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January 27, 2015

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Wide disparity between Angle’s rhetoric and record on insurance mandates

GOP Senate candidate’s record shows she actually sponsored legislation for some mandates

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Sharron Angle speaks during a Senate candidate forum for Angle and Sen. Harry Reid on Sept. 23 at Faith Lutheran High School.

Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle has for months campaigned proudly on a bill she claims to have sponsored as an assemblywoman that would have eliminated Nevada’s insurance coverage mandates. The requirements drive up the cost of health insurance for everyone, she says.

In a candidate debate, before a newspaper editorial board and on her website, Angle has touted the bill to repeal mandates.

“If you go to my website, you’ll see my record,” Angle said at a Republican primary debate. “I introduced three bills. One would have taken off all of the mandates on insurance. That’s one of the solutions. We have to have a senator who will go and introduce something like that that says we don’t have mandated coverages on insurance.”

Angle’s position casts her not merely as a conservative, but one with a free-market alternative to the Democrats’ health care reform bill, which her opponent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, played a key role in passing this year.

However, there is a wide disparity between Angle’s rhetoric and her record.

An exhaustive search of Angle’s record as a four-term state legislator turns up no legislation to repeal the dozens of state mandates requiring insurers to cover such things as mammograms, osteoporosis and autism and several experimental cancer treatments.

Yet during her time in the Legislature, Angle proposed no fewer than five laws that would have required insurance companies to cover specific conditions, undermining her persona as an ideologically pure conservative who relentlessly pursues limited government policies.

She co-sponsored a bill to require insurance companies cover mammograms and another bill, which she later voted against, to cover osteoporosis treatment. She co-sponsored legislation that would have required an insurance company to continue covering the treatment of a patient if the company’s contract with the provider was canceled before the treatment was completed.

She was primary sponsor of legislation that would have required insurance companies to cover not only the adult children of policyholders, but their parents too if their incomes were below the federal poverty limit.

Angle’s campaign largely ignored multiple requests for comment on her contradictory positions on insurance mandates. The campaign’s only response was to point the finger at Reid, who has used Angle’s erroneous claims in an attack ad.

“Reid’s campaign made a false ad, they have no evidence of the bill they reference,” spokesman Jarrod Agen said in an e-mail. “Obviously, they are lying again.”

Indeed, Angle’s record does undermine Reid’s latest television ad, which accuses her of “trying to repeal the law that requires insurance companies to cover mammograms.” Reid’s campaign based the ad on Angle’s repeated public comments about sponsoring legislation to repeal mandates.

When asked by the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s editorial board about her rational for voting against mandates for mammograms and colonoscopies, Angle again touted her phantom legislation.

“Remember that one of the things that we’ve always said would be a good health care cost reform is to eliminate mandated coverages,” Angle said. “That was one of the things that I even had a bill to remove those mandates here in the state.”

According to her actual record, Angle co-sponsored and voted for Assembly Bill 163 in the 1999 legislative session that imposed the mandate. That same session, she co-sponsored but voted against Assembly Bill 162, which mandated coverage of osteoporosis.

Angle’s campaign has engaged Reid on health care, viewing the recently passed federal legislation as a weakness for the incumbent. Polls show voters are strongly opposed to the Democrats’ health care law, which Reid authored and maneuvered through the Senate.

Angle has criticized the legislation, which she and other conservatives refer to derisively as “Obamacare,” as an example of government overstepping its bounds.

Yet Angle’s 2001 effort to provide health insurance to low-income people would have gone a step further than the Democrats’ new health care law by requiring the coverage of adult children up to the age of 30. That bill, which also would have allowed chambers of commerce to provide health insurance, never received a hearing.

In 2003, she co-sponsored a bill that would have prohibited insurance companies from refusing to pay for treatment that it already authorized, also a key part of the Democrats’ health care legislation.

“When you look at Sharron Angle’s actions they’re not only very different from what she said she sponsored, but are very much in line with key parts of Obamacare,” said Eric Herzik, a political scientist at UNR.

