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April 1, 2015

Sen. Harry Reid wins fifth term against anti-incumbent fervor


Steve Marcus

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gives a victory speech during a Democratic election party at Aria on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010.

Updated Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010 | 2:05 a.m.

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At the Polls: Voter Choices

The Sun exit polled voters at three polling stations throughout the valley to find out who voters were choosing for the hotly contested Senate race between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle, the Governor race between Rory Reid and Brian Sandoval, the 3rd District Congressional race between Dina Titus and Joe Heck and the 1st District Congressional race between Shelley Berkley and Kenneth Wegner.

Harry Reid victory

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gives a victory speech during a Democratic election party at Aria on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010. Launch slideshow »

Election 2010 - Republican Party

Sharron Angle arrives with her husband, Ted, to give her concession speech at the Republicans' election-night party early Wednesday at the Venetian. Launch slideshow »

Victory for Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will return to office after beating Tea Party-endorsed Republican challenger Sharron Angle in Nov. 2 midterm elections. Watch highlights of Senator Reid's acceptance speech and moments from the Democratic celebration as it finally wound down Tuesday night at Aria Resort and Casino.

Harry Reid's victory speech

Harry Reid gives his acceptance speech after winning the race for U.S. Senator.

Harry Reid on Election Day

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid speaks to volunteers during a stop at his campaign headquarters in Summerlin Tuesday, November 2, 2010. Launch slideshow »

In a signature display of tactical prowess and tenacity, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s methodical and at-times Machiavellian campaign plan, years in the making, allowed him to survive an anti-incumbent wave Tuesday, in which his party lost control of the U.S. House and left him with a thin majority in the U.S. Senate.

Reid not only overcame the lethally-low approval rating that had pundits locally and nationally declaring his pursuit of a fifth term hopeless, but also successfully inoculated himself against the fervent Tea Party movement that had found a champion in Republican challenger Sharron Angle.

“Yes, we did,” Reid told a cheering crowd at Aria on the Las Vegas Strip, where Democrats gathered to watch election returns. “Today Nevada chose hope over fear.”

Yet Nevada voters showed little enthusiasm in returning the quintessential incumbent to office.

“Harry Reid always seems to find a way to win,” GOP strategist Greg Ferraro said. “He never wins big and he never wins pretty, and the rumors of his demise are always greatly exaggerated. He always finds a way.”

This time around, Reid’s path to re-election began with a sustained investment in party infrastructure, continued with a varied effort to clear the field of formidable opponents and culminated with the domination of his opponent.

By Tuesday, voters may have remained disgusted with Reid and unhappy with his pursuit of a Democratic agenda, but — thanks to Reid’s $20 million effort to define his opponent as extreme and dangerous — their disgust with Angle ran deeper.

“I can’t believe she was even on the ballot,” said Alice Hatfield, a Las Vegas Republican who voted for Reid. “Doing away with Social Security, Medicaid, privatizing the VA — no way. Harry needs to go, but there’s nobody on the ballot to replace him.”

Aware that his leadership position would increase the negative opinion of him among Nevada voters, as well as saddle him as a top national target, Reid began working as early as 2005 to build a campaign organization to withstand the political forces that would align against him.

He identified top Republicans who posed a significant danger, and helped to land them important appointments to keep them out of the race, such as the federal bench in the case of then-Nevada Attorney General and now Gov.-elect Brian Sandoval or the Ways and Means committee for U.S. Rep. Dean Heller.

Add to that a decimated Nevada GOP, and Republicans failed to field a single formidable candidate, and instead had a crowded primary of B-listers.

Again, Reid’s campaign prowess kicked in, leading to the defeat of the more moderate front-runner, Sue Lowden, and clearing the way for Angle, who was easier for him to define and marginalize.

However, Nevada’s economy continued to collapse, and the typical midterm antagonism for the party in power evolved into outright hostility, nationally and at home.

Against that backdrop, Reid’s path to victory seemed more than uncertain. Angle quickly rallied after her primary win and set about raising more than $14 million, which she used to pummel Reid on the economy and immigration.

But even with ideal circumstances for an upset, her effort fell short.

In a reflection of the bitter destroy-the-opponent-at-all-costs ad war that characterized the race, many voters interviewed at polls across the state said they hated both choices. Reid’s campaign seized on that dynamic, driving a wedge between Angle’s fervent base and moderate Republicans, who found her unacceptable.

“I’ve watched Sharron Angle and she’s nuts,” said Reno Republican Richard Hill, who voted for Reid.

In a telling statistic, 3,000 more Republicans than Democrats voted early in Angle’s home Washoe County, but Reid still trounced her in early voting returns.

Many Angle voters saw their ballot choice more as a protest of Reid’s policies than an endorsement of Angle’s views.

