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Archive for May 28, 2007

Jeff Haney examines patterns of surprise in the evolving betting lines of UFC showdowns
It happened again Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The betting underdog brought home the money.
6:09 a.m.
UFC newcomer surprises himself
In the days leading to Saturday's Ultimate Fighting Championship showdown, headliner Quinton "Rampage" Jackson was complaining.
6:09 a.m.
TRANSATLANTIC Memories of Bowie Kuhn
6:09 a.m.
FLASHPOINT for May 28, 2007
Did you see the battle of the G-men last week? Oscar Goodman vs. Jim Gibbons? Never has a war of words between two of the highest - profile pols in this state exposed so much. ...
6:09 a.m.
Editorial: Demystifying credit cards
But this is costly for many people, because there are circumstances outlined in the pages of numbing financial language that can quickly trigger interest-rate increases.
6:08 a.m.
Editorial: Ignoring students' health
As the Las Vegas Sun reported Tuesday, district officials say the trade-off is being considered as part of an ongoing effort to better prepare students for the science proficiency tests they must take in high ...
6:08 a.m.
Letter: A gold star for President Bush in math
George W. has added to the federal debt, he has subtracted the number of worldwide friends we have, he has multiplied the misery borne by our military families, and he has divided this country.
6:08 a.m.
Letter: Teachers get no respect these days
The media and publicity-seeking politicians attack teachers for not doing their job and for contributing to the decline of public education. Parents demonstrate disdain for teachers by openly challenging teacher authority and policies regarding discipline, ...
6:08 a.m.
Letter: Residents pay for flight path's profits
In other words, profits mainly for the airlines, the hotels and related businesses. The other side of the coin is that people under the new flight path will pay dearly for those profits.
6:08 a.m.
Editorial: For their country ...
Reading war correspondents' accounts of the ambush allows a better understanding of what all members of the U.S. forces have endured in wars throughout our history.
6:07 a.m.
Southern Nevada switching over to 'green' cabs at moderate speed
As the nation's largest city seeks to replace its entire taxicab fleet with hybrid vehicles over five years, Southern Nevada is taking a much less aggressive approach toward the environmentally friendly cars.
6:07 a.m.
Reid sips 'weak tea'
WASHINGTON - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid knew shortly after President Bush in early May vetoed the Iraq war spending bill with its timelines for troop withdrawals that Congress would arrive at the compromise it ...
6:07 a.m.
CARSON CITY - Reeling from revelations that the "green"-construction bill they approved two years ago promises to bleed the state of crucial tax revenue , lawmakers have turned to Debbie Smith and Marilyn Kirkpatrick to ...
6:07 a.m.
Teachers take a lesson, in Mexico
Sara Ritner, one of two counselors for about 1,200 students at Gibson Middle School, got "the look" when she asked the girl to talk about her stepfather's too-heavy hands.
6:07 a.m.

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