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January 27, 2015

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Joe Biden says Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell ‘extreme,’ blames GOP for economy


AP Photo/Scott Sady

Vice President Joe Biden speaks about the record of U.S. Senator Harry Reid, rear, during a support rally for the Democratic Senate Majority Leader at the University of Nevada, Reno campus Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010.

Updated Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010 | 2:01 p.m.

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Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Senator Harry Reid greet supporters during a support rally for the Democratic Senate Majority Leader at the University of Nevada, Reno campus Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010.

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RENO -- In the first critical week of early voting, Vice President Joe Biden used a 45-minute speech in Reno to convince Nevadans that the responsibility for the collapse of the economy doesn’t belong to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Biden also took more than a few swipes at Reid’s opponent Republican Sharron Angle, likening her to the Republican seeking his old Senate seat in Delaware, Christine O’Donnell.

“Having one person with such extreme views is not such a big deal,” Biden told the crowd of about 500 people. “But folks, folks they’re all over the place. This ain’t your father’s Republican Party.

“These women, mean it. They mean it. It would be different if it were a campaign tactic. But they mean it.”

Biden joins a steady stream of national surrogates — both Republican and Democrat — who are using Nevada to deliver the closing arguments of the mid-term elections.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin rallied in Reno this week and former Speaker Newt Gingrich campaigns for Angle in Las Vegas on Thursday. Former President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama have visited for Reid.

Biden argued the job for Nevada voters isn’t simply to protect one of the Democrats' most powerful incumbents, but to halt the wave of Tea Party candidates who would make it “more difficult to govern.”

“The Republican Party is in disarray,” Biden said. “That’s not good for Democrats. That’s not good period. It’s not good to see the Republican Party taken over by the Tea Party.”

In his opening remarks, Reid criticized Angle for her belief the doctrine of separation of church and state isn’t enshrined in the U.S. Constitution — harkening again to similar comments made by O’Donnell that have made national news this week.

“Two months ago she said, get this, that there’s no such thing in the Constitution as separation of church and state,” Reid said. “Try the First Amendment.

“If my opponent wants to run on her constitutional expertise, she should at least know what’s in it.”

Biden used most of his stump speech to deliver Democrats’ closing argument that while the economy is still suffering, they aren’t responsible for its collapse. Instead, he blamed the Bush administration and big banks.

Returning Republicans to office, he said, would return the policies responsible for collapse.

“I don’t remind you of this because I want to re-litigate the past, I remind you so we don’t relive the past,” he said.

But Angle spokesman Jarrod Agen said Biden isn't an effective messenger for Reid, particularly since Nevada's economy is struggling so badly.

"Nevada voters despise Senator Reid, so Harry has flown in his Washington, D.C. cronies to stick up for him. But ultimately, an appearance by Vice President Joe Biden will do more harm than good for Harry Reid because Joe is one of the main accomplices in destroying Nevada's economy," Agen said in a written release. "Spouting the same tired rhetoric we've all heard before, Biden ignored the fact that he was standing in a city struggling under the Obama Administration and a state with the worst unemployment in the nation. Voters fell for Biden's empty promises two years ago, but they won't be fooled again."

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  1. Oh, but it get's the dander of the crazies up when a Democrat speaks the truth, with convition...

    Republican/TeaBags...the truth is,


    Former President George W. Bush on Tuesday night defended his decision to bail out banks toward the end of his term, saying the call "wasn't that hard."

    "I made the decision to use your money to prevent the collapse from happening," Bush said during a speech in Tyler, Texas, according to reports from The Associated Press and other outlets.

    Read more:

    I find it quite amazing that this "carbon unit" would stand there and so boldly state that "I made the decision to use your money"..."wasn't that hard" and yet so many posters here would like to blame Senator Reid and President O'Bama for the Wall Street bail out.

    Talk about trying to rewrite history, or is this a preface to his new book?

  3. The economy went over the edge before Obama took office.The policys of Bush Jr. sealed our fate long before Obama thought about running for President.Starting 2 unfunded wars while cutting taxes for the wealthy and doing nothing while Health Care costs doubled during his 8 disastrous years condemed this country to being China's whipping boy.Sharon Angle???. You must be kidding.

  4. Best to leave this buffoon in the bar where he belongs.

  5. This line from the story is telling: Biden argued the job for Nevada voters isn't simply to protect one of the Democrats' most powerful incumbents, but to halt the wave of Tea Party candidates who would make it "more difficult to govern."