“I’m not 100 percent Sharron Angle, but I am 100 percent against Harry Reid,” said Joseph Gomez, a Reno retiree who cast his vote for Angle.

“I’ve been in this state 35 years and I’m sick of Reid,” said Zach MacDowell, a Las Vegas Republican who voted for Angle. “He shut me down when I worked at the test site, and I think Yucca Mountain should be up. That’ll bring a lot of jobs to Nevada.”

Click to enlarge photo

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, with his wife Landra, gives a victory speech during a Democratic election party at Aria on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010.

Similarly, Reid voters seemed more convinced by the Democrat’s effort to cast his opponent as an extremist than his argument that Nevada could use his seniority.

“I voted for Reid reluctantly, because he’s a henchman for Obama,” said Lawrence Levine, a Las Vegas Democrat. “Nevada had a real problem with the two candidates on the ballot. Angle revealed that she’s no kind of leader.”

Hispanic voters proved key to Reid’s victory.

Despite earlier polling data that indicated Hispanics would skip this election, exit polls showed they accounted for a record 16 percent of total voters.

That turnout was likely backlash to an ad aired by a Republican operative explicitly telling Hispanics not to vote, as well as inflammatory ads from Angle’s campaign that used images of Hispanic youth dressed as gang members.

Xavier Caballos, a Mexican immigrant and Las Vegas Democrat who voted for Reid, said Angle had tried to make people like him look dangerous.

“That was the final straw,” said Gilberto Ramirez, a Reno concrete worker who recently obtained his citizenship and voted for the first time. “She was depicting me as a gang member. I served seven years in the Marine Corps.”

Reid’s political career has been as much a history of close scrapes as smooth landings.

He lost his first U.S. Senate race in 1974 by 600 votes. He won his 1998 Senate re-election against John Ensign by an even narrower 428 votes.

Even his closest friends admit that Reid is, and always has been, a terrible campaigner. But even his sharpest critics don’t necessarily question his dedication to the state of Nevada.

“We really respect Reid for the way he stood up to the big gangs years ago,” said Don Cooper, a Las Vegas Republican who voted for Angle. “But the last few years he’s gotten too liberal. I wish to heck Angle had not run, but it’s the least of two evils.”

Other voters, however, said Reid’s leadership role distracted his attention from the state.

Click to enlarge photo

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid celebrates with supporters after a victory speech during a Democratic election party Tuesday at Aria.

“I just don’t think we can stand any more nonparticipation in our state,” said Steve Zielinski, a Reno Republican.

Reid’s career has spanned many sea changes in Washington, and the erstwhile senator has adapted to become a product of his environment, especially as he rose through the ranks of his party to take over its top post.

Today, being a “centrist” sometimes means being a spoiler, but as far as the Democratic Party goes, Reid has a history of being close to its center. Historically, he broke with his party to support gun rights, the death penalty, missile military spending, and take a staunchly anti-abortion position.

But as he moved through the ranks, Reid began to embrace some of the more liberal policies of the Democratic Party. Perhaps most marked was his shift on immigration policy. He opposed the 1986 bill that granted amnesty to undocumented immigrants in the United States; but in 2007, he led the effort, working across the aisle with Republican senators like South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham and Arizona’s John McCain, and pulling out every arcane legislative strategy he could to push a comprehensive bill through.

As leader, many say Reid epitomized how to run a caucus in difficult times. He was tough enough to demand party loyalty for certain votes, but smart enough to know when things were a lost cause. He played his hand, persuasive or punishing, behind the scenes for the most part, letting other senators rise and fall in public.

But even as Reid changed with the times, in his congressional role, he remained at heart a senator of the old guard, which means being governed by one golden rule: state first.

In recent years, his clout as majority leader has helped him further causes in Nevada’s interest. It was due to Reid’s influence, for example, that so many stimulus dollars and government loan guarantees were steered to Nevada to ensure that the newest wave industry in the United States — renewable energy — would get a special edge in the Silver State.

But there’s no question what Reid was most passionate about as a local issue: the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository.

Click to enlarge photo

Sharron Angle is joined by her husband, Ted, while delivering her concession speech at the Republicans' election-night party early Wednesday at the Venetian.

Reid, not one to seek out the limelight, made his mark on the issue during his first year as a senator, when he attempted to stage a filibuster of the annual energy appropriations bill to keep it from designating Yucca as the country’s only nuclear waste dump site. The “Screw Nevada” bill eventually passed, but 27 other senators joined Reid in voting against it.

Today, he is credited with steering the Obama administration through every administrative step possible toward finally killing the controversial project.

