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March 3, 2015

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Harry Reid for Senate

Majority leader is the steady hand; Angle gives new meaning to extremism

The differences between the Democratic and Republican candidates in this year’s U.S. Senate race couldn’t be starker — and it’s difficult to imagine the stakes being any higher for Nevadans.

Harry Reid, a Democrat, is majority leader of the U.S. Senate. No Nevadan has ever held such influence in Washington — and in light of how much help we will continue to need from the nation’s capital in these trying times, we’re fortunate Reid is there, delivering financial assistance to our state. On a personal level, the senator is plain-spoken and someone who occupies the sensible center of American politics.

On the other side of the ledger is Sharron Angle, a Reno Republican who is the picture-perfect symbol of the radical right in American politics today. During her brief career as an assemblywoman in Carson City, she was a loner and even alienated nearly all of her fellow Republicans because her views were so extreme.

In normal times, this wouldn’t be much of a contest, and Reid would be able to count on considerable support in his bid for re-election. But these aren’t normal times. Nevada, without a doubt, has been the state hardest hit by the Great Recession. Many Nevadans are understandably angry and want to take out their frustrations on just about anybody who holds public office.

But the current economic situation is hardly Reid’s fault. If anything, the failed economic policies of the George W. Bush administration were principally responsible for where we find ourselves today. The combination of the Republicans’ massive tax cuts and the huge spending on the Iraq war also has put us in terrible shape.

In many respects, this contest is about values — specifically, which candidate’s values most closely are like those of Nevadans. If one simply looks at the facts, it’s clear that Reid, not Angle, shares the values of an overwhelming majority of Nevadans.

For example, on the issue of extending unemployment insurance, Angle claimed that extending benefits during one of this nation’s worst recessions would be wrong, contending it created “spoiled” Nevadans. In contrast, Reid understood that people were hurting and needed temporary help until the economy improves enough.

Reid has led the state’s fight against federal efforts to bury 77,000 tons of high-level nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, just 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The senator’s dogged determination and influence have paid off, as President Barack Obama this year withdrew the license application for the project. But just because the president listened to Reid, doesn’t mean it ends there. If Reid were defeated, rest assured that the nuclear power industry’s advocates would try to gather enough votes in Congress to pass legislation sending nuclear waste to Nevada. For her part, Angle isn’t opposed to man’s deadliest waste coming to this state. Now is not the time for cowardice and Angle’s call to surrender; now is the time for a leader who will continue the fight and help kill the Yucca Mountain project once and for all.

Angle also has said she wants to phase out Social Security and Medicare, two of the most important safety nets that Nevadans and all Americans rely upon. Angle also wants to eliminate key federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency. She additionally believes the new health care law should be repealed. Of course, while she vilifies the government, she has been receiving government-sponsored health care coverage through the insurance benefits of her husband, a former Bureau of Land Management employee. Talk about hypocrisy. And Angle had a miserable record of defending patients’ rights when she was in the Legislature, voting against bills that would have required health insurance companies to cover the costs of colon cancer screenings and providing coverage for autism.

On abortion, Reid is anti-abortion, but he believes if the mother’s life is in danger or if someone is the victim of rape or incest, it should be allowed. Angle takes an extreme view — she doesn’t believe in exceptions. When asked in an interview what she would say to a young girl who has been raped by her father, Angle said “two wrongs don’t make a right” and that girls who seek alternatives to abortion are turning a “lemon situation into lemonade.” This, apparently, is Angle’s twisted view of compassionate conservatism.

She has an alarming tendency to be reckless in her comments. During the Republican primary she casually talked about the prospect of an armed insurrection involving Second Amendment “remedies” in response to recent actions by Congress.

Angle has sought to distance herself from controversial comments and other positions she took in the primary. She even claims that Reid and those in the media are taking her comments out of context. But that is a lie. Reid’s campaign and news organizations are simply repeating her words — to devastating effect — and it’s only after she is criticized for her comments that she runs away from them as fast as she can. Angle is hardly a profile in courage. Indeed, she is a cynical politician, the very kind of politician that Tea Party activists usually rail against.

