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Archive for September 17, 2006

Long reach of a big church
"Central is coming! Central is coming!"
7:25 a.m.
Frustrations over Yucca erupt in Congress
7:25 a.m.
Breakthrough stemmed
A potential breakthrough in embryonic stem cell research that could have great benefits in Nevada has been called into question because misleading information about the technology appeared in media outlets across the country.
7:25 a.m.
Squiggy's owners fire back at Council
The owners of Squiggy's bar are not going down without a fight.
7:25 a.m.
Brian Greenspun warns political candidates not to forget about 'We the people'
Specifically, the preamble which, for those of you who don't remember or never learned it, goes like this:
7:25 a.m.
Jeff Simpson reflects on some Stardust memories as fabled resort heads for date with history books
The Strip mainstay that opened in 1958 has provided a lot of great memories, personal and professional.
7:25 a.m.
Sun garners 15 top awards in 2006 state press contest
The Las Vegas Sun has won 15 first-place journalism awards of a possible 39 in the Nevada Press Association's 2006 Better Newspaper Contest, including the Sun's fourth community service award in the last six years. ...
7:24 a.m.
Porter vs. Hafen
In October 2003, U.S. Rep. Jon Porter voted in favor of giving U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan a $1,500 bonus.
7:24 a.m.
Harnessing leapfrog growth shaping up as huge task
Click here for a printable graphic.
7:24 a.m.
FLASHPOINT for Sep 17, 2006
So everyone knows the president's numbers are in the tank - his national approval rating was at 38 percent in a poll taken this month by Harris Interactive for The Wall Street Journal and NBC ...
7:24 a.m.
Letter: Easy way out of Iraq might be on the horizon
Meanwhile in Washington, President Bush must be shaking in his Texas boots because just recently the Iranian president asked for televised discussions about Iranian policy in the Middle East. Of course the Bush administration immediately ...
7:24 a.m.
Jon Ralston on a scheme hatched by a consultant to use CEO's deep pockets to finance races
You find an out-of-state sugar daddy, induce him to commit six figures to the effort - and then launder, er disseminate, his cash through a series of political action committees.
7:23 a.m.
Hal Rothman on the positives, social value of eminent domain
I figured if I could buy enough for a buck, I could sell them for two dollars apiece. I could not only make a little money, but I also would no longer have to pay ...
7:23 a.m.
Editorial: A bolt revolt
The mission eventually accomplished its goals, which will allow the space station to operate under solar power. But that news seemed almost anticlimactic compared to reports earlier in the week that astronauts dropped two bolts ...
7:23 a.m.
Editorial: New openness on spending
Beginning Jan. 1, 2008, average citizens will be able to become budget hawks themselves. Using a new federal Web site, which is scheduled to be up and running by then, anyone who knows how to ...
7:23 a.m.
Letter: Bush disgraces 9/11 with political speech
President Bush said Monday in his nationally televised, politically motivated speech that Iraq is our key center in his declared war on terrorism.
7:23 a.m.
Letter: Senators too soft on interrogation
Human Rights Watch says that water boarding, cold rooms and loud music (such as Red Hot Chili Peppers music) is torture. Well maybe that music is, I would call it torture. All kidding aside, I ...
7:22 a.m.
Letter: Republicans finally look out for soldiers
President Bush said that it is important to be able to get information from detainees aware of new terrorist attacks. How many prisoners at Guantanamo have any "new" information? Many have been imprisoned for years. ...
7:22 a.m.
Editorial: Needed: A shot in the arm
Statewide the goal is for 80 percent of all children between 19 months and 35 months to receive vaccinations. Outside of Clark County the goal is fairly close to being met, with 76 percent being ...
7:22 a.m.

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