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  1. How is anyone to know what crazy ANgle really stands for? She says one thing on video and boldfaced denies it. Then her voting record implies something else. There is NO conviction in this candidate. Her ideology seems to be simply what suits her that day!

    In the end, Nevadans will never elect such an obviously demented candidate!

  2. From Delwares News Journal: ... But while she has lowered her profile to a local level, her campaign donors to date are mainly outside Delaware, according to federal campaign reports."We are being manipulated by people outside of this state. This isn't about Delaware anymore," said Mell, a Castle supporter. "We're the platform. We're the stage. We've been sucked up into a national fight and all we are at the end of the day is potential collateral damage." ...Ms. Chriatine O'Donnell's campaign.

    People of the Great State of Nevada can you see the parrallel...we must not let this happen to us.

    I'am going to the John Stewart's 'Rally To Restore Sanity', because come November 3rd after Senator Reid is reelected, this is the path we will have to take.

  3. @ghp2006 "ANYONE with the least amount of intelligence can CLEARLY see that all of Dirt Harry's attack ads have taken Angle out of context."

    Yep, videos of Angle speaking are obviously out of context. So, yes, the people with the least amount of intelligence will obviously be voting for Angle. The rest of us will vote for Reid.

  4. "I actually voted for the mandates before I voted against them."

    Guess she'll have to go on talk radio to clarify her double talk ...yo Bill, Heidi, Alan...time to prop-up your losing candidate again.

  5. The teabag republicans probably won't get 50 let alone 60, which is what it takes in the Senate, and they already said they won't end health coverage for children with pre-existing conditions, etc.

    If government insurance is bad, why don't the Angle's give up theirs??

  6. "Dearborn, Michigan, and Frankford, Texas are on American soil, and under Constitutional law. Not Sharia law. And I don't know how that happened in the United States. It seems to me there is something fundamentally wrong with allowing a foreign system of law to even take hold in any municipality or government situation in our United States."..quote Ms. Angle at a Mesquite Navada rally last Wendnesday.

    Ms. Damon, would you please be so kind as to inform Ms. Angle that there is no city of Frankford, Texas.

    By 1890 the town had a population of 1904 the Frankford post office closed and in 1907 it's Lodge Hall moved to Addison. The City of Dallas annexed the area in 1975.

    Another poor job of fear mongering...I truly hope she is not paying her handlers for what they are worth, because most banks won't cash that check .01 cent.

  7. I actually started laughing, when it was proposed that health care be required...under penalty of an exorbitant, ridiculous, violation fee.

    My partner and I were insurance brokers in San Diego, when the insurance companies got the law passed to make car insurance, a legal in the land of the "free."

    My partner, Orvalle just shook his head and mumbled, "There goes the neighborhood. What a coup!"

    Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum / Republican, Democrat, / privatized insurance, government insurance...long-term, the money will float into the same pockets.

    Democracy was founded on the fuzzy concept of freedom (while slaves toiled in the field. It was later discovered that the slaves were actually "people.")

    Democracy was founded on "equality."

    Income tax was supposed to redistribute the wealth.

    Once an "elite class" is established, there IS no fuzzy freedom, real distribution of the wealth or "equality."

    At least with the Commies and Nazi regime, you could clearly identify the enemy.

    Now...we have the right to VOTE for our masters.

    That's funny...well, kinda.

  8. Crazy Sharron Angle's running on a record that doesn't exist? Do we need any more proof that she is completely divorced from reality?

    She claims to hate insurance mandates yet sponsors and co-sponsors bill to enforce them?

    Her supporters calling Reid a liar, when it's evidenced that she's been declaring she did things she never proposed? Hypocrites.

  9. A legend in her own mind.

  10. ANGLE RUNS ON HER RECORD!! What a novel idea! Who-else runs on their record? Certainly not one Harry Reid! I have a question for those who can't see the obvious choice for Senator from Nevada:---Are you paying attention?----Or do you have a ring in your nose?

  11. What's with all the comments about a record that doesn't exist with Sharron Angle? She has a very conservative record! And, conservatism is our only hope for turning-around the socialism movement, led by the king, Reid and Polosi! Wake-up, liberals!