It’s obvious Angle thinks Nevadans are a bunch of rubes who won’t realize what’s going on here. Her Washington campaign handlers are working overtime to soften her image. Angle’s advisers — and her sycophants in the right-wing media — will tell you her political philosophy is in the “mainstream,” but that is laughable. Don’t be fooled by her smile. Angle is as radical as it gets in politics today — and that is saying something.

Plenty of voters this year are upset with how things are going — many are independents who want to send a message to Washington. But this isn’t a time to send someone to Washington who represents the radical fringe and doesn’t care about seeking common ground on some of the toughest issues facing our state and country — whether it’s negotiating to get Nevada a larger share of water from the Colorado River or bringing more jobs to the state, particularly those in renewable energy.

And, as Nevadans learn even more about Angle’s dangerous views, is it any wonder why a growing number of Republicans are taking the extraordinary step of publicly backing Reid? Some of the highly regarded Republicans endorsing Reid — and refusing to support the Angle — are state Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio, former Lt. Gov. Bob Cashell and former Nevada first lady Dema Guinn, who Friday also intimated that her late husband, Gov. Kenny Guinn, who died recently, would have backed Reid as well. These are individuals who Republicans have supported and trusted for decades in Nevada. For Raggio, it is the first time he has endorsed a Democrat in a major race. It may not have been easy for him as a Republican, but, as a Nevadan, he has put the state first as he has always done.

We need someone in Washington in a position of influence who understands what it means to be a leader — and who can shoulder the responsibility that comes with it. For those voters who truly want to send a message, vote for the candidate who shares the values of his fellow Nevadans: Harry Reid. The Las Vegas Sun endorses Harry Reid.

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  1. Well said, Sun. Sharron Angle is not fit to be a United States Senator.

    While in the Assembly, she regularly voted against the interests of her constituents, casting extreme vote after extreme vote. That's why her disappointed constituents refused to send her to Congress four years ago.

    Unfortunately, due to Senate rules like "unanimous consent," Sharron could wield unprecedented power in the United States Senate, placing holds on important legislation or appointments.

    Reid is not perfect, no politician is, but no one can deny that his position as Majority leader is a position Nevada should not want to give up, especially to replace him with a extremist backbencher in the minority party.

    Sharron's extreme and dangerous views have no place in the United States Senate.

  2. Harry Reid's been there too long. He no longer works for the people of Nevada, he works for Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

    This year the people have a chance to elect Sharron Angle -- she's one of us and will represent the people of Nevade very well.

    It's time for a change!

  3. So that's our choice...left or right?

    Who do you vote for...if they're BOTH wrong?

    I have often wondered if ANY of the great empires knew when their time was up...probably not.

  4. Note to my fellow Nevadans: John Ensign will still be in power for another two years. If you vote Sharron Angle into power for six years, how many of those years do you expect to spend counting the days until you get the chance to vote her out of power? And when 2016 finally comes around, will you once again find yourself saying, "Anyone but ..."

  5. The editorial is written fairly, and the Sun has made its preference clear.
    I won't deal with Sharron Angle's rather bizarre and extreme personal beliefs or her obvious inexperience being in the media spotlight. She is greatly weakened as a candidate by her personal ideas.
    However, she does come with one advantage over Senator Reid. Angle knows how to say no to spending, something Reid, like Obama, is incapable of.
    Having more "loners" in Congress might start to turn the orgy of spending around. The incumbents cannot stop spending.

  6. The teaparty nuts bash Islam, Scientology, but hold off on Mormonism, till one of them gets close to being President like Romney, then they circle the wagons. Obama condemned Rev. Wright, Angle won't condemn her anti-Mormon preacher.

    Schumer would make a better Senate leader anyway.