Reid’s turnout efforts focused strongly on the Hispanic community, a key swing demographic in Nevada elections. Early polling suggested Hispanics wouldn’t turn out because of frustration with the economy and a lack of movement on immigration reform.

Meanwhile, Republicans launched an effort to convince voters that choosing “none of these candidates” would help Reid — a message that seemed to penetrate.

“We just don’t have a very good choice,” Steven Zielinski, a Republican who voted for Obama in 2008, said shaking his head. “But (none of the above) would be a non-vote. You might as well vote for Reid.”

Excerpt from Reid's speech Tuesday night:

"Today Nevada chose hope over fear. Nevada chose to move forward, not backwards. Nevada made this choice because we know it's not about us versus them. It's about every Nevadan, all of us, in this together.

"Today you made possible what many called impossible and I'm grateful you did, not for me but for the future we all share as Nevadans.

"It's always been my honor to represent the state, to serve the state and to fight for the state and to fight for each of you. And friends, I'm not finished fighting. In fact, tonight I'm more determined than ever.

"You see I've been in some pretty tough fights in my day. They've been in the street, in a boxing ring, and in the United States Senate. But I have to admit, this has been one of the toughest. But it's nothing compared to the fights families are facing all over Nevada right now. This race has been called but the fight is far from over.

"The bell that just rang isn't the end of the fight. It's the start of the next round.

"I know that a lot of Nevadans feel like they've been counted out. But you know I know what that's like. I've taken on powerful forces ... I've run into some tough elections no one thought I could win. So I know what it's like to have the odds stacked against you. I know what it's like to take a punch. I've taken a few but more importantly I know what it's like to get back on one's feet. My story and this night prove that difficult isn't synonymous with impossible.

"We're proof that a test is tough only if you're not tough. My career and this campaign have been driven by a simple belief. If a poor kid from Searchlight can make it, anybody can make it.

"Everyone in Nevada deserves a chance. Everyone in America deserves a chance. Nevada is going to recover. Nevada is going to prosper, and Nevada is going to lead. We're going to bounce back stronger than ever. I've never counted Nevada out and I'm not about to start right now. I think you know that about me.

"Tomorrow morning there will still be too few jobs for too many people. There will still be too many foreclosure signs in too many front yards. There will still be too many kids in crowded classrooms. And too many students wondering how can they afford college.

"But your hard work, and it's been really hard, has given Nevada a chance to believe again that tomorrow isn't impossible."

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  1. I read, Sharron, that you attributed some women's horrible experiences to "God's plan." Well, if you lose tonight, can we chalk that up to God's plan?

  2. Fox News just called it for Sen. Reid.

    Hey Heidi Harris... HAHAHAHAHAH.

  3. "Tax Cuts!
    Tax Cuts for the rich!"

    Nope, sorry. Angle lost. The middle class win.

  4. Watching this race is like teetering on the edge of an abyss ... I hope that if Mr. Reid wins he takes seriously the divided nature of the electorate and does his best to build a consensus to govern rationally.

  5. Thank God.

  6. I thought the talk radio crowd Sean Hannity, Dick Morris, Rush Limbaugh were saying for the last two years that Reid was going to lose?

    Sherm and the Bonanza Road Boys look they have been kicked by an Arkansas mule. If I was their boss back in Razorback Land, I would fire the entire editorial board for crappy editorials.

    To think Sherm thought making hay out of the "war is lost" crap. It was like John McCain trying to win on the surge crap. With Iran gaining influence in Baghdad and the Iraq War cost approaching a trillion dollars (I thought you people were against spending?) most people think the War in Iraq was a waste as well as Afghanistan.

    To quote Heidi Harris of Beasley Broadcasting "time to take out the trash!" Thank you talk radio teabags, the "Chicken Lady" probably would have won or Tark.


    We couldn't have done it without you.

  8. Congratulations Sen. Reid on your re-election!

  9. This is a great day for Nevada. We dodged a crazy bullet here. Sharon Angle would have been the worst thing to happen to Nevada since they elected Jim Gibbons.

  10. Thank you Nevada for once again proving the polls wrong. When will they start to call cell phone people? Remember the RJ polls had him down by 4% in the last poll.

  11. I'm very proud of you, Nevada! You made the sound decision. Kudos!

  12. Major victory for Nevada!

  13. how can one take seriously the comments from one named puttie tang? Angle got beat bad...Hope she will man up and give a concession speech.

  14. Wait just a minute now! Angle is likely to force a recount. She's going to say each Latino and Asian voter were counted twice!

  15. Congratulations, Harry Reid & Nevada! Sanity has prevailed. Now, let's get to work on putting America first! Yay!!!

  16. well even though there were a lot of red state winners, at least NV will stay sane.
    My guess is that the masses will realize the Repubs haven't got a clue about this economy and in 2012 Obama will win again.

