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January 31, 2015

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Donald Trump: U.S. leadership ‘weak, pathetic and incompetent’


Steve Marcus

Donald Trump speaks to a group of Republican organizations at the Treasure Island Thursday, April 28, 2011.

Trump in Las Vegas

Donald Trump speaks to a group of Republican organizations at the Treasure Island Thursday, April 28, 2011. Trump said he is seriously weighing a presidential run and will make a decision soon. Launch slideshow »

Trump in Las Vegas

KSNV coverage of Donald Trump speech in Las Vegas, April 28, 2011.

With the “birther” issue over the president’s citizenship put to rest, Donald Trump used a speech Thursday night in Las Vegas to vent about America’s oil dependency, our relationship with the Middle East and dealings with China.

Trump, a potential Republican candidate for president in 2012, grew so passionate that he cursed repeatedly, uttering seven expletives during a 40-minute speech at Treasure Island.

The audience loved it. Some said they appreciated his honesty; others praised him for being unlike any other politician.

While Trump didn’t announce his intentions to run for office, he seemed to be moving closer to launching a presidential bid.

When a woman in the crowd shouted, “Run for president,” Trump responded, “Thank you, darling. I think I’m going to make you very happy.”

Later, he noted, “There’s a good chance I won’t win,” adding that a “blood-sucking politician who has been (fooling) the public for years” will beat him. Trump used a more colorful word than “fooling.”

He called the country’s elected officials “stupid people” and said America’s leadership is “weak, pathetic and incompetent.”

Trump focused much of his speech on foreign relations.

He blasted President Barack Obama and Congress for making bad deals with China then rewarding the country’s president with a state dinner.

“When people are screwing you, you don’t give them state dinners,” Trump said. He suggested McDonald’s instead.

As for Libya and Iraq, Trump said he’s not concerned about those countries unless America can profit from their oil. They should pay for the protections the United States offers, he said.

“When we have a war, we lose thousands of lives, we spend trillions of dollars and then we leave,” he said. “I say we go in and take their oil.”

Trump also lamented the fact that the thousands of televisions he bought for his hotel properties came from South Korea rather than the United States.

He launched into a tirade about the need for American manufacturing and said he would implement the “Trump Doctrine,” requiring goods be made in the United States.

While he touched on a wide range of issues, the first words out of Trump’s mouth were about Obama’s citizenship.

Trump took credit for forcing Obama to release an official long-form copy of his birth certificate. Trump had questioned the president’s citizenship with increasing frequency over the past few weeks.

“I accomplished something that nobody else had accomplished,” Trump said.

Trump also slammed Obama for snubbing Las Vegas in the past. “Thirteen percent unemployment and we have a president saying don’t go to Las Vegas,” he said.

Trump is testing the political waters in Nevada and other early voting states as he decides whether to seek the Republican nomination for president. (Even if he loses, he has said, he may run as an independent.)

He said he will announce his decision by June.

Trump landed second among the crowded field of Republican hopefuls in a recent poll of Nevada voters. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who won Nevada handily in 2008, beat Trump by 8 percentage points, according to a Public Policy Polling survey released Thursday.

National polls show varying levels of support for Trump. Some show him tied for first; others show him trailing in fourth.

While he is in town for his friend Steve Wynn’s wedding, it’s no coincidence Trump is campaigning in Nevada. The state is third in line on the GOP caucus calendar, making it an important get for presidential hopefuls.

Trump is only the latest in a string of potential presidential contenders to visit Nevada. Romney, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and former Pennsylvania Rep. Rick Santorum all have made recent trips here.

On Wednesday, Trump stopped in New Hampshire, the first primary state, to attend a GOP fundraiser and meet with activists. (He noted he was in a helicopter on his way there when the Obama birth certificate news broke.)

He will appear in Iowa, the second early voting state, in June. And he headlined a Florida Tea Party rally last week, his first political appearance.

In Las Vegas, Trump called his successful career “peanuts” compared to saving the country.

“If I run and I win,” he said, “we will have a rich country again, a great country again, and what I almost like most, we’ll be respected again.”

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  1. The Donald...
    What a blowhard.

    What's that thing on his HEAD?
    A starving fox fur?

