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January 31, 2015

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Cosmopolitan responds to backlash over report on banned transgender guest


Leila Navidi

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Monday, December 13, 2010.

Updated Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | 5:01 p.m.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is receiving backlash today after a report surfaced on a hotel and lodging blog that a transgender guest was banned for life from the hotel-casino for using the women’s restroom.

The guest, who identified as a "pre-op trans" named Stephanie, said upon leaving the women’s room she was taken out of the resort by security guards, told she was trespassing on Cosmopolitan property and she would be arrested if she didn't leave. She said she was photographed and told she was banned from returning to the hotel.

Since the blog was posted, commenters have flooded the Cosmopolitan’s Facebook page with complaints on the reported incident.

When asked about the incident, Cosmopolitan officials noted to the Las Vegas Weekly, a sister publication of the Las Vegas Sun, the hotel is a Travel Alternatives Group-approved resort.

In a statement Wednesday afternoon, Cosmopolitan officials said they regretted the incident and would "welcome her back to the resort anytime."

“The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is committed to maintaining a community that recognizes and values the inherent dignity of every person, by fostering sensitivity, understanding and mutual respect of our guests and employees," according to the statement. "We sincerely regret any misunderstanding or inappropriate actions that any member of our staff may have taken. And to ensure increased sensitivity within this area, the organization will focus on continued training and on-going awareness initiatives. In addition, we apologize to the individual guest and welcome her back to the resort anytime. Again, we would like to apologize to the LGBT community and anyone concerned and hope to demonstrate our firm dedication to fair and unbiased treatment of all.”

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  1. Now all the Cosmopolitan has to do is live up to the lofty language in the statement they released this afternoon.

  2. The glaring omission from both the article and the posts so far is how or why did security get involved. Either another user(s) of the ladies' room complained or there was surveillance. If the former then security may have been justified, if the latter Cosmopolitan has a bigger problem if its matrons aren't notified they're being watched doing whatever ladies do in in those kinds of rooms.

    Did "Stephanie" look too male? Certainly in the ladies' room the stalls have doors so it's safely presumed nobody's junk was on display.

    Too many unanswered questions for anyone to make conclusions here.

    "Like some countries, all you need is one bathroom shared by all."

    Festus -- an excellent and enlightened point. I recall radio news about a lady in Texas arrested for using the men's room because the ladies' room had a long line and she had to pee. The 911 call must have been made by one of the same kind of religious puritans who freak at every hint of immorality.

    "I am here to urge you to be a little more brave, a tad more courageous and self-controlled, and to take some private time to contemplate the mysteries of the universe and ask yourself how you plan to spend whatever time you have left." -- Asa Baber, from his final "Men" column, June 2003 Playboy (died of Lou Gherig's Disease June 18, 2003 -- RIP, Asa!)

  3. There are plenty of unisex bathrooms in Vegas. An "older" person must have complained or "she" was a hooker.

  4. Pre-op or post-op.....the DNA test will always read MALE.

    As for using the mens or womens restroom, that's up to each individual business to decide for themselves.

  5. For people who are "trans-gendering", it is a must that they dress as the sex they are becoming. This person woman most likely sees herself as a woman, dresses as one, sounds like one. The only thing possibly left is the actual surgery.

    SO as some of you uninformed have said - if there is a penis - go into the mens' room. Did you expect this person to look like a man still? HOW was she supposed to go into the mens' room when in all actuality she is a woman and dressed as one?

    I'd like to know HOW the security guards knew that this person was transgender to begin with. Were they peaking under the stall???? And actually SEE the male item on this person??? Lots of men sit on the toilet when peeing so it wasn't a matter of seeing feet facing the toilet bowl.

  6. Wow, that's pretty ironic, considering that their "just the right amount of wrong" marketing campaign featured half-naked women in kinky black lingerie strutting around the property; a bellhop with no pants; and an old lady grabbing a young guy's buttocks as she's slow dancing with him.

    I guess the porcine hypocrites running the place aren't members of "the curious class", afterall . . . . . . .

  7. Sorry, a male who is PRE-op is still a male whether they're wearing a dress or not. This person had NO BUSINESS using the 'ladies room'.
    Another uninformed post. Going through this is a very long process. Again, they start living as the sex they are becoming from almost Day 1. In this "Stephanie's" case, she most likely was on female hormones and already started to become, or was already, a woman in just about every sense and the last thing left was the surgery. And because of the female hormones, the penis was most likely non-existant. Just this tiny piece of thing just hanging there. Males have been known to have surgery to remove their Adam's apples, too, if they are too prominent.

    It kind of makes me laugh that - those of you (mostly men) who say she should have used the men's room - you wouldn't know if you were sitting next to a transgendered person or not!!! You've probably come in contact with one or two at some point and not know it!!!

