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January 30, 2015

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Harry Reid: Election results show Americans want bipartisanship


Steve Marcus

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid listens to a question from a reporter during a news conference at Vdara Wednesday, November 3, 2010.

Harry Reid news conference - Nov. 2010

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid responds to a question during a news conference at Vdara Wednesday, November 3, 2010. Launch slideshow »

The Senate race between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle was characterized by some of the most vitriolic, negative, mudslinging campaigning that took place during a 2010 midterms, marked by bitter divisions across the country. But by the morning after his win, Reid seemed to have forgotten all of that, boiling his promise for the future down to a single concept: bipartisanship.

"I think the main message that we should have received last night ... is that the people of Nevada and the American people want us to work together," he said.

Addressing a roomful of reporters at the Vdara hotel at CityCenter, which became the backdrop of choice for his campaign, Reid delivered short political eulogies for his colleagues who lost their seats to Republicans, and a sigh of relief over those who squeaked out wins, but mainly focused on laying out his agenda -- in general, bordering-on-vague, terms -- and strategy for governing.

"Now it's time to get back to work, do what is needed to re-right the economy and create jobs," he said. "I'm hopeful and confident that when the dust settles that the Republicans will no longer want to stop everything and we'll work together."

There's nothing particularly remarkable about a politician talking bipartisanship the day after winning an election.

But in the coming Congress, a compromise-driven approach is an ingrained prescription for getting anything done. It takes two houses of Congress to pass laws, and while Reid's Democrats maintained their dominance of the Senate, the House is going to be led by Republicans -- with several tea partiers in their ranks.

"There is a message out there, and the message is that people are struggling," Reid said. "It is difficult. And there's no place that's more difficult than Nevada."

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  1. It's a little hard to be bi-partisan when just last week conservatives were told by the President to sit in the back of the bus.

    Where was his/their bi-partisan then?

  2. "I'm hopeful and confident that when the dust settles that the Republicans will no longer want to stop everything and we'll work together." - Reid

    You have to do your part, too, Harry. Stop trying to ram unwanted legislation thru on top of critical bills. Get back to basics and genuine compromise.

    Obama's political fate is now in *your* hands.

  3. The Dems had the house and senate since Jan. 2007, plus the oval office since Jan. 2009. The repubs could not have stopped anything even if they wanted to. At least now gridlock will help substantially.

    Just keep an eye on the lameduck session.

    P.S. I really like Marco Rubio from Florida.

  4. Just today, calls for bipartisanship and compromise were rejected by republican Orrin Hatch.

    Funny that the Angle crowd, who wanted to elect one of the most far-right, inflexible politicos in recent memory, are clamoring for bipartisanship now.

    Harry was reelected. Nevada voters approve of his work.

  5. "The repubs could not have stopped anything even if they wanted to."

    Revisionist history. Is this why Jim DeMint from the republican MINORITY was blocking ALL legislation?

    Is that why DeMint blocked subpoena power for BP investigators?

    "On the Senate floor, Republican Jim DeMint blocked a move to bring up a Democrat-sponsored bill that would have granted subpoena power to the White House oil spill commission. A similar measure passed the House last week by a vote of 420-1. A spokesman for DeMint said the South Carolina senator himself does not object to giving the commission subpoena power, but was acting on behalf of "members of the Republican conference." "

    Thomas, you have no idea what you're talking about.

  6. We really don't need Congress. Bernanke is having the Fed buy Bonds. If we upset the international monetary system, everything will collapse. So China, Europe and Japan will call the shots. Other than a bunch of broke consumers with no money, and a over-stretched military, the USA has nothing. Like a individual racked up on credit cards, the USA is trapped.

  7. Mr. Reid, I voted for you. I'm a yellow dog democrat. I voted for you in spite of my observations of the number of times you let this quest for "bipartisanship" that you and my president share march you down a path where you let republicans decimate meaningful parts of significant legislation in order to bring it to a vote. I think you think that if you include some of their madness in the legislation, or take out segments of the legislation that the money givers and takers don't like, they will support it. Mr. Reid, have you yet noticed that after they play their "weaken the legislation" cards, they still vote AGAINST the legislation. Wake up man. And now, you have misread the intent of the voters. Voters want bipartisanship is a crock, and I believe that deep down inside you, you know that to be true. Speaking for myself and myself alone, I often wonder what happened to that part of the preamble to the constitution that said, "promote the general Welfare". It said promote the "GENERAL" welfare, not promote the "CORPORATE" welfare.

