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Archive for June 3, 2007

Slot machines way high tech
Slot machine manufacturers, sometimes slow to respond to technology, are catching up to America's love affair with faster computers, wide screen TVs and communal play on the Internet.
7:14 a.m.
Bally banking on new-fangled slots to put it back in the money
With the production of new-generation slot machines, 75-year-old game maker Bally hopes to strengthen its position in a market that it once dominated but in which it more recently languished.
7:14 a.m.
Portrait Unveiled
Former Gov. Kenny Guinn, left, and Gov. Jim Gibbons pulled back the black cloak at the Nevada state capitol in Carson City on Tuesday.
7:14 a.m.
In short, the price of citizenship will more than double
Her attention settled on an item about "the good news involving the decrease in prices for immigration services from the federal government," a key announcement for the station's 27,000 Hispanic viewers that day.
7:14 a.m.
FLASHPOINT for Jun 03, 2007
If anyone doubted where the center of the Nevada Demo- cratic presidential caucus universe is, it is now clear that it is on, of all places, Commerce Street. That's where the Culinary Union's headquarters is ...
7:13 a.m.
Jon Ralston on why nothing ever seems to get done in a timely or acceptable fashion at the end of the Legislature
Every session, business and gaming lobbyists reluctantly gather around The Table. But by sine die, the chairs are empty as some have fled, others have slipped away and still others have been tortured into submission.
7:13 a.m.
Editorial: CCSN president's departure
Unfortunately, it came in response to Carpenter playing a job offer in Texas against his job here. That is a poor exit for Carpenter, who had been in the job only three years and leaves ...
7:13 a.m.
Editorial: Failing our students
In his State of the Union speech, President Bush called on lawmakers to reauthorize the law, which took effect in 2002. The law, an attempt to increase student achievement, has been hailed by the president ...
7:13 a.m.
Letter: No good reason to resort to digital bugles
In his story, Mr. Koch points out the shortage of buglers to play "Taps" for military funerals. It is interesting this shortage exists with the availability of literally thousands of high school, collegiate, and adult ...
7:13 a.m.
Letter: Country moving toward aristocracy
Hasn't anyone noticed that since Ronald Reagan's advent, capitalist America has been blatantly skewing wealth and power toward aristocracy? We're not there yet, but, oh, so close. To clinch it, our populace simply needs to ...
7:12 a.m.
Letter: Sense of fairness lost in today's America
I am distressed however, over what is happening in our America. It is not the country I knew in the past. Let me give one example.
7:12 a.m.
Letter: What will be the last straw in Iraq?
From my standpoint, I think Gen. David Petraeus is probably going to have to ask for an extension of time for his evaluation of what the surge has accomplished. The good general had said that ...
7:12 a.m.
Editorial: The governor as roadblock
That was the year that then-Gov. Kenny Guinn appointed a task force to study the shortfall - now estimated at $5 billion - and recommend ways to overcome it. The task force turned in its ...
7:12 a.m.
CARSON CITY - The cynicism can come so easy to the players here. A number of lobbyists said they were sticking around on the last weekend of the legislative session just to make sure they ...
7:12 a.m.
WASHINGTON - In these days of nearly $4 a gallon gasoline and global warming, Yucca Mountain is finding it difficult to get some face time in Congress.
7:11 a.m.
Too many tests. Not enough funding. Unrealistic expectations.
7:11 a.m.
Seasoned educator can't get a bite in Las Vegas
After all, here's a fast-growing community, requiring a new school to break ground almost every month. The Clark County School District needs not only thousands of new teachers, but experienced school administrators, too - people ...
7:11 a.m.
Lots of hubbub, little to show for it
CARSON CITY - The session began with the hope that surely those gleaming new towers on the Strip mean there must be plenty of money to deal with Nevada's imported and endemic problems in health ...
7:11 a.m.
Edwards sweet-talks Culinary
As the third presidential candidate to parade past members of Las Vegas' Culinary Union this week, John Edwards knew he would have to make a lasting impression.
7:11 a.m.
Jeff Simpson on the courage it will take to tackle a simple governor and a greedy paper
I thought Lorraine Hunt was the Republican candidate who was closest philosophically to the gamers, and she had won decisive victories in her two runs for the lieutenant governor's post and, before that, the Clark ...
7:10 a.m.
Brian Greenspun on how our governor made sure we'd stay at the bottom
I am not talking about his promise not to raise taxes in the face of growing and practically insurmountable challenges in one of the fastest-growing states in the country. He apparently has kept that one ...
7:10 a.m.

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