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FLASHPOINT for Mar 07, 2007
After a paper that provides a nice cover page for the Sun finally reported that Commissioner Rory Reid might run against Rep. Jon Porter - months after yours truly had reported Reid's interest - Roll ...
7:14 a.m.
Jon Ralston on how a planned nuke dump will affect the presidential wannabes
Or so it would seem from this week's developments, with the Department of Energy announcing new legislation designed to revivify the nuclear waste dump and the congressional delegation essentially responding that the DOE is propping ...
7:14 a.m.
Editorial: Tapestry of deceit
It was there that I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was found guilty of two counts of perjury, one count of making false statements and one count of obstruction of justice for lying to federal investigators about ...
7:14 a.m.
Editorial: Gibbons above the rules?
Gov. Jim Gibbons set up a legal defense fund in November, when he was still a member of the House. And he did so without complying with House rules.
7:14 a.m.
Letter: More development would worsen problems
There is nothing in the article that even hints that he understands that water might be relevant to development. Perhaps the increase in taxes for more schools, sewers, roads, police, fire, etc., might be ignored ...
7:13 a.m.
Letter: Beware of polls with loaded questions
How you phrase a question will determine the answer. I suspect that if the question were, "Which would you prefer, the current system or a universal health care system modeled on the way our good ...
7:13 a.m.
Letter: Hoping Canada's ban inspires Nevada
Being a nonsmoker myself (I quit 23 years ago), it really bothers me and I found that the people who smoke seem to think that they have the right to pollute the air all over ...
7:13 a.m.
Letter: Rowdy fans flock to boring sports
But two weeks ago we were "treated" to the NBA All-Star Game, where we were abused by many pot-smoking rowdies whose only interest was seeing (when they were able) some very tall guys "dribbling" up ...
7:13 a.m.
Letter: Exposing evil of atheist rule
It cannot be denied that religious conflicts have killed millions. The Crusades, wars centered on the conflict between Christians and Muslims, began in the 11th century and arguably continue to this day. According to Paul ...
7:13 a.m.
Editorial: Another push for Yucca
Last year's push to regain congressional interest in this dormant project 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas went nowhere. We believe the new push, announced Tuesday by Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman, will meet the same ...
7:12 a.m.
Gibbons' legal, political troubles adding up
Gov. Jim Gibbons' political and legal adversity has entered a new phase: a high-profile Washington lawyer, a legal defense fund to pay for him, and now, a potential recall battle.
7:12 a.m.
Conservatives plan meeting
Democrats who thought they would have the Silver State to themselves this election cycle are mistaken.
7:12 a.m.
Neonopolis chief disputes documents
The man running the Neonopolis project downtown misrepresented his relationship with a Hong Kong billionaire, according to documents to be presented at today's Las Vegas City Council meeting.
7:12 a.m.
Trepp may have had more contracts
Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons, while serving in the U.S. House, helped longtime friend Warren Trepp secure a secret $100 million defense contract, according to court documents filed this week by Trepp's former business partner.
7:12 a.m.
Richmond wins reporting award
Las Vegas Sun reporter Emily Richmond was awarded a special citation for education reporting last week for a story she wrote about the travails of a recruiter for the Clark County School District.
7:11 a.m.
Making of a novel, Kazakhstan-style
Click here for a printable graphic.
7:11 a.m.
GOP scrambling to move up caucus
Nevada Republicans are moving their presidential caucus ahead on the 2008 calendar for reasons that go well beyond helping their party choose a nominee.
7:11 a.m.

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