  2. Face it, he has so much money nobody is going to "buy" him like they did Obama so he will do what he says. We really do need someone to run the country like a business, not a charity!

  3. If the Donald gets off the birther rag, and starts making accurate statements about foreign trade, oil and policy, then he is serious about running and will be a force to contend with. But as long as he continues to make statements that Politifacts rates as "Pants on Fire" then this is just a marketing tool.

    If he does run, and win the nomination, then I would expect him to move away from the TEA Party crowd and aim at the independents for the general campaign.

    But first, we need to see if he is going to run.

    Remember, he is a pitchman, a damn good one, he will say what it takes to sell the product.

  4. Let the toupee run.

    Expose the GOP sideshow.

    Did you see Carnival Barker-in-Chief Trump blatantly lie to John King on CNN about a poll Trump made up?

    Meanwhile, he not only supported Obama's candidacy in 2008, he's also donated to Harry Reid and was a registered Democrat from 2001 to 2008.

    Is Pawlenty the sole serious candidate for the GOP?

  5. What's really disappointing are the many elderly woman who are being taking in by the hate talk and misinformation from Trump. They are supporting a person who lies and disrepects the President of the United States of America. What we are seeing are people with deep seeded feelings and emotions toward the president, a president that is receiving special treatment like no other president. Why? What is the real answer, which is boiling just below the surface and ready to erupt? Is it Racism? Is Racism sprewing out in the open from the "older citizens" who no long feel they have to keep their true feelings hidden away. This group who sponsored Trump, and others like them needed a Donald Trump to open the door for them, to be who they truly art at their core. Are they really Racist? It so, are they Racist because we have the first black President of the United States? Cable news is now suggesting many people see Trump and people who believe him are, Racist? Really? Hard to believe that a person can turns 60, 70, 80 years old and openly support Racist talk and lies. Aren't these the mature years?

    What is truly encouraging through all of this having the first Black President is, we do not see the young people in the crowds of the Tea Party, the Birthers, the Radical Congress and Senate Members! No young people in these groups, no young people talking and acting against the government. This is great, there is much hope for the next generation to have a color blind society. The older people, the older generation, old people--hating, Why?

  6. I sincerely hope Daniels gets in the race, at least he understands the value of infrastructure. None of the other Republicans so far are worth, well, you know.

  7. I wouldn't vote for him if he was running for dog catcher.

  8. Please run, Donald. I agree with Seth McFarland. You are the second worst thing to ever hit NYC.

  9. How sad for the Republicans if this is the best they can do in the way of a candidate.

  10. Just a freak show in a circus to amuse the public and the press in 2011. This too shall pass (mercifully).

  11. I guess Sharon Angle can pass the cow bell to Donald MORE COW BELL. Talk about a snake oil salesman Donald is the best. He wants to sell us a vacation to Hell and have us look foward to going lol. Another million aire in power just what we need. One actor (Reagan) was enough. Oboma was correct the republicans drove the bus off the road we pulled it out now they want to drive the bus again to the next ditch off the road. I can see Donald telling other heads of states YOU ARE FIRED!!! OH well only his hair dresser knows.

  12. Trump is looking for investors for his future projects. He is currently building an organization and mailing lists of supporters who, after the election will be getting brochures offering shares in his new projects.

    Making money while delivering a public message is a technique developed in modern campaigning. Beck pushes his own investments and Palin made $21 million or so the first year after leaving office.

    These types are 'cash patriots', combining politics with their priority, making money, while offering no solutions, and lots of complaints.

    Bankrupt: 4 times, over $3 billion down the tubes.
    Married: 3 times.
    "Buy Trump, get Thumped".

  13. Trump "disrespects the President?" What a concept! I guess the loons on the left upset with Osama Obama being "disrespected" forget how ruthlessly George W was savaged by them, what with the Nazi signs and targets placed upon his forehead. Yeah, poor Osama Obama is the first, and only, president to be shown "disrespect."

  14. I was wrong. He is far more entertaining than Foghorn Leghorn. What's really sad is so far he is the best the Republicans have to offer.

  15. "Trump also slammed Obama for snubbing Las Vegas in the past. 'Thirteen percent unemployment and we have a president saying don't go to Las Vegas,' he said."