  7. A fool and a philanderer.

    That's what you'll have in Angle & Ensign.

    And this will benefit Nevada how, exactly???

    Gaffe after gaffe after gaffe.
    And yet, STILL she has a shot.

    Inexplicable, Confounding, defying all logic.
    Beyond belief.
    Juice Box?

  8. Angle seems like a disturbed person. It's interesting to me that she has such a close, evangelical relationship with God, yet the God of biblical times would never have carried a gun or voted Republican.

  9. So, the God of biblical times would have allowed abortions, same sex marriage and Harry Reid you say?

  10. what a flippin flip flopper . she changes her views every day . is it that she can't make up her mind as to what she believes in or does she claim to change her mind when the polls tell her it's a stupid position . or does she not remember what she said 5 minutes ago .

  11. @mikeygrr: And torching the oil wells. Well said. And facts to back it up.
    @Danram: I agree. Well said.
    @BillSanford: There's a lot of commies and Nazis here, too. No other community would put up with them. Thanks for supporting Vegas.
    @KeolaGop: Amen!
    @Wedo: (I can't remember what I was going to say. Lucky you.)

    The whole country is coming together against Harry Reid to support Sharron Angle.

  12. The Las Vegas Sun endorses Harry Reid for United States Senator? Say it ain't so!

  13. How come Louden has not backed Angle? How come Hannity has not come out to Nevada to back Angle.?

    "Comedian?" Dennis Miller came out to do a benefit for Angle and only 37 people showed up.

    How come Mike Huckleberry of Fox News has not had Angle on his show? Someone as boring as him?

    Why has Glen Buck not backed Angle? Is it because he is a Mormon and Angle does not want his support?

    How come Angle has stopped coming on the Alan Stock Show? She only goes on the Heidi Harris Show that has 13 listeners. Stock's has a bigger listener-ship with 43.

  14. If you want a job, don't vote for Reid.

    If you want to keep a job, don't vote for Reid.

    If you want a cost of living increase if you are a senior, do not vote for Reid.

    If you want a good family life, do not vote for Reid.

    Reid has destroyed America. Plain and simple.
    Don't vote for this senile chump.

  15. Delivering for Nevada

    Throughout his time in the Senate, Sen. Reid has secured hundreds of millions of dollars for vital Nevada projects that create jobs, improve infrastructure, advance cutting-edge scientific research and medical technology and help make Nevada a better place to live, work and raise a family. Some of the most recent projects funded thanks to Sen. Reid include:

    * Agriculture $275,000 for UNR's research initiative on Western crops and livestock through the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute
    * $211,000 for UNR's Great Basin Environmental Initiative
    * $269,000 to help Caron City rehabilitate land destroyed by the 2004 Waterfall Fire
    * $235,000 to fight invasive weeds through the Nevada Department of Agriculture's Cooperative Weed Management Program

    * Commerce, Justice, Science $750,000 to help the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police purchase police technology and equipment
    * $754,000 to help Clark County set up a KidsPeace therapeutic foster care center
    * $600,000 for a Regional Law Enforcement Training Facility for the Boulder City Police Department
    * $500,000 for a tactical robot and training facility for the Henderson Police Department
    * $300,000 for the second phase of North Las Vegas' records management equipment update
    * $400,000 to help Las Vegas reduce copper wire theft
    * $250,000 to form a substance abuse program for probationers through the Nevada Department of Public Safety
    * $200,000 for a foster care center for at-risk youth in Las Vegas
    * $200,000 for judicial personnel training at the UNR's Grant Sawyer Center
    * $2,720,000 for Reno's Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

