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Archive for July 18, 2006

Ron Kantowski spends an evening taking in the latest import from Japan and finds that the roaring engines and screaming tires have a contagious excitement all their own
From the temporary grandstands lining a temporary skid pad consisting of a few alternating left- and righthand turns - think of a giant section of twisty slot car track that hasn't been coupled with the ...
8:47 a.m.
John Katsilometes relates a startling e-mail from Sharona - yes, of 'My Sharona' - Alperin, who today is a successful real estate agent in a battle with cancer
Sharona Alperin wrote back to me on Sunday night. She is the one and only Sharona named in the iconic Knack song "My Sharona." I'd heard she was fighting cancer in Los Angeles and last ...
7:31 a.m.
Harrah's Entertainment isn't saying much about its plans to redevelop its center Strip properties. Details are expected this fall.
7:31 a.m.
FLASHPOINT for Jul 18, 2006
FLASHPOINT for Jul 18, 2006
7:31 a.m.
Editorial: Is ethics a dying value?
At the same time a diminishing appreciation of ethics has taken place in the business and corporate worlds. It's happening, too, in athletics, the medical and drug fields, in publishing - is there a field ...
7:30 a.m.
Editorial: Unseen first responders
Las Vegas Sun reporter Abigail Goldman wrote about the dispatchers in Monday's paper. Since reading her report, we have a much increased appreciation for the nature of their work.
7:30 a.m.
Letter: Another lost opportunity from the president
Bush should be much more concerned with our economic situation with China and less concerned with blocking Russia's entry into the WTO. China enjoys "favorite trade status" with the United States despite the fact that ...
7:30 a.m.
Letter: Garbage, recycling plan worked in Tucson
Three years ago, as the waste reduction planner for Tucson, I was involved in our transition from twice-per-week garbage and every-other-week recycling service to our current once-per-week garbage and once-per-week recycling collection.
7:30 a.m.
Letter: Negative campaigning will cost positive vote
I'm so tired of candidates who can't tell us their plans for solutions to the many problems facing our cities, states, etc. Their only agenda is to put down their opponents.
7:30 a.m.
Editorial: A democracy defends itself
Ehud Olmert, Israel's prime minister, said he would end his country's attacks on Lebanon when two Israeli soldiers who were captured by Hezbollah guerillas are freed, when Hezbollah ceases its attacks on Israel and when ...
7:29 a.m.
Titus, Gibson race a sign of the times
The temperature is 112 degrees on a Saturday, and Randy Soltero is driving around North Las Vegas, pulling over every few hundred yards, where a sign that once advertised Dina Titus for governor has been ...
7:29 a.m.
Tarkanian seeks allies on boundaries
7:29 a.m.
Putting out the welcome mat
Paul Chase spent four years on active duty in the Marine Corps, including a 14-month combat stint in Iraq. But it's his latest assignment - teaching Clark County high schoolers how to drive - that ...
7:28 a.m.
Hotter planet, more wildfires
The smoke choking Southern Nevada from huge California wildfires is a harbinger of things to come, scientists are warning, just one more effect from an onslaught of global warming.
7:28 a.m.

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