  8. i mean really? who cares. Iv'e been in bathrooms hitting the head only to turn around and see several women in a stall doing their business, whatever!! What gets me is the lame statement by cosmo...boohoo hoo, sorry we hurt a "person" who already has some severe "sensitive" issue in their head, hurt their little feelings..Sorry folks, cosmo looks like a scared punk puppy in the corner here. To me this is a joke, regardless of pre, post, middle, whatever there is something seriously wrong with these people, just my opinion. So lets not hurt their feelings anymore, lets just let them do what they want SO THEY DONT SUE US FOR HURTING THEIR FEELINGS...joke..

  9. It appears that Cosmopolitan now needs to be concerned about the revelations from an insider / whistleblower who is spilling the beans on how Cosmopolitan deceived and ripped-off people that invested $250 million in deposits to buy a condo at the property:

  10. Gender-neutral restrooms with no urinals and fully enclosed stalls is the expedient solution, as it sidesteps the serious and complex sociological issues entirely.

  11. The story doesn't tell us enough to make rational comments about what occurred. Maybe the guy asked someone inside where the urinals are. LOL Maybe this shouldn't have been in the news. Then again it has sparked more comments than most real news articles.

  12. azsk8fan

    READ my post again!!! I never stated "How 'she' is supposed to manage". You are so missing the point. Your post makes no sense. IF the person was dressed as a woman, and by all intent purposes is a woman, how the hell was she supposed to go into the mens' room? It is more than just "having a dress on ". As a man, how would you feel if this person walks in, looking every inch a female and hot looking to boot and you start drooling; then "she" sidles up next to YOU and lifts up their dress and whips it out? Every man in there, including YOURSELF, would have run out the door so fast you'd leave it all hanging it out! Even if the person used one of the stalls that mens' rooms do have, any man in the room would freak at a woman walking in!!!

    Ladies' rooms have stalls WITH DOORS! How the hell did security or anyone else know this person was "trans gender". And because ladies' room have doors on the stalls - how the hell do women know there is NOT a man in the next stall any time they use the ladies' room - especially in Vegas? My guess any woman in the bathroom when this person walked in didn't give it a second thought because everyone goes behind a DOOR in a ladies' room. No one was the wiser.

    Non-specific gender bathrooms should be in EVERY hotel or public place. And not just for those who are transgendered. For mothers with children, for the elderly and disabled. When my Dad was alive, he was in a wheel chair and needed assistance when getting up and standing because of right side paralysis from a stroke (his right leg didn't function); being that we have no brothers, my mom and sister always had a problem taking him anywhere because if he had to go to the bathroom what would we do. The generic bathrooms were not the norm back then so at times we had to sneak in the mens' room with him and have someone standing guard at the door. As the years have gone on, more and more of these types of bathrooms are becoming the norm which is great.

  13. "How the hell did security or anyone else know this person was "trans gender"."

    Which raises an issue nobody has addressed: This was reported by a *blog* - not a news source - and a news investigation or otherwise official report has yet to be released. There are, as someone else already suggested, a lot of holes in this story that prevents a rational person from drawing any conclusions whatsoever. For instance, it is possible that the person was trespassed for suspected prostitution or some other legal transgression.

    That said, providing gender-neutral restrooms as I described above is the most expedient (and, ultimately, cost effective, despite the additional build-out costs involved) manner of sidestepping the argument. Also of note: There are indeed "family" restrooms at the Cosmopolitan.

  14. Cosmopolitan is probably the most gay-friendly property on the Strip. Having said that, their security personnel seem to have a bit of an attitude, so it doesn't surprise me something like this happened.

  15. Det-munch,

    You make a lot of assumptions in your post. How do you know what She's has done, is thinking, and what she is doing. You are the one making uninformed posts. You know what they say about people who assume things. Unless you know this person, how can you speak for her or know what's she's doing?

    You can put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig!

    As for the situation with your father. That is sometihing completely different. 99.9 percent of people would respect and not have a problem with the care you provided for your father. My compliments to you on that.

  16. The modern federal Hate Crime law that pertains to sexual orientation is the Matthew Shepard Act. This Act was signed into law by President Obama on October 28, 2009 (it's an extention of the original 1969 law). It is the first federal law in U.S. history to extend any type of legal protection to transgendered persons.

    MATTHEW SHEPARD AND JAMES BYRD, JR. HATE CRIMES PREVENTION ACT, Pub. L. No. 111-84, 4701-13, 123 Stat. 2190, 2835-44 (2009); MATTHEW SHEPARD ACT 4704(a)(1) (2009).

  17. I think if I were gay or trans whatever , I would avoid the Cosmopoliton. Its no fun being accosted by over zealouse Security, and thrown off a property.

  18. As I said earlier, there has been absolutely no reportng of this supposed incident by a legitimate news source or by an official source. So far, it's been nothing but an accusation made in a blog. And now, this:

  19. I guess who called security and for what reason are missing here and therefore the whole article should not have been printed because without the facts we have no idea if cosmo acted within security boarders or was on the wild. The SUN should delete this story until they have the facts to report.
    I do agree with the premises if a person is in a stall how would anyone know what is under the obviously facts are missing