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December 21, 2014

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What is driving decisions made by Republicans?

House Speaker John Boehner is going into his third month of GOP control of the House and still his Republicans have not introduced a job-creation bill. The first bill they considered was a repeal of President Barack Obama’s health care reform law.

But now the Boehner hypocrites have gone into a real war on jobs; not creating them, but eliminating them. Their budget cuts would cost 800,000 jobs, according to the leftist Economic Policy Institute. Centrist economist Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics calculates 700,000 jobs would be lost by the end of 2012. Goldman Sachs calculates that the Republican budget cuts would slow economic growth by 2 percent.

It makes you wonder if Boehner and his Tea Party-leaning caucus want to slow economic recovery and blame it on Obama to make him a one-term president. Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has said his prime objective is to make sure Obama does not win re-election. Boehner — who ran as a job creator — said “so be it” if government jobs are lost.

The latest Republican budget cuts are another example of that strategy at the expense of Americans and Nevadans. The state has a 110-megawatt storage facility planned that would power 75,000 NV Energy customers and create 600 jobs. But that and another project require government-guaranteed loans for which House Republicans cut off the funding.

Why? It seems Republicans don’t like renewable energy as well.

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  1. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner would destroy 100 million jobs if they knew it would derail Obama. Their objective is creating disaster and confusion to achieve political strength, i.e. they took comprehensive notes on Joseph Goebbel's biography.

  2. Ray A. Cohn,

    Of course the Republicans in office want President Obama to be a one term President. Duh! Democrats in office wanted former President Bush to be a one term President too. Duh! Both parties do things that are intended to make the other look bad. Duh!

    If you don't like that and you shouldn't, vote the people in office out and vote new people in (both D's and R's).

    As for cutting spending that results in job losses, whenever government spending is cut, people who work for government are going to lose their jobs. Duh! That said, if we don't start cutting spending somewhere or raise taxes through the roof, our country will go bankrupt. You are big with the criticisms but I don't see you presenting any solutions.

    The stimulus packages saved many government jobs, at the Federal and state levels. It has yet to be proven that the money spent saved or created many jobs in the private sector and that goes for money spent on renewable energy.


  3. Uh, Ray, the Dumbocrats control the Senate & the White House, wouldn't you agree? Until recently, they also controlled the House and unemployment went up, not down. Like the tax & spenders they are, Dumbocrats have put us on the edge of bankruptcy and, now, the Republicrats are addressing the deficit first or there will be no jobs for anybody, period! Get spending under control, unleash the private sector and "Happy Day's" will return!

  4. We're already spending 225 billion dollars a month of your grand and greatgrandchildren's money Ray, how much more do you want?

  5. "Mitch McConnell and John Boehner would destroy 100 million jobs if they knew it would derail Obama. Their objective is creating disaster and confusion to achieve political strength, i.e. they took comprehensive notes on Joseph Goebbel's biography,"

    This comment has no relevance, nor basis in fact and offers a chilling insight into the perspective of the liberal mind. You have to ask yourself if a person can believe that someone would actually destroy 100 million jobs to "achieve political strength" what other odd beliefs he or she might harbor. Say, a love for Nazi Germany? Oh...look, there's a reference to Joseph Goebbels. Is this the kind of person you want living next to you, or teaching your children, or managing your money, or cleaning your house? It kind of scares me to think that someone can actually believe such nonsense to the extent he'd bloviate about it on a public message board.

  6. It might just be that some of the Republicans are seeing the deficits and growing national debt as a significant problem. The may actually believe that the path that we are on is going to prevent any significant recovery and that we need to change the trajectory of government if we are going to get jobs back. The debt and its rate of growth with the consequences that brings can have significant negative impact on the economy. Our situation is causing other nations to push harder to dump the dollar as the world reserve currency and that would only make the situation worse. In the end it is about trying to get the private economy to feel confident enough to grow rather than believing that the government can throw money at the problem until it gets better.

  7. Not sure if anyone sees this, but I have noticed one thing about Speaker Boehner. And it is an unmitigated fact.

    When Speaker Boehner gives a press conference, you can ALWAYS tell he's lying when he says, "We're doing the will of the American people," "The American people want," "The American people have spoke and said they want," or some other derivation that always has "will" and "American people" together.

    Usually everything that follows that buzzword slogan proves to be blatantly false and it only tends to appeal to some sort of alternate universe Tea Party, lunatic fringe right wingnut base. The Republican mantra continues with nothing but the sole goal of dividing the voters and conquering them by throwing out falsehoods to get their votes...votes that will prove contrary to what the voter wants to actually happen.

    The Republican agenda is still intact from 2008: They want nothing but the utter and complete destruction of President Obama and his entire administration and wish to take us to the Dark Ages started by President Obama's predecessor where they cater to corporations at the expense of the middle class.

  8. @Jerry: So, when the Republicans cut the programs that employ folks in the private sector, the direct spending, the guarantees, the subsidies and the supports, we will have cut the deficit (which is the imbalance between what the Feds spend and what they take in in taxes), only to have it increase because there will be more people unemployed and lower tax revenues.

    The alternative is to try and cut the major sources of spending (Medicare and Medicaid are big, and rapidly growing expenditures) AND reduce the deficit by cutting the tax-expenditure gap (which includes raising taxes to eliminate a deficit which was created by cutting taxes for political gain).

  9. Colin: Kind of like what we know is coming after Obama says, "Let me be clear" knowing that clarity is the last thing that he wants to achieve at that point in time. But I guess since as usual that doesn't fit your looney tunes "vast right wing conspiracy" narrative it's just not valid.

