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March 6, 2015

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Harry Reid rips Sharron Angle’s silence on ‘Asian’ comments, TV ad

If you dodge the media as a Senate candidate, he says, ‘you shouldn’t run’


Steve Marcus

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid speaks during an early voting rally at UNLV Tuesday, October 19, 2010. Reid faces Republican challenger Sharron Angle in the general election.

Harry Reid Votes at UNLV

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, center, leads a group to an early voting polling place during a rally at UNLV Tuesday, October 19, 2010. Reid faces Republican challenger Sharron Angle in the general election. Launch slideshow »
Sharron Angle

Sharron Angle


Reid has been more accessible to the media than his Senate challenger. But he has largely stuck to appearances before friendly groups and has given few in-depth interviews to the media in recent months. On Tuesday, Reid says he held three news conferences.


Republican Sharron Angle has refused to speak out about a controversial ad encouraging Hispanics to stay home on Election Day. In response to outrage over the ad, Angle released a statement in which she ignores the ad but calls Sen. Harry Reid a hypocrite.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday leveled the harshest criticism of his opponent to date, blasting Republican Sharron Angle for failing to denounce a campaign ad that encourages Hispanics not to vote and for hiding from the media.

“Have you noticed that every time my opponent screws up — which is often — she goes into her bunker?” Reid asked the crowd of students gathered at UNLV, where the senator campaigned and voted. “If you can’t talk to the media when you’re running for U.S. Senate, you shouldn’t run. But if you made some of her comments, you’d go underground also.”

Reid had criticized Angle in campaign commercials but remained relatively mild in live attacks on his GOP challenger. Even during last week’s debate, he didn’t hurl any memorable zingers.

Not Tuesday. “It says a lot when someone who knows how wrong it is just sits in her bunker,” Reid said, referring to the controversial ad encouraging Hispanics to stay home on Election Day to register their displeasure over Democrats’ failure to pass immigration reform.

Reid himself hasn’t been a beacon of transparency. He has largely stuck to appearances before friendly groups, given few, if any, in-depth interviews to the media in recent months, and his campaign rarely releases his full schedule. At UNLV on Tuesday, Reid ignored a few students who shouted pointed questions at him, although he did speak to the media after an event with UFC figures Chuck Liddell and Dana White. It was Reid’s third news conference of the day, he noted.

Angle, on the other hand, regularly runs from reporters and as recently as last week switched vehicles and used the back door of a building to avoid the media.

Reid accused her of dodging reporters this week because she doesn’t want to answer questions about her remarks to a group of Rancho High School students (when asked about a campaign ad on illegal immigration showing people scurrying along a fence and Mexicans staring into the camera, she said, “I’m not sure those are Latinos.”) or explain why she hasn’t spoken out against the ad that encourages Hispanic voters to stay away from the polls.

“Can you think of anything less patriotic and more un-American?” Reid asked. “It’s the American thing to do — to vote. How can she possibly not speak out against what they’ve done?”

Univision refused to air the commercial on its television station and pulled the ad from its radio broadcast shortly after it debuted.

The group behind the ad, Latinos for Reform — an independent political organization that is not subject to disclosure rules — released two commercials that urge Hispanics to sit out the election. The group’s leader is Robert Deposada, a conservative pundit on Spanish-language Univision who helped President George W. Bush develop his plan to privatize Social Security.

Hispanic leaders gathered immediately to urge politicians to denounce the ads.

Angle issued a statement but remained silent on the ad at issue. Instead the campaign called Reid a hypocrite — citing a new Democratic ad encouraging voters not to take out their frustrations over the economy on the Senate majority leader — saying it amounts to “literally telling people to pound sand instead of voting.” “We encourage all Nevadans to vote and they should vote for Sharron Angle,” the campaign said.

Gubernatorial candidates Rory Reid, a Democrat, and Brian Sandoval, a Republican, denounced the ad.

“The ad being aired by Latinos for Reform is simply unacceptable,” Rory Reid said. “To discourage anybody from voting is purely despicable.”

“The television ad imploring Hispanics not to vote should be taken down immediately,” said Sandoval, himself a Hispanic. “It is outrageous and has no place in Nevada.”

