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Archive for December 7, 2005

Columnist Tom Gorman: On the joys of model trains and the difference they could make for children in today's computer world
It dawns on me, as we approach Christmas, that one of the things wrong with the world today is that children no longer play with model trains.
9:13 a.m.
Planet putting mark on Aladdin
When a partnership led by Planet Hollywood co-founder Robert Earl bought the Aladdin out of bankruptcy in 2003, executives were optimistic that they'd be licensed in 2004 and that the "Planetization" of the property would ...
9:03 a.m.
Flashpoint for Dec. 7, 2005
The weapons of Gibbons destruction may not have been found, but may be discovered. So says national pundit Stu Rothenberg, who this month in his newsletter officially moved the governor's race into the "narrow advantage ...
8:53 a.m.
Editorial: Come clean on secret prisons
She also said that captured terrorists "do not fit easily into traditional systems of criminal or military justice. We have to adapt."
8:51 a.m.
Wynning in Macau
Steve Wynn didn't have to look far when it came time to figure out how to best capitalize on his valuable Macau casino concession.
8:47 a.m.
The Elevator
Who's headed toward the penthouse on the local sports scene -- and who's getting the shaft:
8:20 a.m.
Showroom: Bootlegger kicks it up a notch with Tenors
Bootlegger Bistro manager Ruth Catalano has a good ear for talent.
8:18 a.m.
Used voting machines might solve election problem
For sale: 3,000 high-tech voting machines. Slightly used. $4.6 million OBO.
8:15 a.m.
Rancher faces two probes
A Moapa Valley rancher at the heart of a state and federal probe into his diversion of a river in Lincoln County last week took similar action in Clark County last year, residents and a ...
8:14 a.m.
Columnist Jeff Haney: On a new documentary that exposes poker's dark side, giving new meaning to the term 'down and dirty'
Every one of them should be required to watch "Poker Bustouts," an acerbic, darkly humorous new documentary about the ugly underside of poker.
8:10 a.m.
Governor: Nevada senior citizens can keep extra rebate check
Now, more than 1,100 Nevada senior citizens have called to complain they received a second $75 rebate they did not deserve.
8:08 a.m.
Council delays sunroof decision
Sunroofed cars for the top administrators in the Henderson Police Department will have to wait.
8:07 a.m.
Longtime business, civic leader headed family enterprises
Jim Cashman was one of the few Las Vegas High School students who could really frustrate Principal Maude Frazier, a venerable and feared taskmistress.
7:54 a.m.
Suit against Golden nugget settled
Wynn Resorts Ltd. settled a lawsuit Tuesday that was filed against the Golden Nugget and Frank Toddre, a former casino manager at Wynn Las Vegas.
7:52 a.m.
Columnist Jon Ralston: On how audit simply confirmed what was already known about airport land fiasco
The drama playing Tuesday at the Clark County Commission was movie-length but had all of the sad predictability and dull humor of a sitcom.
7:40 a.m.
Editorial: Reasonable limits on taverns
The large presence of taverns, Eliason reasons, deters some sit-down restaurants from opening in North Las Vegas because taverns with their bar food are too much competition. "In the studies we have done, the citizens ...
7:32 a.m.
Editorial: War (reporting) is hell
The date of the article? Sept. 14, 2003.
7:31 a.m.
Letter: The real frustration: War dragging on and on
We assumed we would go in, grab Saddam -- to the applause of the Iraqis -- set up a democratic-style government, rebuild the damaged infrastructure, wave goodbye and leave. In and out. After all, there ...
7:30 a.m.
Letter: Americans getting steady diet of lies
As for this stupid logic of "better to fight in Iraq or they will kill us on our own turf," I'd like to ask Larsen and others of his ilk this question: With our forces ...
7:30 a.m.
Letter: Don't count on our leaders to respond
The Homeland Security Department squanders funds and refuses to implement actual methods that could save lives and thwart future attacks, yet last year the department found the time and money to throw its employees lavish ...
7:30 a.m.
Charter schools law tougher
A little change in state law could make a big difference for the future of charter schools by making it tougher to open a new school.
7:16 a.m.
Ensign not giving up on water-saving bill
WASHINGTON -- One year ago Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., unveiled a splashy new proposal to pay schools and government agencies to rip out their grass to save water.
7:03 a.m.

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