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January 26, 2015

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Democrats target Rep. Joe Heck in campaign to regain House

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Joe Heck is photographed outside his offices in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching a media blitz against Republican Rep. Joe Heck, the first major move in Democrats' effort to reclaim the House in 2012.

Heck is one of 19 Republicans being targeted nationwide. Many are freshman, and most come from Democratic-leaning districts that President Barack Obama won in 2008.

The ad blitz is part of the Democrats' "Drive to 25" campaign, an effort to win the 25 seats needed to regain the House majority from Republicans in 2012.

The 19 seats being targeted with radio ads, web commercials, phone calls and e-mails are key to Democrats' success.

Heck won Nevada's 3rd Congressional District by less than 2,000 votes to unseat Democratic incumbent Rep. Dina Titus in November. The district is split almost evenly between Democrats and Republicans, and representation has shifted between each party in recent years.

Democrats hope to convince voters that Republican efforts to cut spending will kill jobs.

"Tell Congressman Joe Heck to oppose the partisan plan to cut education and research by 40 percent," a voice in the radio ad says. "It will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and make America less competitive."

Heck said shortly after he was elected that his highest priority is job creation.

The radio spots go live today.

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  1. Heck gets government tax-payer paid medical insurance for himself and his family as he works to take away medical insurance from Nevada families with children who have preexisting medical conditions. Many other Congressmen have turned down their benefits, but no, not Joe Heck.

    He lives in his Congressional office like a squatter, violating zoning laws. At $170k a year with per diem, "homeless Joe" can't rent a place in D.C.? Maybe he can move in to John Ensign's old place?

    Heck is about himself and his contributors. He does nothing in the way of constituent services to help people deal with mortgage problems, etc.

    How many jobs has Heck brought to Nevada?

  2. Sorry mred, he's just not Dina Taxus and we're ok with that. You signed your mortgage contract just like me, now honor it or declare bankruptcy.

  3. Oh,,,and mred: How many (non-gubberment) jobs did Dina Taxus bring to Nevada? And nice job LVS of being "more civil" in your tone and not using weapons references in your articles. I guess it's bad when the RJ does it, but when it's you it's ok. Thanks for the clarification.

  4. What proposals has Joe Heck made to bring jobs to Nevada? Name them...Heck works for the National Republican Party and emulates their party line, not Nevada's. This is of course, because Heck has NO proposals, only come-backs.

  5. I'm fully behind the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's decision to go full bore after Rep. Heck.

    Not even a month into his new job and he voted for repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

    And this is after it was confirmed that only 18 percent of the population of the United States wanted repeal.

    That means hundreds of thousands of Nevadans support this bill. As well as hundreds of businesses here.

    But he votes to repeal it. Then he hides from Nevada press and media.

    Additionally, I don't like his stance on the Yucca Mountain Project (YMP). I get the distinct impression he wants it to happen. And he wants to reap the benefits from doing it. At the expense of the health and safety of all Southern Nevada.

    He don't represent us.

    He represents himself and is confirmed to be a lackey of the Republican Party.

    He'll do what THEY want.

    Not what WE want.

    One and done.

    Let's do it. I want someone in there that has a brain. And uses it for purposes other than to make himself richer. And solely for political party purposes only.

    We start over with someone else.

  6. I guess I'll have to contribute to Joe Hecks' reelection campaign. And anything else I can legally do to insure the progressives don't again have the ability to threaten the survival of America.

    For mred:

    Q: What type of health insurance do members of Congress receive? Is it a single-payer, government-run system?
    A: Members of Congress are covered by private insurance under the same system that covers all federal workers.
    Members of Congress have good health insurance by any standard, but it's not free and not reserved only for them -- and it's not government insurance. House and Senate members are allowed to purchase private health insurance offered through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, which covers more than 8 million other federal employees, retirees and their families.

    According to the Congressional Research Service, the FEHBP offers about 300 different private health care plans, including five government-wide, fee-for-service plans and many regional health maintenance organization (HMO) plans, plus high-deductible, tax-advantaged plans.


    As for squatting in his office. If we paid them a decent salary commensurate with their responsibilities, they wouldn't have to. If you can afford to maintain a home in your district as required by law AND find a place in DC you can afford on 170K, you're one of the very few. You probably aren't aware of the cost of living in DC.

  7. What a ludicrous statement is found in the 4th-to-last paragraph: "........Republican efforts to cut spending will kill jobs". It has been the outrageous spending of the past 4 years of Democrat control in Congress that has killed the jobs. And if the spending cuts are not made, our nation will be killed. Is this what liberals favor? Apparently so. They're willing to destroy our nation for a few more handouts.

  8. To ColinFromLasVegas: Mr. Heck is doing exactly what we elected him to do. Too bad it doesn't fit your agenda.---------------And, please tell us just where you would propose storing all the nuclear waste that is temporarily stored in multiple places now? The YMP was developed to store the stuff in a SINGLE, SECURE, SAFE place and several states have already pre-paid their fees to use the facility.

  9. "It has been the outrageous spending of the past 4 years of Democrat control in Congress that has killed the jobs."

    Killed which jobs, Richard? The jobs that disappeared as the Bush recession destroyed the economy? The jobs that disappeared as Bush lavished tax breaks on those who outsource American jobs?

    Please, be specific in your response.

  10. Dr. Joe Heck voted to repeal health care reform, yet is too timid to set forth his own legislation to reform the system.

    Where's the GOP plan for health care reform?

    Put your money where your mouth is, Joe.

    His constituents must hold him accountable.

  11. I guess what goes around comes around. Joe Heck really shouldn't complain, as he benefitted from the NRCC's constant campaign against Dina Titus. Since he's out to take away our health care while doing nothing to help people facing foreclosure or bring jobs back to Nevada, he should face the consequences.

  12. The GOP plan for health care reform?

    Same as has been stated all along.

    1. Tort reform (not indebted to trial lawyers i.e.. John Edwards like Dems)
    2. Allow insurance underwriting across state lines. (not indebted to insurance companies like Dems)
    3. Allow prescription imports from Canada (not indebted to big pharma like Dems)
    4. Encourage the free market - competition (unlike Dems who are owned by unions)
    5. Loosen over regulation to allow innovation and delivery costs to come down ( unlike Dems who love micro-management, lack of competition and big brother).
    6. Stop trying to punish doctors and allow them to run their practice as they see fit (unlike Dems who don't believe in personal freedom)
    7. Allow patients to choose their own method and provider of health care (unlike Dems who want big brother to control everyones lives down to the smallest detail)
    8. Provide a safety net for the neediest who can't provide for themselves (unlike Dems who want to force one size fits all lousy health care down everyones throat except their own i.e.. Waivers to SEIU and more than 50 other unions and congress themselves)
    9. Eliminate tax payer funded services beyond emergency care for illegal aliens from all 200 plus countries (unlike dems who want to turn America into another third world socialist country)
    10. Eliminate anchor babies (see #9)
    11. Remove some, not all of the outrageous and industry stifling power and ridiculously slow FDA process requirements (unlike the Dems who want to add more and stop anything from coming to market until we're the last country to get it)

    And numerous more. The GOP Plan... We couldn't possibly do worse than the awful one the Dems gave us, the GOP plan would be a HUGE improvement.

  13. In spite of what others said. I fully support what mred said. Joe Heck is not for US or Nevada.