  16. * Energy Projects $1,189,375 to help Clark County Schools develop a solar thermal system
    * $951,000 for energy and water sustainability research at UNLV
    * $1,427,250 to help UNLV digitize Nevada Test Site workers' records
    * $1,024,167 for biofuel research at UNLV
    * $523,325 for hydrogen fuel research at UNLV
    * $682,778 for geothermal energy development at the Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy
    * $2,560,410 for the Nevada System of Higher Education to coordinate renewable energy research at Nevada's research institutions
    * $475,750 for the Department of Energy to perform renewable energy planning at the Nevada Test Site.
    * $1,066,841 for water resources research at the Desert Research Institute
    * $713,625 for biodiesel research at the Desert Research Institute
    * $475,750 for the Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization to accelerate bringing renewable energy research and technologies to the marketplace.
    * $380,660 for the Carbon Neutral Green Campus Initiative at Nevada State College
    * $142,725 for to help- Las Vegas convert part of its fleet to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
    * $475,750 to help coordinate renewable energy research at the Desert Research Institute
    * $761,200 for solar lighting in the Clark County School District

    * Water Projects $4,780,000 to reduce flood damage, restore the ecosystem and improve recreation along the Truckee River
    * $2,500,000 to help determine how much rehabilitation is needed along the Truckee Canal
    * $3,500,000 for the restoration of Lake Tahoe
    * $18,000,000 for water quality and infrastructure projects in rural Nevada
    * $2,700,000 for the Las Vegas Wash/Lake Mead Program for restoration, habitat enhancement and water quality improvement activities.
    * $2,750,000 for the Water Reuse Facility in North Las Vegas
    * $300,000 for Walk River Basin water rights research through the Desert Research Institute
    * $300,000 for habitat monitoring in central Nevada's lakes
    * $92,000 wetlands restoration and development in the Lake Tahoe region
    * $15,048,000 for the Water for America Initiative

    * Interior Appropriations $1,500,000 for Elko's California Trail Interpretive Center
    * $650,000 to conduct a joint mineral assessment of northern Nye County
    * $250,000 for Lahontan Cutthroat Trout restoration and habitat work
    * $500,000 the EPA's Water Quality Improvement Program in Reno
    * $500,000 for a third Lake Mead water intake
    * $400,000 for wastewater system improvements in Henderson.
    * $300,000 for wastewater treatment facility improvements in Goldfield
    * $300,000 to improve the maintain the Reno-to-Tahoe Trail

  17. * Health Projects $571,000 to help the Access to Healthcare Network provide health care services to uninsured Nevadans
    * $571,000 to build a new emergency care center at the Boulder City Hospital
    * $381,000 to build a mobile mammogram unit for the Nevada Cancer Institute
    * $523,000 to help the Southern Nevada Health District respond to the hepatitis C crisis
    * $571,000 for UNR's Center for Molecular Medicine
    * $381,000 to build a facility at Touro University that will provide preventive treatment and health education to Nevada's senior population
    * $951,000 to help the Nevada System of Higher Education for the University of Nevada Health Sciences System bring nurses and other health professionals to the state

    * Education Projects $856,000 for dropout prevention and counseling in the Clark County School District
    * $856,000 for dropout prevention in the Washoe County School District
    * $618,000 to improve distance education in the Elko County School District
    * $285,000 to help the Nevada State College equip teachers to participate in distance education programs
    * $285,000 to help the Truckee Meadows Community College recruit first-generation, low-income students and provide them with mentoring and tutoring
    * $143,000 to help expand career and technical education programs in the Nye County School District
    * $24,000 to help expand early education services for low-income students in the Lincoln County School District
    * $24,000 to help recruit and train special education teachers through the Nevada Speech and Hearing Association

    * Transportation and Development Projects $1,254,000 to Reno for work on the I-580/US395 Meadowood interchange
    * $1,187,500 to Henderson for work on for the Starr Road interchange and extension to St. Rose Parkway
    * $475,000 for work on the Reno/Sparks Bus Terminal.
    * $855,000 for improvements on the Boulder City bypass
    * $475,000 for bus facilities in the lake Tahoe area
    * $475,000 for the Sloan to Apex interchange on I-15
    * $475,000 to Carson City for work on the V&T Railroad
    * $237,500 to Henderson for the second phase of Lake Mead Parkway
    * $608,000 to Wells for downtown redevelopment after last year's earthquake