  17. Guess what, Silent Sharron..... NO ONE wants to talk to you now and no one wants to hear anything you have to say now. You have been rendered irrelevant. Go along your merry way, maintain your vow of silence, and do us all a huge favor: disappear into obscurity.

  18. The republicans have won the house so if there's an increase in unemployment it's on them and I want to see a bill from the house on making abortion illegal come Jan.

  19. OMG-- Proud to be a Nevadan at last!! Could not have forced myself out of bed tomorrow if lunatic Angle had won. But the state is doomed with pretty boy Sandoval at the helm. Obama is toast in 2012. Election of Harry Reid and Governor Moonbeam in CA have restored my faith in humankind.

  20. Long live HARRY REID!!!

  21. I wonder if the banned media was asking for a invitation to the water boarding at the angle camp.

  22. This is a sad day for Nevada.

  23. Well it's not always "Bubble gum and Birthday Cakes some times it's Alligators and Rattle Snakes"

  24. There should be a Justice Department investigation into the pollsters, particularly Mason Dixon and Rasmussen. They are racist organizations, in my opinion, who skew data to please Fox News and right wing news outlets.

    It is clear that many people are cellphone only as well, and only respond to twitters and emails, etc. not voice calls.

  25. I'm wondering if Angle will speak tonight? Will she give a speech? Will she allow the media to cover it?

  26. Why should she say anything now?

    One word for Ms. Angle.


  27. The Republican controlled House has caused the high unemployment in Nevada. Heller, along with his fellow teapots Republican who control the House, has done nothing to deal with Nevada's high unemployment.

    Governor Gibbons should be sued by the Nevada taxpayers to pay his own medical bills. He is against government health care and should pay his own way. Also, the humane society should investigate what he was doing with that horse and if the horse was harmed by improper training methods.

  28. @KCNTJC
    I don't watch msnbc or any other TV news for that matter and also Reid is not my Senator I live in Alabama and now it looks like Obama can tank the republicans with his veto pen.
    I know Mr. Reid and have a great deal of respect for the man he has helped me a small business man on two occasions which he did not have to do so I feel honored to support him.

  29. This nation is coming out of the recession now and the republicans take back the house at a great time for them to claim that they turned it around, I hear these people here on this blog saying it's going to get worse but when it doesn't they will be the first to say "Look what we did we got us out of it" so tell me now is it going to get worse with the republican house or is it going to get better because you cant have it both ways.

  30. I'm obviously disappointed by this, but I take consolation in the fact that the Republicans have won the House in a landslide, picking up over 60 seats.

    Congratulations Senator Reid, you have retained your seat, but I hope you recognize from the House change that Americans want to go in a different direction than you have been heading in.

    For everyone else, look at the Modern Whigs. :) ( )

  31. I'm not thrilled with Harry Reid winning but at least it's better than getting stuck with Sharron Angle.

  32. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in the secondary market they don't make loans! They buy them from the first market.
    Me and you can not get a loan from Fannie Mae or freddie Mac.

  33. We can thank the tea-baggers for this one. Reid would have probably lost to anyone other than Angle. Reid is not my ideal senator, but Angle would have been a disaster for the state.

    Reid -- the most powerful man in the Senate, or a back bencher who would have been a laughing stock to both Republicans and Democrats. A no-brainer.

    She lost any chance of my vote with her stance on forcing raped women to bear a child -- making lemonade as she called it. Moron.

    Now we only have one embarrassment in the Senate -- Mr. Family Values John Ensign, who can't keep his zipper up.

  34. I hope Angle makes a concession soon and isn't busy readying her second amendment remedies she threatened!

    Man up, Sharron, and concede!

  35. Go Harry!!!

  36. The fight is over.

    Results: An Overwhelming Victory for Conservatives

    The fight is over. The battle has been won. Although we did not reach the local victories that we wanted, proves a recent study that said Nevada was among the most stupid, having the dumbest citizens. That proved true today without a shadow of doubt.

    The people of Nevada are stupid. At least those who sided with the political misfits like Harry Reid, Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie and Clark County Commissioners.

    But, the people of Clark County have voted and they've got their winners, but it means nothing.

    Brian Sandoval will be our new governor. Laurie Bisch will still be a better cop to us than the current misfit.

    But Conservative won across the nations. Although there have been pockets of well-established Liberals holding their forts, they are useless and mean nothing.

    Nancy Pelosi has lost her job. She's gone. She's worthless and will be of no value or treat to anyone.

    Barrack Obama has has his teeth pulled. He will go down in history as the worst president of the United States of America. He's virtually finished as meaningful politician, not that he ever was one.