    That could be translated as Biden wants Nevada to keep a party tool in place so the Democrats can have an easier time cramming things down our throats.

    Harry Reid's priorities are no longer aligned with Nevada's, and haven't been since he became Majority Leader. For all the good he might have done in the past, he has traded it all for the trappings of power.

    THAT is why he needs to go.

    We all know the oft-repeated saying that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well, where does Harry fit on the curve between "power" and "absolute power" as Majority Leader?

  6. "That could be translated as Biden wants Nevada to keep a party tool in place so the Democrats can have an easier time cramming things down our throats."

    Could be translated as? He said it in plain English, there's no need to spin it, boftx.

    Why do republicans always insist on "translating" plain words?

    I believe what he was addressing was the very reason you support Sharron Angle: she's an overzealous obstructionist. She has a well-documented history of foregoing simple compromise and ignoring her constituents in the service of her extreme views.

    "so the Democrats can have an easier time cramming things down our throats. Harry Reid's priorities are no longer aligned with Nevada's, and haven't been since he became Majority Leader."

    Yet you support a woman who regularly votes against the wishes of her constituents? She has hard-nosed ideologies (such as her stance on forcing rape victims to give birth to their attacker's children) which a strong majority of Nevadans find abhorrent.

    Every single one of those 44-to-Angle votes are proof that she has no concern with representing her constituents, she only cares to represent her own narrow and selfish ideology.

    You're arguing against a vote for Sharron Angle.

  7. [So the idea that regulation helps the little guy is a total lie. ] ......................................till the oil spill or nuke spill or coal ash spill is prevented or some little guy doesn't get sick from the chemicals he is exposed to on the job working for the big corporations

  8. All those 44-to-Angle votes should prove that any fears that Democrats may have about her trying to phase out Social Security or take action on other, shall we say "unusual" positions are completely groundless.

    On the other hand, Reid wants to "reform" immigration (read make permanent the job loss due to illegal workers), and if he remains Majority Leader he will be in a position to make whatever backroom deals he needs to achieve that.

    Almost all of Reid's backers here on the Sun comments have said how powerful he is now. How much corruption does that power translate into?

  9. "Almost all of Reid's backers here on the Sun comments have said how powerful he is now. How much corruption does that power translate into?"

    If you want to fall back on trite cliches rather than reasoned argument, be my guest, but you're essentially arguing that Sharron's seeking office in order to become corrupted, since you seem to think - quite bizarrely - that anyone with authority or power is corrupt.

    Boftx, exactly how is Reid, himself, corrupt? What evidence do you have that he is corrupt? I'd be happy to argue with facts, rather than rhetoric.

    The entire power = corruption thing makes me giggle. That isn't even an argument, it's just a cliche.

    So you don't mind that Sharron regularly votes against the wishes of her constituents? That she's headed to Washington to pursue her own, extreme agenda without regard to what her constituents want?

  10. ksand, I have said several times that I detest some of Angle's views. That said, I think that Reid can do far more harm to Nevada and the country than Angle can.

    I consider Angle to be powerless when it comes to those views I detest. I can not say the same about Reid and his views that I detest. Therefore I would prefer to have Angle in the Senate instead of Reid, she is the lesser of two evils.

  11. Has anyone seen that debate between Tea Party candidate for Senate, O'Donnell and the Democratic candidate, Coons? How anyone can espouse the view that nowhere in the constitution does it provide for separation of church and state (O'Donnell, Angle) is stunning in its ignorance. I'm no constitutional scholar but shouldn't one have a basic understanding of the document if one is running for the senate? That debate between O'Donnell and Coons, and some of the statements by Angle regarding church and state are mind boggling.

  12. iamwinkler,

    Let me start my saying that I do not like the argument I am about to make, but it *is* legitimate. I personally believe that religion has no place in government or our laws.

    That said, the First Amendment says that Congress shall not establish a State Religion. Elsewhere in the Constitution it states that no test of faith shall be required to hold office.

    Nowhere does there actually appear the phrase or statement of the doctrine of "separation of Church and State." The doctrine has been inferred from what I said earlier. Many people feel that the doctrine has been taken too far and have advanced much better arguments than what I just summarized.

