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July 22, 2014

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Before Cliven Bundy standoff, a collision between ranchers and tortoises

(via Newsweek)

Comment When the U.S. government declared the Mojave desert tortoise an endangered species in 1989, it effectively marked the cattle ranchers of Nevada's Clark County for extinction. Rancher Cliven Bundy once had neighbors on the range: when the tortoise was listed, there were about 50 cattle-ranching families in the county. Some of them fought court battles to stay, rejecting the idea their cattle posed a danger to the tortoises. But, one ...

15 cocktails rings to see at Jewelry Week 2014 in Las Vegas

(via JCK Magazine)

Comment The little cocktail ring has a lot to say about your color choices and style aesthetic, but its most important message is that it’s just here to have a good time. It’s not the flowery and bright engagement ring that lets others know you’re about to embark on a meaningful life journey of love or the low-profile wedding band that ...

US gaming revenue sets record in 2013, study shows

(via Casino Journal)

Comment A recently released report on the nation’s gaming industry from accounting and business consulting firm Rubin Brown shows commercial and tribal casinos generated a record $66.3 billion in revenues in 2013, up 1.6 percent from the $65.24 billion the industry produced in 2012. To see the full story, click here.

James Cameron developing ‘Avatar’ live show with Cirque du Soleil

(via Variety)

Comment James Cameron will develop an “Avatar” inspired live production with Cirque du Soleil. Daniel Lamarre, president and CEO of Cirque du Soleil announced the details of the show, which will debut in late 2015, Thursday in Montreal during the international business C2MTL– Commerce + Creativity Conference. To see the full story, click here.

I was at the same Las Vegas pool party as Johnny Manziel, and here’s why it’s not a big deal

(via Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Comment Two days had passed since I attended the same pool party as Johnny Manziel, so it's no wonder why I sat in my airplane seat voiceless with beads of sweat running down my cheek. It had nothing to do with the temperature. Las Vegas days are different than regular ones. They're all long if you do Vegas right. To see ...

Las Vegas bets big on gays

(via Daily Beast)

Comment These days, what happens in Vegas is increasingly gay. Even Chippendales. But is it possible to welcome tourists to a state that doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage? To see the full story, click here.

United Express ending its Fresno-Las Vegas route Labor Day

(via Fresno Bee)

Comment Labor Day will be the last day that United Express flies between Fresno and Las Vegas. Utah-based SkyWest Airlines, which flies the route five times a day under a contract with United Airlines, confirmed Tuesday that it will stop service effective Sept. 2. The company blamed the route's "poor performance" for the decision. To see the full story, click here.

How a team of students beat the casinos

(via BBC)

Comment When it comes to gambling, everyone knows the casino always comes out on top - right? But in the 1990s a group of students proved the punter didn't have to be the loser. This is the story of the MIT Blackjack Team. To see the full story, click here.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., T.I. get into ‘chair-tossing brawl’ in Las Vegas

(via Huffington Post)

Comment Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be an undefeated welterweight champion, but that didn't stop rapper T.I. from picking a fight with the boxing star over the weekend. According to TMZ, T.I. instigated a fight with Mayweather early Sunday at a Las Vegas eatery, which quickly turned into a loud "chair-tossing brawl." Police said an employee of the restaurant was "slashed during ...

California teen's Michael Jackson performance earns him an invite to Las Vegas

(via )

Comment Brett Nichols's performance of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" at a Turlock, Calif., high school talent show got the attention of Jackson's estate, which invited the teen and his family to come to Las Vegas for a performance of "Michael Jackson One" at Mandalay Bay, according to TMZ. "I guess people still miss him, it's been five years (since his death). ...

Los Angeles Clippers assistant coach Tyronn Lue sells Vegas oasis

(via Los Angeles Times)

Comment The gated compound, built in 1975, sits among mature palms on more than an acre with a swimming pool and spa, an outdoor kitchen and a full basketball court. The spacious 7,488-square-foot floor plan features marble flooring, a gourmet kitchen, a large family room with a sunken wet bar, an office, nine bedrooms and six baths. To see the full ...

Here’s what happened when I went to Las Vegas with 1,800 hedge fund managers

(via Business Insider)

Comment I was hoping for “Margin Call” meets “Spring Breakers”: 1,800 rich Wall Street dudes winging westward for four Krug-soaked days in the famous mecca of misbehavior and debauchery, Las Vegas, to talk shop of course. You imagine an orgy of black cards, mountains of powdery substances, late night poker games with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table, ladies ...

Vice writer: Las Vegas is the most depressing place on earth to be alone

An aerial shot of the Las Vegas Strip.

(via Vice)

Comment Las Vegas is an empty, impotent display of status in a barren, uncaring desert God abandoned eons ago. By sheer virtue of being there, you're supporting an industry that exists solely to exploit the addicted and desperate. Non-gambling fiends (a.k.a. tourists) usually visit the city for celebratory purposes—to attend their fraternity brother Steve Poon’s bachelor party, their sorority sister Krysten’s ...

Las Vegas builds a factory for hardware startups


Comment Startup hardware projects are notorious for their manufacturing and fulfillment delays. Dreaming up a cool product is one thing; making it come to life is another, one that usually involves a bunch of trips to China. “Literally all of us have this problem,” said Jen McCabe, who has invested in 21 hardware startups for the VegasTechFund and previously helped the ...

Opinion: US needs slavery museum to dispel myths from the likes of Cliven Bundy

(via Pacific Standard)

Comment The media frenzy has (mostly) died down and the reporters have left the ranch, but Cliven Bundy’s brief time in the spotlight forced many to take a closer look at certain realities of American belief. The rancher, who initially drew attention through his refusal to obey federal grazing laws, used his 15 minutes to air his view that perhaps African ...