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January 28, 2015

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The Hispanic vote:

DePosada’s latest: Vote Democrat, just not yet, to send immigration message

The Republican who told Hispanics not to vote — or was that to demand respect when you do vote? — is further convoluting his message with one more revelation: He says he actually trusts Democrats when it comes to immigration, the issue upon which he wants all Hispanics to base their vote — or nonvote.

Roberto DePosada, who heads Latinos for Reform, on Thursday offered this logic: Democrats, because they did not deliver an immigration reform bill as promised, should be sent a clear signal in the current election: Hispanics’ votes can’t be taken for granted. The losses they suffer during the 2010 midterms will, in turn, force them to do something about immigration reform during the lame-duck period, so that in 2012, they will have something concrete to campaign on vis-a-vis Hispanics, so that eventually there will be immigration reform.

Catch all that?

It’s a perverse logic that boils down to this: Because Democrats are the only ones who can deliver on immigration reform, don’t vote for them. Not now at least. Don’t vote for them now, so you can vote for them with a clear conscience later.

“They’re going to do nothing unless this message is sent,” DePosada said, making the lame-duck Congress the only chance for immigration reform.

DePosada’s theory, though — that with little time left, Democrats will push through an immigration reform package in the lame-duck period — ignores one basic tenet of political chronology: Lame-duck periods are rarely the time to take up large, contentious bills such as immigration reform, because lawmakers want to finish the business they have to and be home for the holidays.

To be sure, a departing Republican-majority Congress did tackle immigration once during a lame duck, in 2006. But that was an enforcement-only measure — and few lawmakers are willing to say they are against immigration enforcement.

Far fewer are willing to cast a vote in favor of other component parts of comprehensive reform though, such as pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants now in the country.

Although immigration reform does not neatly cleave along party lines, those sorts of issues find more support among Democrats.

But DePosada has run out of patience with them.

“You’re basically asking Hispanics to say, ‘What do you prefer, to get stabbed in the back or clubbed in the head?’ ” DePosada said of the choice between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to immigration reform.

So why not feature both Republican Sharron Angle and Sen. Harry Reid in his latest campaign ad?

“I don’t think it would cross anyone’s mind that Hispanics would support Sharron Angle,” DePosada said, laughing at the suggestion.

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  1. Patronizing south of the border people seems to be the Idea du Jour with Dumbocrats. Are SOB folks so stupid they can be led around by the nose by people like DePosada? I don't think so. I've interacted with many and they seem pretty savvy to me. They'll make up their own minds as to what they believe and for whom they will vote.

  2. How many members in latinos for reform ? .......1

  3. HUH?!?
    Muy ambiguo...
    No comprende'...

  4. So we're reading about a Republican operative who puts out ads suggesting to Latinos that they not vote, or at least they not vote for Democrats this time around. Amazingly, the first comment claims that "Dumbocrats" (sic) are patronizing "South of the border" people by pointing out the fallacies in the ads.

    If Latinos vote in large numbers, that helps Democrats and hurts Republicans. Recognizing that fact, Mr. DePosada is trying a novel form of voter suppression by attempting to convince them it is in their own best interest to sit out the vote.

    It is blatant and it is slimy and it is not patronizing in any way to point that out.

  5. It is very apparent that the Karl Rove tactics to influence the vote here in Nevada won't work.

    People need to make sure they understand this is all smoke and mirrors.

    The truth of the matter is that the Republican Party (and even the bastardized even harsher right wing version of it..the Tea Party) has said or done absolutely NOTHING to help the Hispanics here in Nevada. During that same period of time, they have performed blatant fear mongering, race baiting and xenophobia regarding this issue. And even worse, the continual rhetoric of dehumanizing Hispanics are followed religiously and as a policy set in stone by the Republicans.

    DePosada is just throwing more gasoline on the fire. And everyone can see through this outright attempt to effect the Nevada vote.

    DePosada cannot tell anyone how to vote (or how not to vote). He needs to take his dog and pony show somewhere else. But if he chooses not to, I encourage him to continue these Karl Rove tactics. They will surely sway the voters. But not in the ultra conservative way his bosses want. It will without any doubt at all cause every Republican/Tea Party candidate in Nevada to be slapped out of power not only now, but for at least a few generations.

  6. colinfromlasvegas: you have serious mental problems. Better see a shrink before your head explodes.

  7. DePosada, a RINO, and everyone who thinks like he does, is degrading the hispanic community. Hispanics, like everyone else, are capable of independent thinking AND VOTING! Please don't insult them by grouping them all together as sheeple who blindly follow the Democrat Party. As for "immigration reform", the People want the border secured. What is it that liberals can't understand about that? Our legal immigration system doesn't need to be reformed. It works fine. We just need to deal with ILLEGAL ALIENS and stop their invasion of America.

  8. DePosada should be 'de pasada'aka -just passing by! And yes! I think somebody is getting paid to distract the Latinos away from voting -so the Republican and their rightist version -The Tea Party- may win!!