  8. This guy is unbelievable.

    The Democrats get trounced and instead of seeing it as a rejection of the Liberals idiotic policies he spins it into complete drivel and claims....."a vote for bipartisanship". Wow!!!!!

    This proves that the Liberals suffer from a mental disease.

    Sharron Angle lost the day she won the primary. The Democrats did a great job of marginalizing a marginal person. Whoopee, what's next, Obama will declare his policies are just misunderstood.

    Your might call the Republicans obstructionist, but the true villains are the destructionist Libs.

  9. As usual, Harry Reids definition of "Bipartisanship" is: Republicans rolling over on their bellies and caving in to whatever Democrats demand they cave in to.

  10. HA the right wingers FAILED. The fact that they didn't take over BOTH the Senate and the House can only be looked at as a failure. And the lies and deflection and talking points you see from the right in this thread simply didn't work. Yet the right wingers spewing this stuff keep doing it anyway. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Yeah and Angle was the crazy, out of touch one. I believe Obama used the word "shellacking".

  11. I think this about covers it:

  12. Harry,...its great that you won because Angle is NUTS,...however moving forward,...dump the bipartisan nonsense. It hasn't worked nor will it in the future with the corporate owned Republican party. Boehner isn't working with you, Obama or any Democrat because they hate Americans and this country. His only concern is money, power and extending any olive branch is a complete waste of time and energy.

    The Democrats,...Our President, and you yourself need to fight and have a spine,...anything less is failure

  13. Fellow Conservatives, I don't have to add a thing. You have said it all and well. Thank you.

  14. The teapots will go against the established order, cause a financial crisis and then they will be taken to their nursery and given a spanking by a few of the adult Republicans. The teapots will be as irrelevant as Perot.

  15. Even the last PPP poll (a Democratic outfit) showed Angle ahead by 1 point. And they had showed Reid up by 3 in the poll prior to that.

    If anything, it shows a failure in methodology. And for that, we can all say thank you that they don't seem to call cell phones.

  16. Bull!

    Results in NV show 4 things:

    1. Obama pulled out every trick in the book including using his wife to get Hapless Harry reelected.

    2. Reid took money and support from unions who forced workers to vote for him through lies, innuendo, extortion of employers and promises of payback. Again.

    3. The Tea Party picked a poor candidate. Angle put her foot in her mouth almost as often as Joe Biden. Her late race gaffs with the Latino and Asian commercial and comments broke the camels back. She was painful to watch. Any number of better offerings might have won.

    4. The local media was and is biased, did a hit job on Angle while protecting Reid. Including the Sun. While every possible negative was overblown and spun against her Reid was handled like a new born, protected and defended. Neutral conveyors of facts the Sun and others are not.

    Almost 60% of folks polled said Reid needed to go and did not have their confidence. They just couldn't find an alternative they could live with.

  17. BRASS,

    And your point is? Almost every single person who voted for Angle will agree with you, as will probably half the people who voted for Reid (though few will admit it out loud.)

    This election is over and we just have to deal with it til 2012.

    I urge you (and others who are not happy about the choice we had to make) to look at the Modern Whigs.

  18. ksand, "Harry was reelected. Nevada voters approve of his work."

    You can't have it both ways. Either Sharron was nuts as you posted ad nauseum or your statement above is true. I held my nose and voted for Angle while others held their butt cheeks and voted for Harry.

  19. Las Vegas voted to keep Reid there Senator.The voters expect perks for Vegas. His power is nothing now. They made a mistake rewarding a Ubama follower.Communist countries are disasters.

  20. The teapots will go against the established order, cause a financial crisis and then they will be taken to their nursery and given a spanking by a few of the adult Republicans. The teapots will be as irrelevant as Perot.


    Shhhhhhhh, mred. Please don't let them know they are going to mean nothing against the "established order" of the Republican party. They believe they will have a complete say in things.

  21. This is a quote from the AP in the local paper today:

    "Barely an hour after Obama invited congressional Republicans to post election talks to work together on major issues, the Senate's GOP leader had a blunt message: His party's main goal is denying Obama re-election."

    So the next two years NOTHING is going to be done that was promised by all the Republican (and Tea Party) candidates to the voters. The next two years is going to be filled with mud slinging and infighting just so they can parade their own candidate infront of the world in 2012. Yeah, maybe it will be Sara Palin - then Obama will definitely get relected.

    The whole Country will suffer since those who were elected will not be doing their jobs.

  22. To bad we won't get it. The people are the very last ones the Republicans listen to.