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Fans try to get inside coach's head
What: UNLV at TCU
7:08 a.m.
FLASHPOINT for Jan 18, 2007
The Legislature hasn't started yet and already the fancy footwork has begun. During a legislative preview Wednesday on KNPR's "State of Nevada," host Dave Berns asked lawmakers about the 1979 spending cap and wondered if ...
7:08 a.m.
Editorial: Grilling about drilling
According to a recent story by The New York Times, Johnnie M. Burton, director of the Interior Department's Minerals Management Service, is accused of ignoring a mistake written into 1998 and 1999 leases for companies ...
7:08 a.m.
Letter: Gen. Petraeus better watch his back
I hope the general is able to bring some semblance of order to Iraq. I'm not referring to the democracy that President Bush made as his goal. I'm referring to an ability to stop the ...
7:08 a.m.
Letter: Minimum wage affects everyone
I don't know if Blackburn's facts are true or not about higher minimums not affecting the economy, but I do know that the rate of inflation sure has skyrocketed since a minimum wage was instituted ...
7:07 a.m.
Letter: Republicans late in wanting war plan
Now that their party is no longer in power, and their past decisions are in question, it is quite interesting to me to see all the Republicans now clamoring for a "plan" from the Democrats, ...
7:07 a.m.
Editorial: Add credibility to the bench
While the series painted the system with an overly broad brush, it still left the judiciary with a deserved black eye.
7:07 a.m.
Thomas first drew auditor's suspicion in 2005
Disturbed by a University Medical Center contract that seemed to do much more for a private company than the hospital, Clark County Audit Director Jerry Carroll sounded the first alarm that triggered 14 months of ...
7:07 a.m.
New district is all about old Las Vegas
A buxom beauty in a neon bikini, a glimmering, red stiletto-heeled shoe and an enormous martini, complete with olive and swizzle stick.
7:06 a.m.
The signs were there
Lacy Thomas is now disgraced, a fired hospital chief executive who is under criminal investigation into allegations of cronyism and kickbacks at county expense.
7:06 a.m.
The large, thick-featured and well-dressed man with the Donald Trump-like hair is standing in front of the stall marked "Press" and making exasperated gestures at the two women seated behind it.
7:06 a.m.
Atkinson Gates tells why she kept quiet
Clark County Commissioner Yvonne Atkinson Gates suspected some of her former colleagues were engaging in corrupt activities long before news of the FBI's G-Sting investigation broke, but didn't go to authorities because she didn't feel ...
7:06 a.m.
Mussels now contained but need monitoring
As water-supply and sewage-treatment agencies tackle an infestation of fast-growing freshwater mussels at Lake Mead, not all the news is bad.
7:06 a.m.
Concerns brewing about clerks' move to courts
On the surface, Tuesday's transition of about 225 clerks from the Clark County clerk's office to the court system appeared uneventful.
7:06 a.m.

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