    Harry Reid, although he won by a slim margin, he won by deception and dishonestly as he always had been. He won with the help of a Ultra-Liberal rag, the Las Vegas Sun spreading fear and propaganda among the people, especially seniors. Harry Reid may be a winner in Clark County, but that is the only place he is a winner.

  37. Harry Reid has lost his power... all of it. He is now as powerful as an acorn dropped from a tree on the ground before a deer.

    Nevada is much like New York in that all of the political power remains in a single city, in New York it is New York City and in Nevada, Las Vegas.

    But even with their might and their bleating, lies and distortion, Liberalism in America has been defeated.

    The real losers are the local Clark County people. But then they made a choice at the polls, and they will reap the consequences of their ignorance.

    But while the Las Vegas Sun rushes to the press with bragging rights that a great victory has come over Clark County and Las Vegas, especially for Harry Reid, the propaganda machine of dark voices failed to realize they are now a nobody.

    As of this writing, for this election, Senate Democrats now only hold 50 seats and Republicans 47, a huge loss for Democrats and by morning Harry Reid could lose his job as Senate Majority Leader. He's certainly lost all of his power.

    The House Democrats hold only 191 seats and the Republicans 244. That means Nancy Pelosi is history and no longer Speaker.

    In the Governors race the Republicans mopped up, including in Nevada where Brian Sandoval won, beating out Rory Reid. Across the nation Democrats only won 18 seats and Republicans a whopping 31.

    When one does the math, that means Liberals have lost Congress and are now virtually powerless.

    That's an enormous change in the power structure of America. The American people have spoken and in 2012 they will eliminate the last of the renegades.

    In two years, the American people will most likely kick out of the White House the worst president in American history.

    And then America can get back on the road to recovery by repairing the harm those that were kicked out of office caused our nation.

  38. An objective observer would say this was less a victory for Reid than it was a defeat of Angle, that it was less a statement of retaining the Senate for the Democrats than it was a statement of retaining the Senate Majority Leader for Nevada.

  39. You teabag chuckle heads, you were led down the garden path by the Svengali snake charmers of the 6 hate talk radio stations in town. These little pipsqueaks on the radio think they were something other than the carping magpies they really are, festering on the sidelines of politics.

    Look at their low ratings. They preach to a choir of losers and haters. They don't see beyond their own bigoted noses.

    Then there are the out of sorts cud-chewers at the Arkansas controlled newspaper. A trillion dollars spent on Iraq and what did we get? A super-sized Iran. Of course it is a lost war and the approval for the Afghanistan War is 25%. You think your endorsed dingbat would have done anything for Nevada? She couldn't even deal with a TV reporter asking her about foreign policy.

    Poor channel 8 banned from a gathering of losers. And look at the "Mason Dixon" poll. If you were a Black person would you even pick up the phone for Mason Dixon? You might as well call it the "Amos and Andy Poll." Or some Frank Luntz/Rasmussen garbage. Why don't you ask for your money back? Your pollsters fed you the crap you wanted to eat.

    There was no way Angle would win, that's why the Reid people went after the "Chicken Lady." Where is she anyway. Did she endorse the other "chicken Lady?" who ran away from the press?

  40. Mr. Raza most likely has it right.

    For those of you reading this comments who were thoroughly disgusted with what we had to choose from, I strongly suggest you look at what the Modern Whigs have to say.

    Just imagine what might have happened if we had a candidate from that party to choose from.

  41. Since when did Sherman Fredericks comment on this blog as "Cliff Harrison"?

    Lets band together and support our Democrats in the state Assembly and Senate to prevent the Republicans and Governor Sandogibbons from taking more money from the salaries of Nevada middle-class families by reducing their pay or laying them off. We can't cut ourselves out of this recession.


  43. Poor Sherman... I'd hate to be his dog tonight.
    Too bad many of the posters here found it necessary to change their screen names in order to post a diatribe about the Crazy Cat Lady's demise...
    Sanity rules the day.

    November 3rd, Harry Reid, Back in charge!!!

  44. Dang, wedo...
    THAT was funny!!!

  45. Bleat! Bleat!

  46. Angle, in her concession speech, bragged about all the money that poured into her campaign from out of state -- 94% of it she gushed. She said all those people wanted to help Nevada. Who brags about outside money from people who can't vote in the state you are running in? Who brags about outside sources trying to buy an election? Weirdo Sharron, that's who. We helped ourselves tonight, Mrs Angle, by not letting you winning a Senate seat in Nevada. Hasta la vista, baby.

  47. Sgt Rock, it is NOT LEGAL. Get proof, witnessess and contact the Justice Department and FBI.

  48. Skerlahdee. Your conduct and name calling and hatred is the exact reason all the kids are involved in bullying. You Liberals teach them.