    Who is Trump to talk?

    Let's go back in time a few years ago. When he was at the height of his piddling match with Mr. Steve Wynn about who was the better casino builder (which I guess has now been patched up since he's attending Mr. Wynn's wedding...they're both ultra right wingnuts, so now there's a commonality of purpose, I guess), Mr. Trump told the press here in Las Vegas that he would never invest in Las Vegas, that Las Vegas is dying, and that in about twenty years or so, Las Vegas would fall apart. Or words to that effect.

    Then skip forward a few months. He announced building Trump Towers here!

    It's all politics.

    Even this speech he gave, complete with curse words, means he's doubling down on the nutzo talk. Because the birtherism he tried to inherit and run with has been blown to smithereens, he knows he has to act even crazier to please the idiots out there.

    Unfortunately, some of them are here in Las Vegas. And he's appeasing them.

    Folks, wake up! This is not the "Trump Doctrine." This is called "Trumpetism." Which means to act like Fidel Castro taking his shoe off and thumping it loudly on the podium at the United Nations. He's just trying to build himself up. He don't care about America. He cares about his show ratings.

    The crap about letting people know in June if he's running (before it was May something or other...guess it's been moved up because he's having fun snowing people and he intends to milk this for all it's worth).

    He's not running. Not as a Republican. Not as an independent. He's not going to release any information about his worth. He never has done that before in his entire life. Why would he do that now?

    The guy is a SCAMpaigner, complete with his battalion of beauticians spending hours in a chair so they weave and coif his one strand of hair ever so careful around the top of his gourd.

    But I do encourage Trump to show up in Las Vegas and blather to his heart's content. It makes us money. You gotta look for the silver lining in the cloud, you know....

  16. In my opinion, he is never going to release his financials.

    He is a brilliant marketer. All this media attention, is going to push his show ratings through the roof. Is there anything type of product he is not shilling these days (steaks to mattresses)? Cameraman are you getting this?

    He talks tough and although some of what he says has a slight ring of truth, if he became president with his attitude, he would make America the most hated country on the planet.

    And if by some miracle he did become president, who would benefit the most other than the Donald? I would make a guess that it would be his already rich and greedy multinational corporations.

    He will never win in a General Election, so if anyone out there wants Obama to have a 2nd term, then vote for Trump in the primary (that is if he does run).

  17. This means a lot coming from someone who is constantly building monuments to himself and self-promoting.

  18. His buddy Wynn and the other "sue-happy" casino guy, don't they have business in China???

    I wonder what the Bible thumper and LDS crowd thinks about the taking of the Lord's name in vain by the combover king?

    Hey Donald! When you going to build the second tower? and how come the other one is 70% empty?

  19. He only resonates with the low-rated hate talk radio station crowd.

  20. doubledown_deadender - "China has stolen just about every trade secret we have worth stealing. Stealth, jet engine and missile technology, Nuke research, you name it!"

    Did they steal or buy trade secrets? Remember, American companies are outsourcing and looking to expand business in China and India. I wouldn't put it past a company selling anything for profit. As of now, sanctions placed on Iran are being broken by American companies making deals there.

    Wow, looks like folks from both sides of the aisle see The Donald for what he really is, as shyster. That bragadocious blowhard, if elected, would certainly lead us into war.

  21. To airweare: Thanks for the correction. Nikita Krushev. Not Fidel Castro.

    That's what I get for typing before finishing my first cup of coffee....

  22. Longtimevegan,

    Your post does not make sense at all. It's very dumb. So everyone should vote for Obama, or if they don't, they are racist?

    Your words

    "Tea Party, the Birthers, the Radical Congress and Senate Members! No young people in these groups, no young people talking and acting against the government. This is great, there is much hope for the next generation to have a color blind society."

    So young people should just sit around and say nothing? Let the government do whatever they want or feel? You sir or mam are crazy.

    Great that the kids can look forward to the feeling hope. Like I hope I hit the lottery, I hope some rich hot girl picks me up, I hope I can buy get a new Lexus, etc etc.......

