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Archive for November 22, 2005

For UNLV, UNR, only the best and brightest
Chancellor Jim Rogers wants the Nevada System of Higher Education to refocus from "bodies in the door" to bodies actually graduated.
9:54 a.m.
Conservation slipping?
For three years Southern Nevada has been enjoying a pleasant paradox: Even as the population increased by about 80,000 people a year, the total amount of water used has dropped.
9:53 a.m.
Rough opening for new junior high
While the new Dr. William H. Bailey Middle School may be named after the longtime civil rights advocate, students at the campus say they are deeply divided into factions based on everything from musical preferences ...
9:53 a.m.
Arizona communities oppose wastewater straight to Mead
The Mohave County, Ariz., board of county supervisors voted Monday to oppose a planned $625 million project to send Clark County's treated sewer water deep to the bottom of Lake Mead.
9:27 a.m.
With NLV's growth comes some pain
It's time that North Las Vegas' municipal government stop acting less like Mayberry and more like one of the largest American cities that it soon will be, according to a management audit commissioned by the ...
8:46 a.m.
Take Five: Muhammad Ali
Born: Jan. 17, 1942
8:46 a.m.
Court's latest patent ruling not rewarding for Harrah's
Hundreds of thousands of people in Las Vegas carry a card in their wallets that allows them to get free buffets, show tickets and other perks.
8:20 a.m.
City officials will seek five-day work week opposed by Teamsters Union
Two weeks after Teamsters overwhelmingly rejected a contract with North Las Vegas, the city plans to pursue talks with the union about opening City Hall on Fridays.
8:17 a.m.
Nevada's pork funding for police skewered by critics
WASHINGTON -- When it comes to congressional spending, "pork" is in the eye -- make that the belly -- of the beholder.
8:15 a.m.
Columnist Ron Kantowski: Problems with thinking that the grass is greener
As far as conference commissioners go, Craig Thompson of the Mountain West is more accessible than the UNLV end zone. That's the reason why almost everybody in the media likes him.
8:14 a.m.
Rebels coach sees a shot at volleyball crown
UNLV will have the luxury of playing at home during this week's Mountain West Conference Volleyball Championship at the Cox Pavilion. But the Rebels won't have an easy go of it in their quest to ...
8:13 a.m.
It's the Four Seasons time of year
When: 8 p.m. through Dec. 8. Dark, Nov. 23-24, 28, Dec. 2-3
8:10 a.m.
Letter: Public school is no place for creationism
Belief in creationism is based on faith, which cannot be scientifically proven or disproven. Faith-based beliefs may be appropriately taught in religion or philosophy classes, but such beliefs can never be classified as scientific theories.
8:05 a.m.
Letter: Agreement will only help Islamic militants
The agreement provides that the Palestinian Authority will have the exclusive right to decide which individuals will be allowed to travel through the crossing.
8:04 a.m.
Letter: We all need to help the less fortunate
We don't think that the lack of bags on the doorsteps was a sign of a political challenge. Absentmindedness was probably the reason. Our lives are busy; we forget about some of these details, such ...
8:03 a.m.
Letter: Proposition 13 was needed in California
I was born and raised in California -- plus being a homeowner there as well -- and watched as the previous taxation system went absolutely insane. And the same potential situation now goes for Nevada ...
8:02 a.m.
Columnist Jeff German: A different poll position
Unwilling to trust a Las Vegas Review-Journal poll on the subject of their pay raise fight, the cops commissioned their own public survey.
8:00 a.m.
Gallery owner is hanging it up
When: 8 p.m. Saturday
7:58 a.m.
Editorial: Back away from that cookie
The poll conducted by Thomson Corp.'s Medstat unit, a private health care industry consulting firm, asked survey participants to rate their health on a five-level scale from excellent to poor, Bloomberg News reports.
7:56 a.m.
Editorial: Give drivers what they want
There is a problem, however, in quickly achieving that ultimate goal. As reported Monday by Las Vegas Sun business reporter Richard N. Velotta, hybrids are in such demand that it is hard to get large ...
7:55 a.m.
Editorial: Safety up in the air
A Las Vegas Sun analysis of National Transportation Safety Board records dating from 2000 shows North Las Vegas Airport's 36 reports of accidents and near-misses were in some cases 10 times the number of incidents ...
7:53 a.m.
Flashpoint for Nov. 22, 2005
Quite the quotable delegation we have. Sen. Harry Reid has called the president a liar and a loser. Rep. Jim Gibbons has referred to D.C. bureaucrats as pencil-neck geeks. And now the most voluble of ...
7:53 a.m.
Reflections on 50 years
On the anniversary of its 50th year, the Sun Youth Forum will welcome 1,000 students from 41 schools to the Las Vegas Convention Center so that they may share their thoughts and insights on numerous ...
2:00 a.m.
WAC Bowl Possibilities
- Poinsettia Bowl, San Diego, Dec. 22, Mountain West v. at-large
1:39 a.m.

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