    Now let me guess. You are a teacher. A government worker. A retired government worker. Or you live on welfare. Or all of the above.

    Bull's Eye!

  49. Only an ignorant herd follower would say the Tea Party and Republicans lost. They WON tonight. They re-took the House and dominated the Governors races and are only four seats shy of re-taking the Senate. But keep drinking your Kool-Aid and following the herd while bleating.

  50. Congratulations Harry Reid!

    Thank you Nevada!

    Rasmussen polls: to please your rightwing masters, you've totally undermined your credibility. Almost all Democrats did better than the polls reported they would.

  51. Now for sure Las Vegas gets the steel wheel train to nowhere. Way to go!

  52. Actually SgtRock, you are lying or just listening to someone who's lying. I know that Harrah's was not "placing ungodly pressure on those who did not vote". They were offering employees the opportunity to vote and providing transportation to employees who needed a ride.

    There's a word you need to look up in the dictionary: Voluntary.

    Now that this is all over, I wonder if all the people that said they would leave Nevada if Sen. Reid won re-election will "Man Up" and leave?

  53. Well, Sharron, it looks like it's time for you to make lemonade out of a lemon situation!

    Good-bye and good riddance!!!

  54. It seems that Republicans have grasped defeat from the jaws of victory.

  55. Does the writer understand the term "Machiavellian?" I think not.

  56. To all the Reid nay-sayers, get over it !
    Senator Reid won and so did the great state of Nevada...

  57. By KCNTJC
    Nov. 2, 2010
    10:44 p.m.

    Recommend saw the results in the House right? possible split in the Senate??? Ok...It looks like we won and you will continue to lose by keeping that jack ass. I live in Texas, thank you can STFU.
    Your governor wants to secede from the Union. Maybe Sharron might move there -- could probably win something in a state more suited to her extreme ideology and kooky positions.

  58. amyshulk:
    {{Are you the only one left who doesn't get that calling us "Teabaggers" only strengthens our will?}}
    You guys named yourselves, (that moniker was on some of your nascent signs), and even strung tea bags around your hats at your rallies. Don't get mad at the rest of us just because you didn't know that tea bagger had a double meaning.

  59. Chunky says:

    More great images by photographer Steve Marcus!

    That's what Chunky thinks!

  60. Number one goal of Reid, after jobs, education and infrastructure, should be the Fairness doctrine.
    Obama, Clinton, Gore and Kerry won Clark county. Reid wins once again. Do the Nevada radio stations reflect that demographic? NO. you have six Vegas radio stations that represent a far right viewpoint that does not serve the population.
    They also tried to suppress voters and lied about the election with their deliberately biased polls.

    At least one should represent the sane, rational views of the electorate.

  61. @scomat

    Thanks for your past support,good luck where ever you go.

  62. a great day. Reid won, Ralston's right, Sherm exposed for the partisan hack that he really is (as opposed to a newspaper publisher), Rasmussen and Mason/Dixon exposed for the frauds they are and apparently SargentCrock is up in arms over something.

    what's that I'm smelling? that's right --- victory.

    buh bye sharon.

  63. Hey Sarge, or Sherm -- or Mitchell --- whoever you are. you've made some very serious allegations. perhaps you should do as suggested and call the FBI. Or are you more of a talker than a do-er. I'm thinking talker since you don't seem to get anything done other than sewing the seeds of hate.

    the silver lining with the house going the way it has is that now the republicans will have to do something other than say no. they'll be held accountable for their actions --- or lack thereof. no more sitting on the sidelines whining about how no one likes you.

    bwwwwwwhaaaaaaaaaa. what could go wrong Sarge/Sherm/Mitchell?

  64. You Nevada idiots threw away a golden opportunity to rid the State and the Federal Government of a main stumbling block to our economic recovery. What a bunch of Maroons. You know how they say you are what you eat? Well the same holds true for "You are what you vote for"!!!! Chumps

  65. It seems strange to me that the Republicans just realized with this last election cycle that we have approx. 12 million illegals in this country. Who do they think has been taking care of their lawns, cleaning their pools, picking their fruit and vegetables, cleaning their homes, and taking care of their children all these years?

    Congratulations, Senator Reid.

  66. Now if we could only get rid of John Ensign.

  67. To all of the Repubs out there. Remember this all started under a Repub Congress, Repub Senate, and Georgie Boy. They are the ones who gutted the Regulations and Laws, And gave the greedy corporations the right to screw America.
    Thankfully Harry is Re-elected, I just hope the Dems go for a different Majority Leader.

    Congrats Mr. Reid!


    Reason TV says not much will change...

  69. > A mormon promoting gambling, need I say more ?

    you need to do a little more research to find out why you look like a massive boob for saying that.

