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Archive for November 4, 2006

Who's headed toward the penthouse in the world of local sports - and who's getting the shaft:
7:27 a.m.
Strength over girth
Who: UNLV vs. TCU
7:27 a.m.
Exchange student 'real deal' for Bonanza High School
For a few silent seconds, the slick 16-year-old Bonanza High striker squinted his eyes to seriously ponder the areas in which he's improved on the pitch since coming to Las Vegas in August.
7:27 a.m.
FLASHPOINT for Nov 04, 2006
This excerpt from a piece in The New York Times this week sums up Nevada's U.S. Senate race this year - it was published one day after the president visited Elko on behalf of John ...
7:27 a.m.
Editorial: Their memories may fade
The parents turned to Congress, which passed a law setting up a similar center for missing adults. President Bill Clinton signed the legislation, known as Kristen's Law, in 2000.
7:27 a.m.
Editorial: New rule hurts newborns
Even the most vocal of those who believe in bringing felony charges against undocumented immigrants and deporting them en masse, we believed, could agree that there should be no barrier to health care for an ...
7:27 a.m.
Letter: Yet one more fond memory of the Stardust
Some students and I started the practice at the old Basic High School and Channel 8 came out and put kids and critters on the evening news. We tried to get it recognized as an ...
7:26 a.m.
Letter: Bush too dim to get Kerry's remarks
This is the same guy who has been out of step with the rest of the world since he said he was going to invade Iraq.
7:26 a.m.
Letter: Killing is only agenda for Iraqi insurgents
Today, as well as right from the beginning, the presence of U.S. troops was and still is blamed for the violence in Iraq. If that is the case then the insurgents, the militias and especially ...
7:26 a.m.
Editorial: Putting free in Fremont St.
We ask because on Oct. 20 a panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued yet another ruling finding that what happens here doesn't stay within the bounds of the U.S. Constitution.
7:26 a.m.
'The incident' finally political fair game
For some time, the allegation Chrissy Mazzeo made about Rep. Jim Gibbons remained - on the surface anyway - in the legal realm.
7:25 a.m.
Legal experts say Metro should withdraw from investigation
He is an avowed supporter of Jim Gibbons, the Republican candidate for governor. He has implied that Chrissy Mazzeo has political motivations for accusing Gibbons of assault.
7:25 a.m.
Issue turns to possible cover-up
At a news conference Friday, Richard Wright, attorney for Chrissy Mazzeo, vigorously criticized Metro Police, the media and the circle of advisers and attorneys around Rep. Jim Gibbons.
7:25 a.m.
If Democrats take the House, rising star will get much credit
There's no polite way to say this. Rahm Emanuel looks like a corpse lately. He has sunken eyes ringed with what looks like charcoal. The man is so tired that he gave a weak handshake ...
7:25 a.m.
Carter in final push on Ensign
Over the last few months, Jimmy Carter has tried to make the case that his son Jack could deliver the all-important seat that Democrats need to retake the U.S. Senate.
7:25 a.m.

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