    There is some basis for those arguments when it comes to display of religious symbols for holidays and memorials on public property. Most of the arguments revolve around favoritism vs. prohibition vs. free speech. Prayer by students outside the classroom at lunchtime bible studies is another good example.

    O'Donnell's main problem was that she could not articulate the argument in a fashion that allowed others to consider what she said in a logical fashion.

    Now if you want to nail her for her ignorance of other amendments be my guest. :)

  13. Obama and Biden won't help Reid, especially when you start talking about unions. There is far more "buyer's remorse" in this town than elsewhere. Many of us wanted Hillary, not Obama, but unions and Reid changed that here in Nevada.

    We're already upset over the county union contracts, Obama just rubs our noses in it when he says he needs Reid. He's damned right he does, we could (and should) have had Hillary.

    It's time to give Obama the same advantage Bill had, a Republican Congress. It's time they all learned the meaning of "compromise" again.

  14. "It's time they all learned the meaning of "compromise" again."

    I'm sorry boftx, you're just entirely inconsistent.

    You can't, in one comment, decry the need for compromise, while in another, openly advocate a candidate whose track record is a refusal to compromise on anything. You think compromise is necessary, that's why you're voting for someone who refuses to compromise?

    Name ONE THING Angle has compromised on.

    Just one.

  15. Of course I can.

    It doesn't matter what Angle does, the rest of the party will override her when needed, and the Democrats will find it impossible to shut down a filibuster without working across the aisle.

    Angle does not represent the mainstream Republican Party, but she doesn't need to. The big problem right now is that both parties have to march in lockstep with their respective leadership. Moving towards more of a balance will mean that lockstep is no longer workable.

    If the Democrats retain control of the Senate, which they probably will, they will need to gain more than just 2 votes to break a filibuster. That will require real compromise.

    By the same token, the Republicans will need to avoid having the far right elements dictate their agenda, and to do that they will need to work with the Democrats to some extent.

    Having a *few* TEA Party people in there will force both mainstream groups to work together.

  16. Comment removed by moderator. Copyright.

  17. What do you do...what do you HAVE to do, if you don't have the solutions to the problems, laid before you?

    You exercise the only survival option that remains, you play...the BLAME GAME.

    The winner gets to collect unemployment benefits for 4 years, until the next round of...the BLAME GAME.

    There...does that explain this whole political thing a little better for you?

  18. I realize that most people don't like to think about it but when the TARP passed, it was passed by both houses of Congress and that meant that the Senate which Harry Reid controlled and Barack Obama was a member voted to pass it. Had Harry Reid not wanted this and had any control over the Democrats in the Congress, he could have stopped it. I have never held Bush blameless in that or many other areas but it is annoying to have people put all of the blame on him when a Democratic Congress was complicit in the deal. And Bush only used about half of the TARP money and handed the rest to incoming President Obama, so using or not using that is on him. We have people here talk about short memories but they seem to be as much (if not more) partisan than short.

  19. Bottom line here is that the Dems are scrambling for anything now and it's NOT WORKING! Oh yes, they'll wallow in the mud to find some nasty little tidbit. Just like yesterday I got a pre-recorded call, "this is a message from sharron angle", but my caller id said Nevada democratic party and the tape was totally messed up! Nice try-a failure to be sure! VOTE SHARRON ANGLE FOR SENATE!! VOTE LAURIE BISCH FOR SHERIFF!!

  20. floozy, what most people forget is that Reid and Pelosi refused to pass TARP without a minimum percentage of Republicans voting for it, too. The Democrats had the votes they needed to pass it on their own, but refused to do so. The Republicans have been blamed ever since.

  21. Sunday, January 20, 2013, the end of an error. With any luck the Reids will be gone sooner.

  22. I'll bet Heidi gets some good laughs as a result of the liberal loons who bad mouth her! And, aren't the libs wearing-out the word "extreme"? Biden says having conservatives in Congress would "make it more difficult to govern". Translation: It would be harder for the Marxist liberals to cram their socialist agenda down the throats of the American People and impose their tyranny upon this nation.

  23. sooooo ... biden appears to assist reid. oops! this obowma-standin thinks nevada is to be fooled yet again. however, that said, biden is correct (??) from the pelosi/reid/obowma philosophical location in that, for them, reversion to the middle is extreme ... and essential (!!) for the health of the entire country.