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Archive for February 8, 2007

Ron Kantowski on why it's better to wait before making judgments about new players
In the manner of Paris Hilton's fame or Mark Cuban's fortune, here's another thing that never ceases to amaze me. Every year at this time, college football coaches call news conferences to announce - make ...
7:11 a.m.
What: Dam Short Film Festival
7:11 a.m.
Female magic show misses big premiere
Today was going to be the big day for "Enchanted," an all-female magic show that was to premiere at Palace Station.
7:10 a.m.
FLASHPOINT for Feb 08, 2007
No one is talking much about it, but it is the issue of the ses- sion. Everyone in Carson City is aware of the 1979 spending cap that first came into play this session and ...
7:10 a.m.
Editorial: County owes explanation
Chief among them is: Why, precisely, was a new contract being sought? What's known, so far, is that officials and employees at the public hospital overseen by the County Commission expressed displeasure with the service ...
7:10 a.m.
Letter: Poor decisions hamper monorail's potential
It is sad news about the monorail; it could have been a great attraction plus perform a desperate service as a people mover. Now it is hidden behind resort towers and is truly difficult to ...
7:10 a.m.
Letter: Celibacy for priests should be ended
Many religions have had the intelligence to not embrace this idiotic policy. It never made sense centuries ago and it still makes little sense today. If leaders of the church stopped and thought about how ...
7:10 a.m.
Letter: Remember that we have a Constitution
Ms. Schrick should also recognize that she is a citizen of a country whose Constitution has anticipated the potential for abuse of power by its chief executive. If President Bush is, indeed, guilty of "crimes ...
7:09 a.m.
Letter: Smoking soldiers set bad example for kids
Recently I saw several broadcast reports on TV news of our troops fighting battles, firing guns with cigarettes dangling from their mouths. This to me is deplorable.
7:09 a.m.
Letter: Another reason why smoking ban is unfair
OK, let me get this straight. A small bar that has less than 15 slots cannot serve food if it allows smoking. However, a large casino that can allow smoking on the floor can now ...
7:09 a.m.
Editorial: Waste dump loses support
The planned nuclear waste dump 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas has been fatally flawed since the beginning, and McGaffigan says a major part of the problem is that the process to select the site ...
7:09 a.m.
John Katsilometes gets a preview tour of Pearl Theater at the Palms, which offers 18 luxury boxes
As he looked over the theater, which is cluttered with equipment and busy with construction crews working 20-hour shifts, Maloof assured me the concert hall will be ready for its opening performance by Tool on ...
7:09 a.m.
Interior's habitat restoration funds called diversions
WASHINGTON - Environmentalists are criticizing a centerpiece of the Bush administration's 2007 Interior Department budget, which offers $22 million for habitat restoration in Nevada and other Western states, as providing cover for damaging oil and ...
7:08 a.m.
Ex-regents can now work for system
Former university system Regent Linda Howard and others who have left the board recently are no longer barred from applying for jobs with the system.
7:08 a.m.
Patients may hear more sorrys from doctors
CARSON CITY - Doctors typically are afraid to admit to a patient that they made a mistake for fear that it will spark a medical malpractice suit.
7:08 a.m.
A scourge, well seen
CARSON CITY - They came for the meth, they stayed for the first lady.
7:08 a.m.
You might think car dealers are in the business of selling cars. Yes, but not just.
7:08 a.m.
Top doc might lose duties, keep pay
Cancer specialist Dr. John Ellerton, criticized recently for his contradictory duties at University Medical Center, would be stripped of his administrative role under a proposed new contract - but would keep the salary.
7:07 a.m.
Leaving the glitz out
The state Democratic Party is concerned that presidential candidates will avoid Nevada's caucus for fear that it is a bad photo-op waiting to happen - the candidate alongside a showgirl or a craps table or ...
7:07 a.m.

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