    * Housing Projects $807,500 to help prevent home foreclosures in Southern Nevada
    * $190,000 for the Oliver Montello Affordable Housing Project in Reno
    * $190,000 for the Amargosa Valley Community Center in Ny County

    Defense Projects

  18. * Defense Projects $3 million for Hawthorne Army Ammunition Depot for the processing and disposal of Multiple Launcher Rocket System munitions
    * $1.6 million for the purchase of land mobile radios for the 98th Range Wing at Nellis Air Force Base
    * $4 million to upgrade unmanned threat emitters at the Nellis Air Force Base training range complex
    * $3.5 million to the Nevada Guard for counterdrug operations
    * $800,000 for the Scathe View Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance system for the Nevada Guard
    * $2.5 million for UNLV to conduct research into management of wounded servicemembers from initial air evacuation through rehabilitation
    * $1.6 million to the Nevada Cancer Institute of Las Vegas for research into novel approaches for reducing the severity of battlefield combined tissue injury
    * $3.1 million to University of Nevada School of Medicine for development of high speed blood and fluid transfusion equipment
    * $2 million to the Desert Research Institute in Reno, to conduct research on military operating environments
    * $240,000 to the University of Nevada, Reno, for research and development of new types of secure, encoded, tamper proof, high density media for use in ID cards, credit cards, and other applications

    * Military Construction Projects $30.8 million for the construction of a hangar and aircraft maintenance unit for the F-16 aggressor squadron at Nellis Air Force Base
    * $17.5 million for operations facility and infrastructure improvements for the F-16 aggressor squadron at Nellis Air Force Base
    * $9.8 million for the construction of an airfield fire rescue station at Nellis Air Force Base
    * $5 million for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter airfield pavements at Nellis Air Force Base
    * $16.2 million for the construction of the Unmanned Aerial Systems Operations Facility at Creech Air Force Base
    * $9.8 million for the construction of the Unmanned Aerial Systems Flight Simulator and Academics Facility at Creech Air Force Base
    * $9 million for the construction of a dining hall at Creech Air Force Base
    * $7 million for the construction of a Mission Support Facility at Creech Air Force Base
    * $6.5 million for infrastructure improvements at Creech Air Force Base, including the main gate and the sewage transfer facility
    * $11.375 million for the construction of a Nevada National Guard readiness center in Elko
    * $2.058 million for the completion of the design of Army National Guard Field Maintenance Shop in Las Vegas
    * $1.5 million for an OSHA-compliant, energy efficient paint booth at the Nevada Guard facility in Carson City
    * $33.9 million for the construction of an Army Reserve Center in Las Vegas

  19. how much will NO get you?

  20. Wow - where does the money for all that pork listed below by dollars?

    It comes from single moms with babies.
    It comes from two young college students
    It comes from workers who barely can put food on the table.
    It comes from seniors who don't get cost of living.
    It comes from people who have trouble heating their houses - although they have a minimum wage job.
    It comes from the guy working at McDonalds.
    It comes from the tax you pay on the clunker to get to work.

    What if - what if - we could have decided what is important to Nevada and keep our taxes lower; what if we did not have to pay for things for other states in the deals crooked Harry made. We would all be better.
    Just look at the pork Harry brought us - instead of bringing us jobs.

    Harry - Pensions should be cut; your salary should be cut - a bunch of millionaire liberals in congress - including yourself; and you take more tax money from single ladies.

    Stupid Harry - Stupid Libs - And Stupid Dollar List.
    Dump Harry.

  21. Harry Reid stole your jobs.
    He destroyed your home value.
    He stole money from seniors.
    He raised health insurance premiums.
    He hates citizens - loves illegals...
    Failed man -failed policies - failed creep.
    Dump Reid.