  10. Frank: How many of those wars were immediately halted upon the election of President Obama? Just give me a tally.

  11. Just today, something happened that adds to this discussion....

    "'All of us need to be tempered by the fact that we've got to stop spending money we don't have,' Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told reporters at his weekly press briefing. 'Essentially, what you are saying is to go borrow money from the Japanese so we can spend it there to help the Japanese.'"

    This says it all. THIS is exactly what the Republicans are all about.

    While the esteemed Majority Leader Cantor spoke this, police in a city in northern Honshu, Japan, were trudging out of a destroyed building in a water drenched landscape of devastation, holding a dead body between them on a stretched out blanket, taking the deceased somewhere to be identified so loved ones could claim the body and perform a proper burial. It is to be noted that there are so many dead bodies, there aren't enough stretchers to take them out of buildings. They use tarpaulins, towels, blankets, whatever is handy.

    Mr. Cantor is a heartless uncaring bastard. For what he said, I hope he rots in hell. Very, very slowly.

    THIS is how they are. Their entire focus is power. They pay attention to money. People don't matter. People are expendable in their alternative universe.

    I just pray to God people wake up to the incredible idiocy of the Republican Party nowadays. And their Frankenstein monster created Tea Party is regrettably even worse.

    People, please wake up and don't vote for them. I don't care if it's for Dogcatcher General of Nevada.

    Because if you do?

    We'll all end up in a Republican hell world that only cares about "corporate welfare." Drain the middle class and give it to the rich so they can go on extra vacations, buy more luxury cars and smoke only the most expensive cigars and eat only the most insanely over priced meals.

    The rest of us can gargle on our vomit. Just so long we are taxed to death so the corporations and the filthy rich can get their precious tax breaks.

    I bet my Congressman (Heck) will be silent about this too. Because he's useless in that he only does what Cantor and Boehner tell him what to do. He don't speak for Nevada. He speaks for the Republican Party. And that's all. His contituents don't matter.

  12. "Their budget cuts would cost 800,000 jobs, according to the leftist Economic Policy Institute. Centrist economist Mark Zandi of Moody's Analytics calculates 700,000 jobs would be lost by the end of 2012. Goldman Sachs calculates that the Republican budget cuts would slow economic growth by 2 percent."

    Cutting 700,000 government employees sucking off the public system is a good start and we'd be on the road to full recovery. Most Americans would rather work for a private industry paycheck than the liberal's freeloading public system welfare checks.

    Just imagine, 700,000 government employee's having to actually wakeup in the morning and go to work where they had to be held accountable in order to keep their jobs. They'd be dazed and confused for the most part and more than likely be fired quite a few times before they succumbed to mindset that they actually have to produce useful and usable work habits that contributed to the bottom line, making a profit and like it. Rotflmao!

  13. Idiotic comment of the day (month, year?) from Tim Wiggin:

    "Just imagine, 700,000 government employee's having to actually wakeup in the morning and go to work where they had to be held accountable in order to keep their jobs."

  14. I see my Republican friends are at it again whinning that I dare expose their BS.

    They cry about the national debt; conveniently forgetting the contributions of THEIR PRESIDENTS. About 70 percent of the current debt came under Republican presidents.

    Ronald Reagan started the road to this astronomical debt with his enormous tax hikes to America's wealthiest people. Since his war on the middle class that class has been squeezed and the poor have remained stagnant.

    Ronnie and George I combined to leave a debt that was larger than all the presidents before them combined.

    This was briefly interrupted by President Bill Clinton who had the guts to get Congress to raise the marginal rate for America's billionaires and millionaires to 39 percent.

    When he did that without a single Republican vote one GOP speaker after another in Congress made hysterical predictions that we will have a doomsday recession.

    Instead, Clinton brought us prosperity, the economy created 22 million jobs and he left behind a surplus.

    But then we got George II. He returned to Republican policies. He restored tax cuts for America's wealthies people. He made regulation a joke. He and Congress gave Medicare Part D drug coverage without funding to pay for the drugs and forbade the government for negotiating decent prices. He got us into two wars -- lying to get us into the one in Iraq -- and managed to double the national debt.

    The end result is that banks collapsed, the federal government had to bail them out, eight million jobs were lost, two of our leading auto manufacturers almost went out of existence and we had the greatest recession since the Great Depression.

    Because of length limitations the Sun didn't print that. But what did you expect from a guy who had four oil companies, ran each into the ground and was repeatedly bailed out by the Saudis? One of his former partners was Salem bin Laden.

    The economy has a long way to go. But Obama's leadership has steadied the econmic disaster George II left behind. Under his leadership we saved General Motor and Chrysler. Republicans claim he is anti business. Really? The stock market under Obama went from under 8,000 to 12,000. Check out the profits many of these corporations have.

    Do you really believe going back to the Bushista policies that got us into this mess will lead us to prosperity?

  15. Where are the Republican cry babies? Can't explain why an incompetent businessman would screw up the economy for the entire country? Should anybody have been surprised?

    By the way, you devotted Bushista fans need to do some research to find out about your Big Hero.

    The book A Family of Secrets documents how George II got a woman pregnant during his wild days of alocohol and Cocaine and, yes, the great right to lifer paid for her abortion.

    Three news organizations ranging from the National Enquirer to the New York Times documented that it happened, but declined to publish a story during the 2004 George W. Bush re-election campaign. They were afraid of the Bushes.

    And, yes, the book does identify the woman.

    Of course, I am almost amazed when you right wingers are confronted with the facts silence ensues.

    Funny, from extremists who claim Barack Obama was not born in the US, is a Muslim, an out of control Christian, a Marxist all at the same time.. He is the Devil -- with whatever blank you feel like filling in.

    More Republican silence to come? Have a nice weekend. I am happy as my Gators beat UCLA.

    Ray Cohn