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Archive for November 1, 2006

It has been said that boys will be boys. But unfortunately, when it comes to boys playing high school football, men sometimes will be men.
7:23 a.m.
Jeff Haney on one gambling author's disillusionment
He recalls sitting across the table from greats of the game such as Johnny Moss and Jack Straus in the 1980s, when downtown Las Vegas - rather than the Strip - was the place to ...
7:23 a.m.
Behind the wheel of a thrill ride ride
Matt Towery drives a three-year-old Ford pickup truck and wants to move his wife and four children into a bigger home. The Bakersfield homebuilder plows his profits back into land.
7:23 a.m.
Careers of Stardust
- Kirk Kerkorian, billionaire, at Old-Timers' Day last month
7:23 a.m.
Jeff Simpson shares some final Stardust thoughts with Bill Boyd
When he discusses memories from his two decades-plus as owner of the Stardust, he doesn't shed crocodile tears. But there's no mistaking his appreciation of the property that took him into the casino industry's big ...
7:22 a.m.
Jon Ralston on this election season's Top 10 performances
You don't have to dwell on the governor's race - and if just for this space in this brief moment, I will not - to find shamelessness the defining feature. It's clogging your mailboxes and ...
7:22 a.m.
Editorial: Just say no ... for adults?
According to a recent USA Today story, adults ages 19 to 29 will be the new focus in 2007 of a federally funded campaign that funnels millions of dollars into grants to public and private ...
7:22 a.m.
Editorial: Stardust memories
Closure and demolition of the longtime Las Vegas icon will make way for Echelon Place, a $4 billion megaresort that Boyd Gaming will begin building in June. That project is part of the new Las ...
7:22 a.m.
Letter: Public education in America at a crossroads
Parental involvement is crucial. However, it still cannot raise every kid to the "well above average" level of proficiency on state standards indicated by an "A." Without standards, grades are meaningless. With them, we expect ...
7:22 a.m.
FLASHPOINT for Nov 1, 2006
Have you ever seen more schadenfreude than the Gibbons- Mazzeo saga has spawned? Its as if all of the pent-up envy and/or disdain that has accrued over the years toward Jim Gibbons and his guru, ...
7:22 a.m.
Letter: It's time to bring our troops home
Iraqi deaths are reported to range from about 32,000 to about 650,000. We have spent millions of borrowed dollars on this war of presidential choice. I think most will agree our soldiers are now adding ...
7:21 a.m.
Letter: More than two options for Iraq
For the past several years, we have been told our choices in Iraq were to "stay the course" or to "cut and run." How stupid is that? Even a 7-year-old would know that there must ...
7:21 a.m.
Editorial: A phone call in time ...
An estimated 600,000 people whose health insurance is provided by Sierra Health Services could be affected by the impasse, as their doctors have privileges at hospitals within the Sunrise Health group.
7:21 a.m.
British tourist dies after going home
British tourist Terry Brace, whose surgery and prolonged recovery at University Medical Center left more questions than answers for his family, has died after returning home - stoking a Las Vegas mystery that may be ...
7:21 a.m.
911 call from sister of Mazzeo surfaces
A fourth 911 call dealing with the Rep. Jim Gibbons-Chrissy Mazzeo incident surfaced Tuesday, one in which Mazzeo's sister frantically inquired whether Mazzeo had yet called police to claim that she had been assaulted by ...
7:21 a.m.
Democrats' TV ad capitalizes on allegations against Gibbons
In a tough new television advertisement, the Nevada Democratic Party seeks to capitalize on the controversy over Rep. Jim Gibbons' alleged assault of a woman by saying that "Nevada is waiting for answers" to "lingering ...
7:20 a.m.
How do you close a casino?
Tony Taeubel, until recently the general manager of the Stardust, can reel off the names of many of the historic property's longtime employees, casino games and property quirks, such as the time capsule buried somewhere ...
7:20 a.m.
One degree of separation among players around surveillance tapes
Click here for a printable graphic.
7:20 a.m.
Tapes worth little without proof of their authenticity
The parking garage surveillance tapes that have become critical evidence in the Gibbons-Mazzeo incident will be difficult to authenticate because they could have been faked fairly easily, security experts said Tuesday.
7:20 a.m.

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