  12. Why should there be mandates on insurance coverage? Minimum requirements, of course, but one-size-fits-all-policies? Makes about as much sense as mandating that everyone who goes to the grocery store has to buy the same amount of bread, milk, eggs or other commodities. Different households have different needs. As a male, I don't need maternity coverage but do need prostate coverage. The opposite may be true for a female. Another thing, let health insurance companies sell across state lines just as casualty companies do. Limiting competition and then weeping bcause there isn't enough is just plain nuts!

  13. I think it's absolutely hilarious all the comments that try to justify Sharron Angle.

    If you ask me, it's a full time job that requires a battalion of spin doctors and handlers.

    The funniest one is that Senator Reid always quotes her out of context. I have tried to look for any signs of validity to that. I can't find any. Sharron Angle's words seem to pile up. One on top of the other. And I don't really see anyone misquoting her. Fingers can be pointed all over the place, blame thrown all over Nevada, but the simple truth of the matter is...SHE says this crazy stuff. And SHE believes it.

    And then when she gets caught, she relies upon her time honored campaign slogan for this Senate race: "That's not what I said."

    The truth of the political matter nowadays is that the Tea Party and the Republican Party are inseparable. Joined at the hip. It's like a marriage made in hell.

    And because there is nothing for them to work with, there seems to be a compelling need to jump up and down and scream all the time with lies, keep repeating them, along with rhetoric along party lines. They want to float this idea that I'm supposed to hate Senator Reid. And hate him because he does his job. And because of this blind hatred that has no justification at all, I'm supposed to vote in someone that is a complete nutjob. Makes no sense.

    The Republican Party failed us before. They are STILL following that trend. They offered misery, frustration and hopelessness and economic devastation before. They offer the same now.

    And if voted in, it will get worse. As I am typing this, their new plan is to hold the entire of America hostage, including the middle class, making EVERYONE suffer...just so the top 2 percent filthy rich in America don't have to pay taxes...and these taxes that will go back to normal levels...can be EASILY afforded by them...taxes that will help get us out of our economic devastation we are in now. They choose to seek failure for the middle class, just to appease the rich. Makes no sense.

    I'm for Senator Reid. Because to vote for Sharron Angle would take us to a creepy, dark, scary place.

    We need to separate October 31st (Halloween) from November 2nd (Mid Term Election Day). There is a compelling need for a clear division between those two days. And I'm keep them separated. I'm voting for Senator Reid. Not Michael Myers' mother.

  14. If you have a wife, sister, or daughter who is raped and gets pregnant, you can count on Angle to have government force her to have the baby. After all, the female can "make lemonade."

    Angle wants less government in our lives?

    This woman is a disgrace, only surpassed by Mr. Family Values "Wild John" Ensign.

    Ensign and Angle representing Nevada? Wake up Nevada.

  15. What is with this newfound republican strategy that health care should be "ala carte"?

    "I'm ONLY gonna pay for stuff I think I might get!"

    I guess it fits right in with their mantra;

    I, ME, MINE!

  16. My neighbor and I were having a discussion about Sharron Angle, which he supports and I oppose. He feels that Ms.Angle is correct that we should not have to pay for mandated things like, Mamograms, Colon cancer screen, Autism and Maternity benefits and numerous other mandates that the Insurance Companies keep raisng their premiums over, after all he does not use them. I feel that if we want to provide these benefits for the taxpayers we have pay the premiums. It he got all upset at me for not agreeing with him. I told him that is like me having to pay school taxes when I do not have any kids in school, I pay them so all the children can go to school and have the chance to get a better education and do not whine about it. To me that is the difference between Democrats and Republicants. The real problem is the greed of the big companies (insurance and banking) and the Republicants trying to shield them from having to paying taxes which enables them to give out those huge bonuses and the half a million dollar weekend junkets to some luxury spa or resort, which is done at the taxpayers expenses one way or the other.

  17. Gotta love the Angledolts who believe voting for someone who can't remember her own record (putting it kindly) or a liar (someone who is desperate enough to win an election that she'll say anything) is better than voting for Harry Reid.