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Archive for July 5, 2003

Briefs filed in Guinn suit
The Nevada State Employees Association, the Nevada State AFL-CIO, the two school districts and the board of regents of the University and Community College System all submitted briefs Thursday urging the court to find the ...
3:05 a.m.
Letter: Bush's taunt does not help
Mr. President, perhaps you might consider again donning that manly Top Gun flight suit as attire for attending the funerals of any additional GIs killed in response to your undignified and immature remarks. I'm sure ...
3:00 a.m.
Letter: U.S. no longer beacon of world
We let a coalition of multimillionaires select a bunch of conservative Republicans, sponsor their election campaigns and supply them with limitless funds for propaganda, slander and gossip.
2:59 a.m.
Letter: 'Big Brother' is pervasive here
Arriving in Nevada, I thought I was in the "Wild West" where the ridiculous regulations and high taxes were not common practice. To my disappointment, I soon realized through my experiences as well as many ...
2:59 a.m.
Letter: Anti-tax crowd hard to convince
I have used the phrase "pandering to paranoia" to describe the negative efforts of the other newspaper, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and self-serving legislators. A great many citizens don't begin to understand the ...
2:58 a.m.
Letter: Beers, allies must be recalled
They should be recalled and put in jail for violating the state Constitution and damaging the education of our children and the hiring and assignment of teachers.
2:57 a.m.
Letter: Enhancing child's education is up to parents
Mike Welch, whose daughter may miss out on the Gifted and Talented Education program, says in the story that when he sees the kids playing outside the schools he sees them as "the people who ...
2:57 a.m.
Supreme Court enters precarious ground
Gov. Kenny Guinn made history last week when he petitioned the Nevada Supreme Court to force the Legislature to end its tax stalemate, balance the state budget and fund schools for the next biennium.
2:55 a.m.
Columnist Michael Campbell: Republicans should look at '91
Michael Campbell is the Sun's editorial page editor
2:54 a.m.
Program gives at-risk youths tools for success
2:50 a.m.
Safe Kracker
2:49 a.m.
Where I Stand -- Brian Greenspun: Time for independence
Americans are recovering from what was another celebration of that July 4, 1776, day when some very courageous, unselfish and unhappy people banded together to declare their independence from England and its king who, how ...
2:47 a.m.
Columnist Susan Snyder: Meet this veterinarian in the flesh
The 25-year-old Las Vegan is Playboy magazine's Miss August playmate in issues that hit newsstands June 23.
2:46 a.m.
VegasBeat -- Timothy McDarrah: P. Diddy is the 'black Sinatra'
A group of young entertainers has taken to calling themselves the New Rat Pack.
2:45 a.m.
Columnist Jeff German: Gaming takes it on chin at session
High-powered industry lobbyists so far have had their lunch handed to them by a group of conservative Republican assemblymen, who have managed to derail the industry's strategy to widen the tax base and at the ...
2:44 a.m.
Columnist Benjamin Grove: Children effective as diabetes lobbyists
Herrera is "pretty much used to" the minor pain, she says. But she adds, "It's a hassle."
2:43 a.m.
Editorial: Tax critics keep facts on the QT
The editorial writers at the Wall Street Journal enjoy taking potshots at Nevada every so often. In February they opined that Nevada needs a "complete reorganization of state government before taxes are raised." It's understandable, ...
2:41 a.m.
UMC gears up for summer's burns
2:39 a.m.
Church begins home-buyer program
2:38 a.m.

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