  70. Mred,

    Fairness doctrine? Are you a fascist? You want to force private companies to spend their money providing a message that few want to hear? That is robbery. Look, the political left doesn't like talk radio - they can't even get their own stations on the air.

    If you cant get your ideas to compete FAIRLY in an open market, you cannot use theft and coercion to force them using Orwellian policies like the "Fairness" Doctrine.

  71. Now Reid "owes" the Unions. This is going to be interesting to say the least.

  72. Patrick,
    The reason there is no 24 hour progressive radio in the "free market" (God I love how that term gets thrown around), is that progressives are busy with real lives, like working, volunteering, raising our kids, etc. We don't have time to sit around and listen to hate radio and foam at the mouth.

  73. Ginger McGraw,

    There is no empirical evidence to suggest progressives work or live real lives more frequently than conservatives or libertarians. In fact, in the book Who Really Cares, the author finds that people who think government should be limited actually volunteer more than people who think government should do more.

    The reason liberal talk does so poorly is 1) print and tv media is generally left-of-center already 2) progressives want other people to foot the bill, which is why NPR is left of center. This is also why left-of-center think tanks (especially those to the far left) don't do as well as right-of-center think tanks.

  74. "In fact, in the book Who Really Cares, the author finds that people who think government should be limited actually volunteer more than people who think government should do more."

    In fact, here's an actual paragraph from the book Patrick mentions:

    "When it comes to giving or not giving, conservatives and liberals look a lot alike. Conservative people are a percentage point or two more likely to give money each year than liberal people, but a percentage point or so less likely to volunteer."

    According to your source, liberals are more likely to volunteer, Patrick.

  75. Progressives are living "real lives" versus ... What, exactly? That is a divisive and stereotypical statement, and the kind of thinking that keeps people down rather than lifting them up. Whenever something is painted as "us versus them" it is harmful rather than helpful.

    Patrick Gibbons, you usually make rational arguments (whether I agree or not is another discussion), but your statement about NPR being left of center is simply not true. NPR presents the most objective, balanced and in-depth news programming available in the U.S. Anyone who listens regularly knows they annoy the left as often as the right.

  76. Choosing Harry Reid over Sharron Angle---LV not so "dumb" after all.

  77. This will be another major mistake for Nevada!

  78. The "out of state" rednecks have come out of the woodwork... and think we're supposed to kowtow to em' because they come out here, get drunk and play nickels at the slots...
    Wooo hoooo!!!!
    I guess we'll have to "suffer" without JimBob & his huge bank roll... I'll miss yer crooked smile!!!

  79. gmag39,

    I would think that anyone who lives in Nevada, especially Las Vegas, wants as many of those out-of-state rednecks, as well as anyone else, as possible.

    Why would you deliberately insult the very people we need?

    More than ever we need a strong national economic recovery so that we can recover. Let's hope the Democrats here, after enjoying the moment, will tell Reid to knuckle down and get it going now. In the meantime, every nickel helps.

  80. Unlike a newspaper or Internet site the airwaves belong to the government. There are limited frequencies on the main AM/FM dial. They should be divided in a fair fashion, some low-ratings know-nothing does not deserve a subsidized radio station, which is what you have in Nevada.

  81. boftx...
    Please. give me a break.
    They kid, we kid; nobody's not coming to Vegas because Harry Reid is our Senator or I called them rednecks.
    Lighten up, Francis!!!

  82. tomfranklin...
    Nice try, pal.
    Sin City, baby!!!
    Look up in the sky to the east, Tom...
    It's a never-ending STREAM of people jetting in, that could care LESS about our "politics".
    Vice. It's any easy sell.
    As long as Las Vegas EXISTS, people will flock here.

  83. bardgal,

    I won't disagree much at all with you that the GOP House must now put up or shut up. That is one of the reasons I wanted them to take back the House.

    But the same must be said of the Democrats in the Senate now. They no longer enjoy a large majority. They simply must make realistic offers to gain Republican cooperation. (And at the same time, the Republicans in the Senate must make an effort to accept such offers now that the hand has been forced.)

    Reid and Boehner are both talking a good game about making an effort, let's see who follows though on it.

  84. "As long as Las Vegas EXISTS, people will flock here."

    Tell that to the 15% unemployed in this city. Tell that to the home builders and the rest of the housing market. Tell that to every casino operation on a reservation in some other State.

  85. > I'm already hearing that people from across the country won't be coming to LV

    what makes you think we enjoy having ignorance in our town? hint: we don't!

    stay home, PLEASE.

  86. I am so pleased to see that the majority of the involved voters in this state saw Sharon Angle for the dangerous maniac she is, and saw all the good Sen. Reid can continue to do for us.

