.
    4. Teachers are then rated on how well they entertain, not teach.
    5. Learning drops to an all time low because of massive class sizes.
    6. Then proclaim that the "Public education is a complete failure" after all appropriate actions were taken.
    7. As a solution, funnel taxpayer money to Religious schools where fundamentalists work for nothing to pass along their superstition, fear and dark ages mentality to replace rationality. They work for nothing because they are worth nothing and teach nothing.
    8. Result: casinos, military, police have lots of uneducated, fearful applicants ready to perform as commanded for minimum wage - anything they can get...and it's all for "Amerika", love of Country.