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  1. to: UNLV-123

    No, that's not what the nation will think of Nevada voters. Where did you learn such convoluted logic? There are other Senate candidates on the ballot in addition to Reid and Angle. And there are the candidates for Congress, Governor, State Assembly, County Commissioner and other County Officals, School Board, Supreme Court Justice, and District Court Judges, and important State constitutional amendments on the ballot. And there are "none of these" choices. Not voting sends the WRONG message to the rest of the nation, and you are shirking your civic duty by not voting and encouraging others not to vote. GROW UP.

  2. Do any of you conservative geniuses realize this?

    "HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- What if a president cut Americans' income taxes by $116 billion and nobody noticed?"

    Now which president cut your taxes MollyM? Hint: this tax cut didn't come from a Republican...

  3. Sharron Angle is an embarrassment. Its clear from her record that she will vote her wacky belief system not represent Nevada. Her main accomplishment in 4 terms in the Legislature was to annoy people and be named the worst representative. Otherwise she accomplished nothing, zero nada, squat.

  4. There's a remarkable difference between these two.

    Senator Reid shows up to talk at UNLV. And he is much more available to the people and the media than his opponent ever will be. Sharron Angle would never, ever show up at UNLV to talk. And judging by her talk with Hispanic American students at Rancho High School, every single teenager in that room had considerable more brains and common sense than she will ever hope to aspire to have. Based on that, she wouldn't stand a chance with college students.

    Get out there and vote. Vote Reid. Vote straight Democratic ticket. Because that's the only hope we have for Nevada. To vote Republican is the same as jumping off of Mount Charleston without a parachute.

  5. mike johns...

    I guess you haven't noticed...
    Harry has been busy busy busy De-Bushifying the U.S.A.

    Has Joe Heck denounced that insipid, misleading, retarded "Viagra for Prisoners" ad?


    Hey Joe...
    You should lose the election for that ad alone.
    Shame on you, Joe Heck!!!

    Vote for Dina Titus instead, who has been TIRELESSLY WORKING FOR NEVADANS IN WASHINTON!
    Dina Titus is a true representative of "The People." Thank you, Dina Titus, for all of your hard work and efforts on Nevada's behalf. You truly deserve another term in Washington, D.C.

  6. voting for angle is the WORST thing nevada could do, creating a racial backlash that would be heard across the nation. the people of nevada would make a fatal mistake in creating another reason why NOT to visit vegas.

    You're ridiculous, Harry Reid is the guy who seems to think the word "negro" is still in style and his pal Obama, you know the "post-racial" guy. Well, he's the one running around appealing for votes based on people's ethnicity and gender. Race-baiting and gender politics all the Democrat party bigots have left.

  7. Sharron Angle has embarrassed the citizens of Nevada for too long. She has no clue that a thinking person sees through her like a glass of water.

  8. Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity all college drop outs...2 are self-admitted substance wonder ditto-heads don't understand the concept of: "statistical margin of error."

    Lastest hate this morning from Angle and Heidi Harris: "Take out the trash!" referring to Senator Reid as both "Christian" women laughed at the veiled threat. "Take out?" So much for loving one's enemies.

    Of course Harris is on the bigoted Beasley station were Review Journal columnist Wayne Alan Root referred to Reid as "a member of the Mormon Mafia." (2:44 PM on 10/15/2010 on 720AM)

  9. My gawd! When is all this childish grap going to end? Admittedly, Angle isn't the best but you want your Socialist Government? Then vote Reid!

  10. Mrs. Angle, for your information Latinos are not Asians !! We both just happen to be victims of Colonization in the last 500 years or so -before our Empires got destroyed and consumed by the always ambitious and disrespectful Conquistadors!!

    The European invadors showed so much ignorance and disrespect, such as when they discover the New World- they called us Indians, because of the color of our skin!!

  11. Oh "get over it!" No body is offending or insulting any race, nationality or skin texture. Jobs, economy, taxes etc should be the issues here. Latino's skin complection does resemble Asians. So what? I'm jealous. Wish I could be that dark.

  12. I'm intelligent enough not to be too fond of Angle but even more intelligent not to be sucked into a racist issue Reid is trying to do to gain votes. So my decision has to be based on weither I want the U.S. go Socialistic or not. NOT!