  87. Mr. Sandoval,

    It has been 3 years since I read that book, but I'm guessing you pulled that off the web and it was sitting out of context when you read it.

    Differences between conservatives and liberals (how defined in the book) vanish when you look at the percentage of charity as a percentage of income. When making this adjustment conservatives not only give more, but volunteer more.

    I also believe the point the author is trying to make is that the left substitutes welfare for personal charity - not at all inconsistent with anti-welfare theories that welfare programs do in fact crowd out private charity.

  88. Mr. Reza,

    I believe NPR is left-of-center. That doesn't mean they aren't fair. I believe NPR tries to be very fair with their subject matter.

    The same is true, I believe, for the vast majority of university professors. In my 6 years of university studies (3 degrees - not the Van Wilder plan) only a small group of my professors were true believers who thought it was their job to convert students. Most wanted students to arrive at their own opinions based on the empirical evidence presented by all sides (as is the job of science in general). I say this even though most everyone knows that 2/3rds of college professors consider themselves left-of-center.

    In conclusion, subscribing to an ideology does not mean you can't be fair or weigh facts objectively. In other words, us reasonable people can always disagree.

  89. "Differences between conservatives and liberals (how defined in the book) vanish when you look at the percentage of charity as a percentage of income. When making this adjustment conservatives not only give more, but volunteer more."

    Ah yes, so not a straight comparison? Got it. Let's throw some unnecessary qualifiers like "percentage of charity as a percentage of income" into the mix to throw off the statistics and whittle it down until you've twisted what is meaningful into a meaningless statistic which reinforces your prejudice.

    It's a game, Mr. Gibbons. 3 degrees didn't teach you that?

  90. Amen

  91. ksand,

    I haven't read that book, but have seen some excerpts.

    But I don't want to get into a numbers game. Instead, I'd to look at possible premises based simply on what merits might be present.

    Why would it be unreasonable that conservatives, especially those who are part of the religious right, might be more generous toward private charities than liberals?

    Liberals, as a general rule, would tend to say that government needs to help those who are less fortunate, and might feel that because their tax dollars go to this (in some cases) that there is no need to also give again privately.

    Conservatives, especially the religious right, would tend to feel that not only is it the place of private citizens to support charity, but it is an obligation. This might be some of the motive as to why charitable donations were made tax deductions in the first place.

    Volunteer work is another matter altogether, and I would in fact expect to *maybe* see a slight edge for liberals, if there is a difference at all. But I also think the nature of the work would have an impact on the numbers seen.

  92. Mr. Sandoval,

    Who is more charitable? A person who makes $1 million a year and gives $5,000 to charity does he give more than a person who makes $50,000 a year and gives $2,000 to charity?

    Maybe controlling for income has some value?

    Lets look at other issues.

    Is it fair to compare Utah education to Nevada education?

    Utah is full of blonde headed white people (over 80 percent), Nevada's student population is 52 percent minority.

    Could racial inequalities or issues play a role in the difference?

    Controlling for racial differences (and even income) can tell us that.

    Based on your logic, you believe straight comparisons give us apples to apples comparisons every time. This just isn't the reality.

  93. Good job Nevada!! I was more interested in THAT race then the ones here in Illinois!!!

    I've been half listening to some of the political talking heads the last 24 hrs and I will bet this is going to happen: The TeaBaggers who won seats will be fighting with the traditional Republican party members because the Tea Baggers think they have all the answers. Hence, the Republican party will become dvided. And nothing will get accomplished.

    Second, a LOT of these Republicans who were elected, both Tea Baggers and traditional Republicans, are new to both politics AND more importantly Washington politics (the guy who won in the congressional district I live in is so qualified for the job - yeah he is a Republican and I guess he is qualified because he owns a pizzeria AND has 10 kids! But no political experience! The guy he replaced has been in office several terms, has brought jobs to the area, has fought for many things to help this area). These newly elected "freshman congresspeople" that were elected are not going to get anything accomplished the first year or so because they are basically "nobodies" right now, "lowman on the totem pole", they will have no impact to change ANYTHING they promised to their constituents. By the time they will have any impact - it will be time for their terms to end, either in 2012 or 2014 pending on the length of the term in each State. So we'll see how many get relected.

    Reid may not be the best, but he's better than some broad who has no concept of the real world and how people really live (actually ALL politicans have no concept of how the average American lives in this country). Like how they consider "middle income" to have an annual income of $250,000 a year!!!!! That's some big bucks even with a two income household.

  94. This will add to gridlock and hold down Nevada for two more years until Barry is removed.

  95. Maybe it's time to "Take the Trash" off the AM airwaves.

    I love to listen to Talk Radio, but I haven't had the stomach to listen for almost a year. I don't think this election would have been as ugly if the people on the AM dial had been a little more civil.

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