    To a lot of posters that just call trump names, are you doing that because your still HOPING for your free car, house, and medical bills to be free? Keep up the hope LMAO

  23. Thanks Anthony for your response,

    Just to be clear, here is the entire post. You picked what you wanted, selected reading on your part.

    "What is truly encouraging through all of this having the first Black President is, we do not see the young people in the crowds of the Tea Party, the Birthers, the Radical Congress and Senate Members! No young people in these groups, no young people talking and acting against the government."

    There, I'm sure you can select your favorite lines out of this one. Stay positive my friend.

  24. Also, people like Wynn get special tax breaks for his art collection, etc. It is just like GOV Perry in Texas, he whines about the Fed government in his book, now he wants government help from the Feds. Typical hypocrite. There should be no Federal AId to Texas for fires, or Southern States for tornados, only States that voted Democratic should get Federal AID.

  25. @Longtimevegan,

    In your response to anthonyjoevegas you forgot "the radical right wingers guide to misinformation" number three:

    One - they can't do math
    Two - they don't know American history
    Three - they have poor reading comprehension skills
    Four - they have no idea what is written in the Constitution
    Five - they are capable of electing any insane Jane just to be contrary
    Six - they will vote against their own best interest to prove a point
    Seven - they believe Fox News is actually news
    Eight - and some are Birthers, enough said on that subject

  26. I'm torn. As Steve Wynn once said of Trump back when Wynn had the good judgment to dislike him, it really takes talent to go bankrupt owning three casinos. And there's the little matter of the civil rights case where he wouldn't rent, lease, or sell to people who, uh, look a bit like the Uppity One in the White Man's House, if you get my drift. But if anybody should know what it is to be pathetic, weak, and incompetent, it would be Trump.

    Nah, I'm not torn. He's a racist, sexist, lying thug.

  27. To Colin-

    'Folks, wake up! This is not the "Trump Doctrine." This is called "Trumpetism." Which means to act like Fidel Castro taking his shoe off and thumping it loudly on the podium at the United Nations.'

    I think you're mistaken here. I remember it being Nikita Kruschev (sp?) taking his shoe off and banging it on his desk while proclaiming 'We Will Bury You'

  28. Thanks, PGelsman. Someone else already pointed that out already in a post before and I acknowledged my mistake.

    I corrected yet again.

  29. All the negative comments from the libs tells me they are scared of Trump !!

    Trump is a much bigger figure than Obama and with a hell of a lot more sense.

  30. Longtimevegan, your welcome! I guess your still cool with people not questioning the government. After all, things are great.


    What is the liberals version of the radical left wingers guide to misinformation? I need another laugh today. You probaly will not answer that question anyway. 1+1 = 2. Cool. Well I do not qualify for the radical right wing guide to misinformation. Does that make me at least an conservative? I think of FOX news, the same as MSNBC and CNN. All three are right and wrong at times.

  31. If he wanted to pollute the air in Vegas why not spew at his "own" hotel, they had to fumigate Treasure Island. It would take a pompus ass such as The Donald to recognize "weak" "pathetic" & "incompetent" since they are all descriptions of himself.

    Go away Donnie,...your 15 minutes of fame and potty mouth are over,...and take that thing on your head with you

  32. "All the negative comments from the libs tells me they are scared of Trump !! Trump is a much bigger figure than Obama and with a hell of a lot more sense."

    This sounds very, very familiar.

    Oh, swap out "Trump" for "Palin" and we've heard it all before!

  33. Gas_Passer - "I think with the Donald running you will finally see that Obummer is going to get that media anal examine that the media didn't do in 2008. If the Donald is going to get a media anal can count on that Obummer is going to get one too!"

    Obviously you don't realize there is nothing to dig up about Obama, or else they would have by now, instead of the World Daily Net "manufacturing" evidence.

    Are you one of those pull my finger guy?

  34. Just got off the phone from China, they will be nationalizing the Wynn property there tomorrow...good work Donald.

  35. Trump's self-serving blather has about the same value as stock in his delisted Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc.: $0.00

  36. Success breeds failure.

  37. Trump lost on the birther issue -- in a big and embarrassing way. With his outrageous and expletive laden speech at Treasure Island all he is doing is what some gamblers do when they lose -- double down. I used to think his huge ego was amusing, now it seems like a full blown personality disorder.